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6 hours ago, iffy21 said:

P.s. what news on 13th January?

Sorry, because I used google translation due to morning laziness :P so something was missed out.  Actually the above news said 13일 뉴스1 취재 결과 (as a result of News 1 coverage on 13th).

It means the first original source is from exclusive of News 1 as below. (The news content is the same as posted above).




Update coming attractions.

  • 'Knowing Brothers' --> Feb 22nd 
  • SISEON PLAY’ YouTube interview —> TBD
  • CGV ‘Fanterview’ YouTube interview (and ASMR)—> TBD
  • ‘Running Man’ —> TBD
  • Special Premiere and Stage Greetings—> Feb 25th at 7 p.m.
  • 'Civilization Express' Youtube channel --> Feb 27th 
  • Public Premiere —> Mar 5th
  • International Premiere —> TBD :D


Some jokes from Kidari Ent.


짤로 대화하는 여러분들을 위해.. 준비했어요..  Meme-like dialogue for everyone...ready.

유-머러스하게 사용할 수 있는 <#결백>짤 투척-! .   Here come 'Innocence' meme , use it with humor.

심각 억울 Seriously depressed.

카드 청구사 Credit card bill

뭐야 내 돈 돌려줘요 What, give my money back


동작 그만 밑장 빼기냐?

Stop right there ! Are you trying to cheat on/trick me?


(Mayor Choo) 부먹이 대세라고  I said pouring sauce is the trend

(Jung In) 당연히 찍먹이지 Dipping source is natural/the right way

(**it’s a joke about two ways of eating sweet and sour pork. If you pour the sauce on the pork, then it’s called 부먹.  If you dip the pork in the source then it’s 찍먹)



집에 가고 싶다구   I want to go home.

지긋지긋한 지옥철 tiresome/hateful subway hell (like crowded subway during rush hour).


AM 3.05 왠지 모를 자신감이 솟아오른다 !

AM 3.05 somehow my confidence rises!

밤생각  Night thought



결백보라갈래?  Will you go see ‘Innocence’

팝콘도 먹잫   Let’s have popcorn 




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Some info from DC Inside


'Innocence' poster at Lotte Cinema today.




This blog of 'Ole TV movie star social club' has the list of star interview during Feb 13-19.

Also have 'Innocence' interview (but the exact date is not confirmed yet).



This program 'Star Interview' can be followed via this playlist link



 From IG story of Kim Yung Chul (@luxekim)  , the program 'KYC Power FM' also reach #1 of search ranking yesterday.








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Thank you @Ni Wen for sharing above IG.

I really want to know what it's about, that's why I tried to translate.

(So, again, my apology for any incorrect, I did it just because of my curiosity). :P



MBTI 유형 별 (결백) 개릭터들의 발렌타인데이 초콜렛 주는 법
How to give Valentine's chocolate to 'Innocence' characters by MBTI type.
(MBTI = Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers–Briggs_Type_Indicator)



:) ISFJ (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)
Warm, considerate, gentle, responsible, pragmatic, thorough. Devoted caretakers who enjoy bing helpful to others.


가족을 위해서 희생하는 화자  Hwa-Ja : sacrificed for her family.

우리 정인이 정수 다 먹어 Our Jung-In eat all.


:wub: ESTJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
Efficient, outgoing, analytical, systematic, dependable, realistic. Like to run the show and got things done in an orderly fashion.


현실적이고 성과 지향적인 정인 Jung-In : realisitc and result-oriented.

멈마는 우리 생각만해?!   엄마도 먹어  Mom think only about us?  You eat too, mom.


;) ENTJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging)
Strategic, logical, efficient, outgoing, ambitious, independent.Effective organizers of people and long-range planners.


통솔력이 있으나 단호한 추시장 Mayor Choo : Leadership but with firm determination

거 고마운다  Thank you for that.
난 건강 생각해서 조금만 먹거야 쓰겄는다? 놓고가 May I eat only a little because I concern about my health. Leave it.


