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The atmosphere at the theater from press premiere today. Everyone had to wear mask, kept distance, wrote down personal information and had body temperature checked.










 Have to keep 1 m distance 

Credit whice1 IG



Credit : noku_film IG



  Credit : ita_mir IG



One of the press who went to see 'Innocence' today said in his blog that...

https://m.blog.naver.com/jyshine24/221989972231  )


I'm so surprised today.

There were many movie premieres, but not the same level like this (I think he means lots of audience today).

So it took so long for temperature check.  

The movie was fun. The acting was so good.  Shin Hye Sun's acting is so good.  :love::thumbsup:

The first scene was very impressive. The prologue is so intense. Only 1 cut in 1 scene. **

Social distancing in the theater is good, hopefully it will be like this at regular screening. 


** I think he probably means it's long take. It may be the scene that the murder occured at the funeral. 

In the BTS, that scene was also mentioned that it's long take and camera panned 360 degree as same as the movie 'Children of Men'. 

*** Actually the blog writer also said that he felt awkward to see SHS on big screen. But that's normal for everyone's first time.  Even SHS herself still said today that she felt awkward to see her on big screen.

I think both SHS and audiences will get more accustomed when they watch 'Dogul' :D



Tomorrow (Friday Jun 5th) don't miss SHS and BJO in radio show

굿모닝 FM 장성규입니다 Good Morning FM Jang Sung Gyu (MBC radio)  at 8 a.m. KST







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Great to hear a positive review already and covid precautions in the theater are reassuring. So happy this is finally happening. I'm jealous of Koreans who can now see SHS in her first leading role movie. Wish I could miraculously understand Korean language and transport myself there.

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More comments 




One line comment...




No, the actors in the movie act like that :dissapointed_relieved:

But in real life they are cute like this :blush:





(translate some parts)



The last part(scene) is melodramatic ** :bawling: 

Shin Hye Sun diction is a little bit like that (딕션이 약간 그렇긴했는데 -  really don't know how to translate..a little bit of what ?)

But overall her acting is good.

It's was fun, There are some parts similar to eariler movie of Jung-Woo (Not sure if means Ha Jung-Woo's movie 'The Closet' ?)

한줄요약 '반전의 반전의 반전의 반전'

One line summary 'Twist of twist of twist of twist'  :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

( I think for internaltional fans we should avoid spolier until we have chance to watch - which I don't know when).


**(He used the word 신파  (shin-pa) which difficult to explain, it like the story is trying to drive audience to tear, some may okay with it  , but some may not like to have melodrama in thiriller movie. It's subjective I think, but for me SHS made me cry everytime...LOL )



신혜선 배우의 연기도 좋지만,배종옥 배우의 새로운 얼굴이 참으로 놀라웠다.

Shin Hye Sun acting is good, but Bae Jong-Ok new face is truly amazing.



This blog gave score 9 from 10. :wub:



Sorry because I'm a Shin Hye Sun fan so I am really biased to post only good comments ....hahaha...

Anyway, I think we need to watch and judge the movie by ourselves.  


Good Night :kiss_wink:


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@immorethant thank you so much for your coverage of today's press conference.:wub::wub: I hope the audience and press give more positive feedback about the film. Fingers crossed!

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MBC radio show. SHS came out at 1.19.00 running time.










'Queen Cheorin' cast is officially confirmed

Shin Hye Sun , Kim Jung Hyun, Bae Jong Ok, Kim Tae Woo

But the airing schedule is not confirmed yet.






OMG the price of her shoes (Gianvito Rossi with Swarovski crystals) 

1,708,180 won (1,405 USD) 




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7 hours ago, Man-O-Man said:

What is sad? In english.

Her grandmother had been waiting for the movie release. But it was postponed twice from Covid.

Just a week ago she passed away.   My condolences.   :bawling:


Will translate later....






Photos from today's interview articles.


















Highly positive review for 'Innocence' here.




