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Queen Cherin - So-Yong (aka Cow-Dragon) - her first fusion historic drama Now playing (Nov 2020) in her Second silver screen main role as Yoon Se-Hee in crime caper movie, 'Collector'

[Issue Interview] 'Five Children' Shin HyeSun - "If I were YeonTae couldn't do one-sided crush like that." http://www.issuedaily.com/news/news_view.php?ns_idx=197828 9.7M followers, 32.8% TV

---------------------------------------- http://www.diodeo.com/news/view/1714110 ---------------------------------------- Shin Hye-sun, first newcomer award at 'Scene Stealer Festival' since he

From SHS IG story.



From Kidari Ent


Even though it's already late night, but she signed all Jung In's business card for her fans :love:






Finished !! :thumbsup:






No 1 boxoffice in releasing week.

Thank you for lots of interest and love.

How do you like seeing 'Innocence' this week too ?




I found someone share this...

Although we may not have chace to get real Jung-In's business card. But we can print for ourselves...LOL.:D








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Box Office result of Thursday Jun 18th. Now 'Innocence' reached more than 400,000 audiences :love::thumbsup:

There are 3 new movies 'Onward' (released on 17th)  and 'Me and Me' and 'Baseball Girl' (released on 18th)





Although 'Innocence' now became no. 2 because of the new movies release.

But the number of audiences are still good,  and the number of screens for 'Innocence' wasn't reduced much.

It's has the same screen number as new movie 'Me and Me'.


This is advance ticket number of today (Fri Jun 19th)

No. 1 is movie 'Onward' .

The interesting point is that although 'Innocence' was released for 1 week but its %share of advance ticket of is very closed to 'Me and Me' (around 14%).  Probably because the rating and review of 'Me and Me' is quite poor (I'm so sorry for this movie).  So I think it's possible for 'Innocence'  to still perform well during Fri-Sun.




SHS will be a cover star of 'Pin Prestige' magazine July issue.  :love::blush:






And she will be in 'The Star' magazine July issue too.



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We can read some interview sample from below links 








(google translation of some parts)


At first, I liked acting, so I took this path; I didn't want to have any influence or set goals. Therefore, I never thought of what influence I hope to have. I just hope that through my acting, it will bring happiness to the audience, that is the greatest comfort, and I will be satisfied.


If she used "journey" to describe her acting career, how would she describe it? Take the roller coaster? train? Supercar? 


"Bus." She said without hesitation. 


 Why is it a bus, not a train?


"The bus will still go to the terminal. However, if there is a traffic jam, it will not be able to move forward. There are many competitors in the entertainment industry, like traffic jams, which makes the work not smooth. But in the end, it will still go to the destination. If the traffic is smooth, the bus is actually You can also drive fast. 

The train is different, the train must arrive at a station at a fixed time. My acting career is not like this. " 


(Good answer,  probably her bus no is 831...:D).




Tomorrow (Sat Jun 20th)  SHS and BJO will appear in SBS program 접속! 무비월드 (connect! movie world) at 10.55 am KST. Please stay tune.





This is the first time we see her in hanbok....:scream::love::love:




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I think the movie Me and Me only got to number 1 spot was because of the actor as its his first directorial debute. Innocence's daily number has been steady so I believe it will survive new releases. I am just so proud of HS!!

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Interview of Yoon Ki-Ho CEO of 'IDEO Plan' , the company that produced 'Innocence' (and also the movie 'Bogota' starring Song Joong Ki)



(some parts that he mentioned SHS)




'결백'을 통해 신혜선 씨는 첫 영화 주연으로 나섰어요. 늘 그랬듯 좋은 연기를 펼쳐준 배종옥, 허준호 씨까지 배우들의 연기력이 좋은 평을 받고 있죠.