:rolleyes:INFJ (Introversion,Intuition, Feeling, Judging)
Idealistic, organized, insightful, dependable, compassionate, gentle.Seek harmony and cooperation, enjoy intellectual stimulation


맡은 일에 전력을 다하는  왕용  Wang Yong : Do his best for the assigned work.

이것은 말여 그냥 초콜릿이 아닌갓 같어 This thing is not just chocolate.


:P ISFP (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)
Gentle, sensitive, nurturing, helpful, flexible, realistic. Seek to create a personal environment that is both beautiful and practical.


엉뚱한 것 같지만 따듯한  정수  Jung Soo : wierd but warm person

한 개 받음 두 개 ! 엄마가 그러랬어! Got one, got two. Mom said that.


From Lotte Cinema's facebook.

'Innocence' fake news.




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I very much enjoyed watching the HS interview with Kim Yung Chul even though I didn't understand anything they said. I haven't seen her laugh so much in a long time. I love her clapping laugh so much, she's really enjoying herself. Quite a contrast to the images of her in the Innocent promos where she is so serious, which I also love.  Her serious role in Secret Forest is what hooked me in the first place. Thank you universe for reincarnating Young Eun-soo into Jeong-in. 

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OMG :scream::love::kiss_wink::heart:




Here come the new students. :wub:
YNK said we haven't seen SHS in school uniform since Ji-An sawing scene (in MGL).
The placard said 'I must be crazy, why she's so pretty like this'. :wub:
** But actually she was in shcool uniform once in boH CF. 




Variety/talent newcomer actress Shin Hye Sun

 School principal friend (?) Bae Jong Ok :joy:




 Because Kim Hee Chul talked to Bae Jong Ok using informal speech (반말)

 Bae Jong Ok ask did he speak formal rude like this ? :D




  They ask among all the hosts, whom will SHS choose if look at only face ?

  SHS chose Jang Hoon.



  SHS said she like Jang Hoon because his acting is good. (Approval/recognition from actor).





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1 hour ago, immorethant said:

Last night before I went to bed, YouTube teaser of Knowing Brothers only got 8K viewers. When I woke up this morning it reached 50K and 3 hours later now it has 70K viewers. :scream:

Can’t wait for Next Saturday too.  :love:

Is that a good thing? What are the views in general for other teasers? 

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9 hours ago, jakey09 said:

Is that a good thing? What are the views in general for other teasers? 

I think at this rate, ep 218 teaser will probably get more viewer than ep 211-217 teaser.

But of course, can’t compete with the episodes with boy or girl groups :lol:


From the teaser it looks like many funny scenes are from Bae Jong Ok (though she said in the radio interview that she is not entertainer :D). Our SHS is more like doing charming and cute part. 

What’s interesting is what she will show to audience. Because she is too shy to dance or sing (I don’t use the word ‘she can’t dance or sing’ because I think she can do it if she can overcome her shyness ^_^),  so I don’t expect much but still hope there will be some surprise or jackpot for us. :wub:   Anything with her, I will watch it anyway. :love:



Running Man next week !! :love:



(not sure if every overseas fans can watch this - waiting for other links)





I love this, many good pics



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Oh~my~god! :P She's so adorable! So excited to see her on Running Man, used to be my favourite show. I'm actually looking forward to RM more than KB. Finally she's on a whole proper episode of RM. Next week is gonna be a great week for us Hyesun fans! Happiness. This bout of movie promotions are better than any drama promotions she have ever had. I'm not complaining! B):)


By the way her IG followers went from 694K to 711K in just one week from the start of Innocence press conference till now. 17K in just 10 days. That's impressive.

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Update videos. 

(I will translate some captions if I can find time :P)


 I got this from Kakao but it can't be embedded here. So I posted it in Vimeo.

 (original source :  https://play-tv.kakao.com/v/406541337 )



This is the program that SHS gave interview after press conference. 

I got it from Olleh TV (which is not available for overseas viewer :crazy: - need to use some trick ).

Sorry for image quality because I recorded it from the app.

I will delete when the official video was uploaded to Youtube.



OMG ! can't wait for this scene.






Shin Hye Sun’s playlist.



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