결백의 가장 큰 미덕은 신혜선의 발견이다. 120분 동안 이야기를 주도적으로 끌고 간다. 정인이 바라보는 것이 곧 관객의 시선인 작품이다. 커다란 비밀이 하나씩 벗겨지는 것을 보는 유일한 인물이다. 이 거대한 이야기의 화자다. 막대한 분량은 물론, 다양한 사건과 새로운 비밀을 파헤치는 부분과 함께 하이라이트 부분서 커다란 감정 표출까지, 정인에게 주어진 역할이 상당하다.

The greatest virtue of movie Innocence is the discovery of Shin Hye Sun. She led the story for 120 minutes. What Jung-In saw was the viewpoint of the audiences. She was the only person who saw the big secrets revealed one by one. She was the narrator of this huge story. Of course the role given to Jung-In is enormous,  from the part of uncovering various events and new secrets to the highlight part of expressing large emotion.


신혜선은 자신에게 주어진 모든 역할을 훌륭히 소화해낸다. 날 선 긴장감이 섞인 모든 장면을 자연스럽게 표현한다. 법정에서의 분노, 수사할 때의 명석함, 엄마 앞에서의 슬픔 등 여러 감정을 적절히 표현하면서도, 처음부터 끝까지 정인의 톤을 유지한다. 드라마서 꾸준히 자신의 입지를 쌓아올린 그의 내공이 결백서 온전히 드러난다.

Shin Hye Sun performed brilliantly for all the roles given to her. Natural expression in all the tension-edged scenes. Anger in the court, clever when investigating, and expressed appropriately various emotions such as sadness in front of her mother, she maintained the tone of Jung-In from beginning to end. Her experince that built her position steadily from dramas came out perfectly in 'Innocence'


원톱 영화나 다름 없는 결백은 신혜선의 필모그라피 중 가장 빛나는 작품으로 보인다. 영화계서 최근 2~30대 여주인공을 할만한 배우들이 많지 않았던 상황에, 신혜선은 좋은 선택지가 될 것으로 관측된다

'Innocence' is nothing short of best movie, seems to be Shin Hye Sun's most brilliant film. In the movie world, there're not many actors who could play the lead character in their 20-30s, Shin Hye Sun is expected to be a good choice. 


배종옥은 명품이다. 특수분장으로 인해 표정 연기가 어려운 상황서눈만으로도 온전히 감정을 표현할 수 있다는 것을 증명한다. 특히 후반부 정인과 화자의 면담 신에서, 배종옥이 보인 퍼포먼스는 엄청나다. 명배우란 어떤 것인지 충분히 보여준다

Bae Jong Ok is a masterpiece. She proved emotions can be fully expressed with only the eyes in situations where facial expressions are difficult due to special makeup. Especially in the face-to-face scene between Jung-In and Hwa-Ja (BJO's role) in the second half, the performance by Bae Jong-ok was tremendous. It's enough to show what a great actor she is.


처음부터 끝까지 가히 놀랍다

It's amazing from the beginning to the end


촘촘하게 짜여진, 탄탄한 이야기와 배우들의 명연기, 후반부터지는 반전과 매끄러운 결말 등 결백은 코로나 바이러스 감염증 사태로 위축된 한국 영화계의 희망을 쏠 작품으로는 충분해 보인다. 

'Innocence' movie, tightly woven, solid stories, great acting, twist and smooth endings in the second half, seems to be enough to capture the hope of the Korean film industry, which has subsided due to the corona virus infection.



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Writer reposted :lol:

So, they indeed waited for movie promotions before making the announcement

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4 hours ago, Ni Wen said:


So, they indeed waited for movie promotions before making the announcement

I think probably they waited for this actor Kim Tae Woo who just confirmed this morning...the last jigsaw.


Otherwise if they announced earlier the photo in the news article will be like...




(just kidding) :P 

Yes, the real reason is that they are waiting for movie promotion to finish first.

The writer-nim said in new IG post that "I deleted the IG post because the actors were promoting the movie.

But now tvN already disclosed..haha.." 

(perhaps tvN have a plan to use 'Innocence' movie to promote their drama casting :D).


It's good that the drama is now officially announced. So they don't have to keep much secret anymore.

And we may see actors and staffs shared us more photos.





The director of 'Innocence' praised SHS a lot.






