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Thank you so much @meechuttso for translation of this full and perfect interview article and thank you for your post in 'Innocence' and 'Queen Cheorin' threads too.  :wub::wub::wub:


From lots of reviews of 'Innocence' that I read, the consensus opinion is that Shin Hye Sun's acting is good and can't believe she did so well for her first time leading a movie (from journalist's perspective, but from us fan we always believe and know from the start that she will do well...:)).  Although she said in her interview that there're some scenes that she's not sure if her expression is right or not, but from the review I read, no one noticed that. They said her acting is very solid and not a single scene that she showed anxiety or seemed to lose confident in taking the role. :thumbsup::love:   I think it's a good start and hope her work be seen and impress top directors and she will be cast in many good films in the future .  


Photos from Caltwo show on Jun 1st






Source :  https://programs.sbs.co.kr/radio/cultwoshow/visualboard/58066/?cmd=view&page=1&board_no=2157


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1 hour ago, chibico1020 said:

will Innocence be shown to other countries as well? I read that Intruder will be. 

My opionion is that becuase it's distributed by Sony so there's chance it will be shown to other countries. 

I think it also depends on how popular Shin Hye Sun and how the cinema lockdown situation in that country. For 'Intruder' I think Song Ji Hyo is quite well-known internationally according to the popular vote ranking. 

For my country , I think K-Zombie movies have more chance to be shown.... :sweat_smile:


From tvdaily_korea  IG  :love::heart:




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Can't be compared. Song Ji Hyo is internationally more recognised and popular largely due to Running Man. 


Let's hope we'll get news that Innocence will get an international release too

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Hope so. If not, it will take months even year(s) for international audience to see it. 

But with Hye Sun's talent, the probability for her to be recognized more internationally is quite high.

Fighting for our sunshine!!! 

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more opinion
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The only thing I am sure of is ...

If it's in cinema in my country, I will watch it 3 times at least (because I've been waiting for so long) ....:) and don't mind watching it more if it will be on Netflix later. 



Jung-In's business card.




(Source https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/477/0000246889




Balloon flowers sent to SHS from International fan to congrat on her first movie opening.



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29 minutes ago, immorethant said:

Jung-In's business card

Can i have Lawyer Jung in card? :P


30 minutes ago, immorethant said:

If it's in cinema in my country, I will watch it 3 times at least (because I've been waiting for so long) ..

Same. Maybe I'll go watch it every week:D


37 minutes ago, iffy21 said:

I would rather Innocence make it in the Korean cinema before it suddenly gets released internationally.  

Totally agree! If it is successful in Korea it definitely will warrant an international release. Let's not worry about that first

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Today there was also 'Innocence' preview at Lotte Cinema (Lotte World Tower) and also at Megabox COEX mall.


And also stage greeting at both cinemas. :love:


I've read many comments from IG of today's audiences. They said movie is good. Better than expected.

All actors are good.  SHS is so good, can't believe it's her first movie. And also lots of compliments for Hong Kyung who played as Jung-In's brother, his acting is surprisingly good too. 







This photo made my day.  :love::kiss_wink::heart:








(credit : eun_photo_a57 twitter)




(credit : Raindrops06 youtube)











Good night everyone !! :love::blush:



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Wow. I'm just so happy that everything is going well for SHS with Innocence. It's cute that she worries about how her acting will be recieved, as though it could possibly be anything other than purely excellent. I'm glad she worries a little, but I never will. It's clear to me that her art is her passion and her talent is second to none in Korea and everywhere else.


I have no idea when I will be able to see this movie as it will surely never come to a theatre, with subtitles, in my Canadian prairie city. Perhaps a DVD will be available before too long. After seeing so many promotional videos it almost seems like I've seen it already, not that I understand any words. I would award her best actress just based on that.


Thank you very much to all who have share on this forum.

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Sorry I don't know how to post things to show you, but browsing through the English online edition of the Korea Times June 9, there is a beautiful picture Shin Hye Sun and an article about her leading role in Innocence.  If you haven't seen it check out the following.


'Innocence' actor talks on first lead role on big screen
Love scrolling through the news and getting surprised by Shin Hye Sun's smiling face.  :D
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Also see Korea Herald from June 5.


Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong-ok to star in Innocence




Sorry to repeat if this has already been reported.


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6 hours ago, Ni Wen said:

Shin Hye Sun... no way?

What are they saying? :lol: @immorethant

Sorry if my knowledge is limit.


I think it's a pun to use the word that ending with 'Shin'  and played with the name 'Shin Hye Sun' 


BJO said 엄마 말을 불신혜선...안돼  --> it's a pun of the word 불신  which mean distrust/doubt , so she said 'Don't doubt mom's words'  

HJH said 추시장말 맹신혜선...안돼  -->  the word 맹신 means blindly trust, so he said 'Don't believe the mayor's word'

Hong Kyung said  정인이 배신혜선...안돼  --> the word 배신 means betray,  so he said 'Don't betray Jung In' 

THH said 결백을 보지고 소름이 안 돋을 거란 자신혜선 ...안돼  -->  the word 자신 mean oneself , so he said 'While watching 'Innocence', no way that you yourself will not get goosebumps'

And SHS said 결백의 매력에 실신혜선 안돼 --> 실신 mean faint/swoon , so she said 'Don't get faint with the charm of movie 'Innocence''


My apology if I translated it wrongly. 




From SHS's IG story today


International fans sent her these cookies.


She said 'It's too pretty to eat (or it's such a waste to eat)..but I ate them all...Thank you' :joy::love:






From IG story of Kim Jung Hyun's manager today.

He posted about checking if the weather at Mungyeong citi is good for shooting sageuk ?

Probably the shooting will start soon. I hope they will start early otherwise it will be very hot shooting in summer (and in hanbok). :sweatingbullets:






And this is from sunnyu806 IG story. :love:  Is she and SHS at Mungyeong too ?






Ok, now this doesn't look like a daughter trying to prove her mom's innocence.

But it's more like a mother and a daughter on TV shopping program ...LoL

Now I really look forward to both actress' comedy part in 'Queen Cheorin'.



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From Jung-In's brother IG






From Naver movie, now 30 % from all advance ticket sale is from 'Innocence'  (no. 1) 






Another actor confirmed for 'Queen Cheorin'




Yoon Ki-Won.  He was also in drama 'Babel' (TV Chosun) of the same director of 'Queen Cheorin'. 

His latest work is in a sageuk drama of TV Chosun  '간택 - 여인들의 전쟁' (Selection : The War Between Women)

I've never watched his work but Korean forum know him in comedy role. 


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  • Guest changed the title to Shin Hye Sun 신혜선
  • meechuttso changed the title to Shin Hye Sun 신혜선 - Now Drama 2020: Queen Cheorin

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