"원래부터 배우들이 갖고 있던 모습들이고, 저희는 그것을 펼칠 수 있도록 만들어 준 것뿐이죠. 제가 '충무로의 모험왕'이라는 말을 많이 들었었거든요.(웃음) 제가 만들었던 작품들 중, 상업영화라는 틀 안에서도 나름대로 다양한 시도와 선택을 했던 영화들이 있었어요. 2000년대 초반과 중반까지만 해도 영화가 배우를 발굴했던 시기라고 보거든요. 그런데 어느 시점을 지나면서는, TV에서 발굴한 배우들과 저희가 작업을 같이 하게 되더라고요. 좀 더 자세히 얘기해보면, 어쩔 수 없이 상업영화를 만들 때 검증된 부분을 보여줘야 하는 지점들이 있어요. '여자가 원톱인 영화가 가능하냐' 이런 관점이 있거든요. '결백'도 사실 시나리오를 가지고 캐스팅 작업 중일 때, '(주인공을) 남자로만 바꿔도 투자받는데 훨씬 나을 것이다'라는 말을 정말 많이 들었어요. 비슷한 나이 또래의 쟁쟁한 남자 배우가 들어온다면 (투자를 받는) 규모가 달라질 것이라고요. 그런데 듣고 보니, '그럼 다른 영화와 뭐가 다르지?'란 생각이 들었어요.



Through 'Innocence', the first movie that Shin Hye Sun took the lead role . Bae Jong Ok , Heo JoonHo, who performed good acting as usual, had received good reviews.


<Good acting> is the thing that those actors had from the beginning. We just made it unfold. I've head a lot of people called me 'Adventure King of Choongmuro'  (laughed) (Choongmuro means film industry).  Among the works I've made, even they're in the way of commercial films, but in themselves those were movies that came through various of attempts and choices.  Even in the early and mid of year 2000s, I think it should have been the time for movies to discover new actors. But while the time passed, it became that the actors who worked with us was discovered from TV. To talk more in detail, it's necessary to (find an actor that) show the proven parts when making commercial film.  There is a perspective like 'Is it possible for a woman to lead the film ?'. Also at the time that we're in the process of casting and working the script of 'Innocence',  I heard a lot of people said 'If you just change the main character to a man you will receive much better of an investment'. 'If a big name male actor at the same age cames in, the scale of investment you receive will be changed'.  But when I heard that I thought 'Then what's the difference from other movies ?'.



검증된 사람들과 일하는 것이 당연히 조금 더 쉽겠죠. 하지만 영화에 맞는 사람을 찾는 것이 우선이 아닌가 싶거든요. 누군가는 혹여 신혜선이라는 배우를 보고 'TV에서 주로 활동하지 않았느냐. 영화 주연을 하기엔 부족하지 않냐'고 말했지만, 그런 배우였기 때문에 이 영화에 더 잘 어울린다고 생각했어요. 신혜선이라는 배우는 '결백'에서 안정인이라는 역할을 가장 잘해줄 수 있는 친구였고요. 신혜선 씨가 '결백'을 통해서 새로움을 안겨주고 정말 도전을 하는 것이라면 배종옥·허준호 선배님은 정말 연기적으로 작품을 안정성 있게 가져갈 수 있도록 무게감을 더해주시는 분들이죠. 여기에 조연 분들과 수많은 배우들까지, 그런 분들이 계시니 신혜선이라는 영화에서의 신인 배우도 당당하게 자기 연기를 펼칠 수 있었던 것이라고 보고요."

 Working with the person who has been proved is, of course, a little easier. But I think the first priority is to find the right person for the movie. Someone saw an actor named Shin Hye Sun and said 'Doesn't she mostly work on TV ?'  'Does she has enough ability to star in a movie?  Because I used to be an actor like that, I thought she would match better with this movie.  Actress Shin Hye Sun is the person who's the most capable to play the role of Ahn Jung-In in 'Innocence'.  If leading the movie 'Innoncence', Shin Hye Sun will bring the newness and it will be really challenging, seniors Bae Jong Ok and Heo Jun Ho will add more weight in terms of acting stability.  There are lots of supporting actors and other actors here. Since there are such people, I also believe that even though Shin Hye Sun is new actor for the movie, she will perform acting confidently."





Another supporting actress for 'Queen Cheorin'

Actress Cha Chung Hwa who played the role of Yang Ok Geum in 'Crash Landing On You'

Some Korean comments mentioned that this drama she will play the role of sang-gung







This IG said they're shooting drama and it will be aired in September (but isn't it too early ?)

Anyway , she said the man at the back dressed in the King's clothes


Zoom-in photo.






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Seeing her filming in hanbok makes me sooooo excited! I can't wait to watch her new drama!


Today's numbers for Innocence is 27,438 at 2nd place, so close to the 1st place Me and Me"s 28,480. I AM SO PROUD OF HYESUN!!!! 