이날 인터뷰에서 박상현 감독은 "시나리오를 쓸 때 드라마 '비밀의 숲'이 흥행했다. 법조 드라마니까 한 번 볼 법 하지 않나. 그때 신혜선 씨가 눈에 들어왔다. 감정, 템포, 리듬이나 딕션이 굉장히 좋았다. 선배들에게 밀리지도 않았다. 이에 시나리오 완성 후 보여주게 됐다"고 말했다.

In the interview today, director Park Sang-Hyun said, "When I wrote the script, the drama 'Secret Forest' was a hit. Since it's a legal drama, it's worth to see. At that time, Shin Hye Sun caught my eye. Emotion, tempo, rhythm and diction were very good. She wasn't overshadowed by senior (actors).  After I finished the script, I will show to her".


신혜선의 팬이라는 박상현 감독은 "영화 촬영을 하면서 더 좋아졌다. 현장에서 '알파고'라는 이야기도 했다. 카메라로 왼쪽을 찍고 있으면 왼쪽 눈부터 눈물이 나와 깜짝 놀랐다."

Director Park Sang Hyun is a fan of Shin Hye Sun "She's better when we did film shooting. At the shooting set, I also said 'Alphago'. 

When camera was shooting on the left side, I was amazed that she made the tear came out from her left eye. "


또 박상현 감독은 "신혜선 씨 기사가 뜨면 항상 '좋아요' '이 기사를 추천합니다'를 눌렀다"며 "가능성이 있는 배우다. 훨훨 날 것 같다"고 무한 애정을 전했다.

He also said "When there was article of Shin Hye Sun, I always click 'like' and click 'I will recommend this article'. She is an actor with potential.  I think she will fly high." 





Shin Hye Sun mentioned about 'Queen Cheorin' in today's interview




첫 사극인데 비주얼적으로는 한복도 입어야 하고, 캐릭터 표현하는 것에서 부담스러운 점이 있지만 열심히 하겠다

"It's my first historical drama which I have to wear hanbok for visual (appearance) and it's burden to express the character but I will do my best."

이어 한복이 잘 어울릴 것 같다는 말에 "최근 테스트 촬영을 위해 한복을 입고 쪽도 지고 했는데 잘 모르겠다. 얼굴이 동그래서인지 그런 말씀을 하시더라"며 수줍게 웃었다.

The reporter said SHS will be well suited in Hanbok.  SHS laughed and said "Recently I wore Hanbok for test shooting but not sure if it's good or not because my face is round."




또한 신혜선은 데뷔 이후 첫 '사극' 장르 도전에 대해 "쪽머리도 하고, 한복도 입는다. 그런데 저는 혼자 현대 사람이다"라며 자신이 연기하는 캐릭터에 대해 언급했다.

Shin Hye Sun talked about her challenge in first sageuk since debut "I put up my hair (into a bun) and dressed in Hanbok. But I am the only one who is a modern person", mentioned the character she played.


"그래서 사실 사극 말투에 대한 부담은 없다. 캐릭터가 조금 독특하다. 그 부분이 조금 걱정이 되지만 열심히 준비해야겠다는 생각"

"In fact, speaking historical accent is not pressure/burden. The character is a bit unique. I'm a bit worried about that part, but I will do my best to prepare."




'Cheong Wa Dae chef become a queen' 


This article said that 

철인왕후'는 퓨전 사극 코미디 드라마다. 청와대 셰프 장봉환의 영혼이 조선 시대 중전 김소용의 몸 안에 갇혀 벌어지는 사건을 그렸다.

'Queen Cheorin' is a fusion historical comedy drama. It's about the chef of Cheog Wa Dae (Blue House - office of SK president) name Chang Bong Hwan whose his soul trapped inside the body of 'Kim So Yong' in Joseon era. 


So the soul of the chef is in the Queen body, does it mean the Queen will be good at cooking and we will see SHS's cooking scenes (and also lots of eating scenes) ?  :D:wub:




Another good review of 'Innocence'  (google English translation is quite ok).






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I'm really sorry to hear about SHS's grandmother. It is very sad indeed. I will think about this emotionally all day now.


The Innocence review is such great news but not surprising. SHS is clearly one of the best actors out there. Whenever she says playing a specific character will be a burden but she will do her best, it's modesty code for "I will blow your mind with my performance".

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