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Actually I didn't read comments much about the movie, because I'm afraid of spoiler.  So mostly I skipped and read the part mentioned about SHS :P  From all comments I read, they said her acting is good :wub:  


Below from naver movie  https://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/basic.nhn?code=180378


(compared to my above post, netizen rating in the morning is 8.95 but at evening it's 9.10) 




Compared to other movies now showing.




Rating is quite good for starting day.

Although the movie got 5.67 from critics/press, but audiences who watched the movie gave 9.88 and nitizen gave 9.10


(but if you see in detail those score 5.67 from critics/press are from only 3 people and all of them are from Cine21 :D - so it can't be any indicator for all press/critics opinion ) 




Rating from audiences (from definition are audiences who booked ticket via Naver and actually watched movie)

Of 90 people, most are satisfied at acting (40%) and story (30%) 




But anyway, this is only the first day of public release so I tried not to be delighted too much about all rating or comments, because I think most people who went to see the movie on the opening day may be SHS or other actors fans like us. So comments may be biased.  :lol:



I'm so envious of you all but good job SHS fans !!




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Queen Cherin - So-Yong (aka Cow-Dragon) - her first fusion historic drama Now playing (Nov 2020) in her Second silver screen main role as Yoon Se-Hee in crime caper movie, 'Collector'

---------------------------------------- http://www.diodeo.com/news/view/1714110 ---------------------------------------- Shin Hye-sun, first newcomer award at 'Scene Stealer Festival' since he

[Issue Interview] 'Five Children' Shin HyeSun - "If I were YeonTae couldn't do one-sided crush like that." http://www.issuedaily.com/news/news_view.php?ns_idx=197828 9.7M followers, 32.8% TV

Many Korean fans talked about going to see the movie for 2nd and 3rd time.

But for me I just want to ask for any chance to see it...just once please.


I want to see this with my own eyes :bawling::bawling:




Credit - ShShj_831_227  twitter




Credit - h_jinikawa2  IG




This actor Kim Jung Han said today he was at Mungyeong just finished shooting episode 4 of ‘Queen Cheorin’ . And the weather was hot. He said in another IG that actually he had his role (as a laborer) in ep 4 but his role was extended to ep 6 too. Actually it was also planned to shoot his part of ep 6 today but it's raining so the shooting was postponed to tomorrow. 






I'm not sure if the whole drama is now shooting ep 4-6 , or they're just shooting some scenes of supporting roles first. 



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@immorethant - I read some of the netizens feedback about the film and everyone is blown away by it. From acting to storyline...especially praises for our sweet girl HS.:wub:


Trying to avoid spoilers and can't believe they can watch it 2nd or 3rd time....:tears::tears: while we have to wait.....

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9 hours ago, iffy21 said:

Trying to avoid spoilers and can't believe they can watch it 2nd or 3rd time....:tears::tears: while we have to wait.....

Not just that Korean people have better chance than us, I saw many audiences posted photos that they brought popcorn, hamburger and even fried chicken into the theater.

I'm so envious (and hungry seeing that).  Because eventhough all cinemas in my country is now allowed to open but we can't eat in the theater...LOL...:D


9 hours ago, iffy21 said:

@immorethant - I read some of the netizens feedback about the film and everyone is blown away by it. From acting to storyline...especially praises for our sweet girl HS.:wub:

Yes, SHS is so awesome.  Her first lead drama was a hit and now her first lead movie is going to be too.  

Today I'm so glad that it's not only the release date of her movie. But it's also the day that Korean movie industry has new leading actress who is so perfect for her acting and appearance :love:   




Credit : OAO3017 twitter

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Shin Hye Sun Compares Herself To Her Character In New Film, Her Relationship To Her Family, And More

Shin Hye Sun Compares Herself To Her Character In New Film, Her Relationship To Her Family, And More

Jun 11, 2020
by C. Hong
Shin Hye Sun recently sat down for an interview to promote her new film, “Innocence.”