P/S: Just saw a new rule, no more Instagram embedded posts. Ok i won't be able to post anymore since that's the only thing I can post lol. 

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Yes!! Wow...so awesome. 


Look at the %ticket sale share...so close to no. 1  and even it was in theater for 1 week but 'Innocence' still got more number of screens. Showing that the momentum of the movie is still good and gain lot of trust from all cinemas. 

And now the total audiences is 440,000+ . I think it has potential to reach 500,000 in this weekend. 







Then and now, I'm so proud of her :love::kiss_wink:




Hide my personal comment from moderator...hahaha.

1 hour ago, Ni Wen said:

P/S: Just saw a new rule, no more Instagram embedded posts. Ok i won't be able to post anymore since that's the only thing I can post lol. 

So bad..lately I'm getting bored of too many roles. (I understand no one want this to happen, and it's difficult decision for Soompi to do this because of some regulation).  But I think because of this ,  it's so sad that somedays many people will leave this forum or it will become a dull place full of text and text.  Sometimes I want to post more in 'Queen Cheorin' thread but too many rules, so I'd better stay here...:sweat_smile:




Good Night ! :kiss_wink:






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Today our King and Queen were spotted :love:






(The person with Supreme bag is SHS's manager) :wub:


The cutest queen :kiss_wink:  Even it must be hot but glad to see she looks happy with shooting .




(credit : straw_berry_cake_  IG)

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Just now, iffy21 said:

With the new rules can't post any images from Instagram

For photo it's still ok that we can find the other way to post it.


But in case an IG has video we want to share, now we can't post...so bad.  :frown:


At least we can still post twitter.:lol:






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14 minutes ago, immorethant said:

For photo it's still ok that we can find the other way to post it.


But in case an IG has video we want to share, now we can't post...so bad.  :frown:


At least we can still post twitter.:lol:


Glad we can still share posts from Twitter. BTW I saw that the advanced ticket booking for Innocence was higher today than the new film. Wonder if it will reclaim its number one slot.:huh:



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Yeah !! 'Innocence' is back to no 1 in box office again on Saturday !!! :love::thumbsup:



Today's audience is 58,000+  and now the number of total audiences reached 500,000.  

Wow...I think the movie may reach this number on Sunday.

But never thought it will reach today... contratulations to all actors and everyone involved.



From Kidari Ent 





500,000 audiences.  Thank you.

Really thank you.

Innocence fighting !

Shin Hye Sun





I am so proud of this team.





More photo of King and Queen.






From some IGs I read, because the garden and pavillion were used for drama shooting, so the admission fee for normal visitos was free probably because the drama team paid for all compensation.

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Wow..still no 1 . 

Daily number of audiences is 57,457,  total audiences is now 557,966.   :blush:

While number of audiences of the movies in 2nd and 3rd place (Onward, Me and me) dropped 3,000-4,000 , but Innocecne got only 700-800 less than yesterday.




Good Job !  :thumbsup:





From SBS program 'Connect ! Movie World' on Sat Jun 21st.



@4.09 min, SHS and BJO did the chemistry testing.

First question, favorite food between jajang vs jjampong, both answered 'jajang'.

Not sure what's the 2nd question, but both answered 'telephone'

Next question, summer or winter,  both answered summer.

And the MC asked if they prepared the answers beforehand, both said no.

The last question, favorite chicken part.  BJO said chicken's leg but SHS said chicken's breast.


@5.09 SHS was asked about challenging role she wants to play.

SHS said the character Jo Tae-Oh that played by Yoo Ah-In in the movie 'Veteran'.

She said the character is charming, she think it should be fun to have chance playing the same kind of character.

But when she was asked to showing acting in some dialogue from that character, she refused and saying that she's shy. :D



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I hope by end of this week it actually managed to hit 1million audience. I've hope that it might hold its ground against the new film from PSH and Yoo Ah In. Fighting Hae Sun!!


Hope someone translates the SBS interview for us. 



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Some more photos of 'Queen Cheorin' shooting.





Another cast for 'Queen Cheorin'




Yoo Young-Jae from B.A.P. 

He will play the role of Kim Hwan, the youngest son of the Kim family , probably younger brother or cousin of Kim So Young (Queen Cheorin). 



First and second week summary for 'Innocence'  




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