“Innocence” is about a lawyer named Jung In (Shin Hye Sun), who tries to prove her mother’s innocence and uncovers the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor (Heo Jun Ho). Her mother, Hwa Ja (Bae Jong Ok), was accused of murder after the rice wine was poisoned at her husband’s funeral, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot defend herself. The film was scheduled to be released earlier this year, but was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After starting her career in minor supporting roles, Shin Hye Sun rose to popularity in the KBS drama “Five Enough.” She took on her first lead role in “My Golden Life” and went on to star in projects like “30 But 17,” “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” and “The Hymn of Death.” “Innocence” is the actress’s first starring role in a film.

About being called a “rising star,” Shin Hye Sun said, “I can only think that I was lucky. I was able to show a new side of myself every time because I got offers for diverse characters. Because I was able to show the contrast in my acting, I suppose that’s why I was called a ‘rising star.'”

She continued, “It felt different seeing my face appear so big on the screen. My family and I were waiting for the film to be released. My maternal grandmother loved to see me act, but a week ago, she passed away. It was… regretful. We were looking forward to the premiere, but it was unfortunately delayed twice.” She teared up as she spoke of her grandmother, but added calmly, “I am still a rookie actor in many ways, but I really felt like a rookie actor when I saw the completed film. I felt my heart pounding. Thankfully, the completed project flowed better than expected, so I felt reassured.”

Shin Hye Sun also compared herself to her character in the film. “Unlike Jung In, I find it difficult to tell people when I dislike something. I don’t want people to dislike me. So I end up complimenting things even when I don’t feel anything in particular.”

She added, “I’m the youngest daughter in the family. I still live with my parents, so I’m sure it’s still hard for them. I sleep a lot and there are times when my mother has to wake me up at dawn because I slept through the alarm. I’m still a baby to my parents, so they take care of me a lot. I decided to be a better daughter to my mother after shooting this movie, but I haven’t been able to express it in words.”

The actress concluded, “[I hope that as an actor] I stop feeling nervous on sets. I still feel anxiety when the cameras start rolling. No matter the project, I find the ‘first script reading’ and the ‘first filming’ difficult. I’m someone who gets nervous around the word ‘first,’ so I hope to become an actor who can overcome that trauma.”

“Innocence” premiered on June 10. Meanwhile, check out Shin Hye Sun in “Angel’s Last Mission” below

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1 hour ago, Ni Wen said:

No matter the project, I find the ‘first script reading’ and the ‘first filming’ difficult. I’m someone who gets nervous around the word ‘first,’

I think she's probably nervous now, because her film is at the 'first' place of daily box office  ... LOL :D




Wow...drive-in theater. 





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Wow. I'm just so happy that everything is going well for SHS with Innocence. It's cute that she worries about how her acting will be recieved, as though it could possibly be anything other than purely excellent. I'm glad she worries a little, but I never will. It's clear to me that her art is her passion and her talent is second to none in Korea and everywhere else.


I have no idea when I will be able to see this movie as it will surely never come to a theatre, with subtitles, in my Canadian prairie city. Perhaps a DVD will be available before too long. After seeing so many promotional videos it almost seems like I've seen it already, not that I understand any words. I would award her best actress just based on that.


Thank you very much to all who have share on this forum.

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Equally happy and proud of her movie success. I hope it continue to do well. Im very sure it would have got even better results if not for the covid19 situation. :crazy:


I really think HS has an eye for picking good scripts so far that could allow her to broaden her acting range and convince the audience further that she's an actress that all should keep an eye on.


I'm so looking forward to her first historical drama too which Im sure will emphasis her acting skills once again. She's always taking up new challenges. So proud of her.B)

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Statistical info.  

(source https://blog.naver.com/movieagora/221996907596)






The production cost of movie 'Innocence' is at  5.7 billion won. To reach break-even-point, it needs 1.4 million audiences.

The first day (including premiere) , there are 27,378 audiences. 

I think in terms of actors especially for SHS, this work is a success for her because she was praised a lot for her acting. :wub:

But quite sad for the movie company because it's so much difficult to reach break-even level of audiences due to this Corona situation. :tears:



Below is statistic of movie 'Intruder' 






Break-even-point of 'Intruder' is quite close to 'innocence' at 1.5 million audiences required.

The first opening day on Jun 4th (Thu) it did very well, got 50,000 audiences and on Fri, Sat, Sun they also performed well.

But later since Monday, the number of audiences dropped drastically (80% decreased). :tears:  probably because of Mon-Wed there's no discount coupon and also because of movie review that came out. 


Even though the 1st day of 'Innocence' started not as well as 'Intruder' but from its good review,  I just hope this movie will do well on Fri-Sun and continue to maintain the number of audiences in the 2nd week, fighting !! :heart:


P.S.  From this article of the 'Innocence' director's interview.

He said 

영화만 처음이었지 신혜선씨는 <비밀의 숲>, <황금빛 내 인생> 때 나름의 팬층도 있었다. 유튜브에서 혜선씨 영상을 다운받아서 투자사 사람들을 설득하러 다녔다(웃음).

It was only the first movie of Shin Hye Sun, but she had her fan base since 'Secret Forest' and 'My Golden Life'. I've downloaded Hye Sun's videos from Youtube and went the investors to convince them (smiled). 




Reading this I really want nothing but a success for this movie and for the director who has lot of trust for Shin Hye Sun and all investors who make this project possible.  :thumbsup:





 'Innocence' it's a must watch (literally - unconditionally watch)

 Shin Hye Sun is almost like an electric eel, every time she moved her face muscle made me thirlled. :joy:




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@immorethant - Thank you my dear for all your updates. :wub:


I can't see anything on Naver but hope there is industry review of Innonence rather than just netizens who are loving this. I just can't get enough of all the praises HS is getting for her first lead role. :phew:

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Netizens Are Praising Shin Hye Sun’s Stellar Acting Ability in Her New Film “Innocence”


“Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good that I almost cried with a fist in my mouth.” – Netizen

Shin Hye Sun made her long-anticipated comeback through her new film, Innocence, and netizens are raving about her stellar acting ability in the film.

The film is about a woman played by Shin Hye Sun who fights to prove her mother’s innocence after she was wrongly accused of killing someone at her father’s funeral.

She acted alongside veteran actors, Bae Jong Ok and Heo Joon Ho, greatly raising the anticipation among viewers.

And they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Following the release of the film, netizens took to online communities to rave about Shin Hye Sun’s stellar acting in the film.

Some of the comments include,

       Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good. I got so into it.

     The supporting actors were very good. I’m going to watch it one more time.

       I got really into it especially because it’s based on a true story. Shin Hye Sun’s acting was amazing and I was tense throughout the whole film.

      This is the first good film I’ve watched in a while. I got really into it, and Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good that I almost cried with a fist in my mouth. I strongly recommend it.

     Stellar performance by Shin Hye Sun. It’s even more chilling on the big screen! I support you!

– Netizens

      It was definitely worth waiting for, not to mention the acting of the amazing actors!

      I really look forward to Shin Hye Sun’s acting.

      Shin Hye Sun’s acting is so good!

– Netizens

Netizens are praising Shin Hye Sun and the rest of the cast of the film so strongly that international fans are hoping it becomes available overseas as well.

Congratulations to Shin Hye Sun and the film for a successful premiere!


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Kim Jung Hyun's manager posted IG story again that the cloud is really pretty.





These IG was tagged 'Queen Cheorin' and 'Mungyeong'.


Don't know who's the owner of this IG, but it looks like he's practising horse-riding.

I want to see SHS riding horse in this drama too....:blush:



Another IG post of his,  the scenarios are beautiful.  :love:

He said yesterday it was raining so today the weather is very nice.

After rain, all the forest trees are so green. 



And the last photo we can see a glimps of persons dressed in sageuk clothes.




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  • meechuttso changed the title to Shin Hye Sun 신혜선 - Now Drama 2020: Queen Cheorin

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