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Got this from DC which captured from Naver cafe.


There will be an event during 17-27 Feb  to find 150 lucky persons to attend movie premier and stage greetings. Winner will be announced on Feb 28.


So the premiere date is on Tuesday Mar 3rd.  (?)




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3 hours ago, immorethant said:

Got this from DC which captured from Naver cafe.


There will be an event during 17-27 Feb  to find 150 lucky persons to attend movie premier and stage greetings. Winner will be announced on Feb 28.


So the premiere date is on Tuesday Mar 3rd.  (?)




I am getting confused as to when the premier date is exactly and really hope that the cornavirus doesn't affect this. 




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Ok, I think I got confused because of the words (and because of my poor Korean knowledge).

From above photo, it used the word 시사회 or 시사,  if I opened dictionary it means 'premiere', so made me think that it's a public premiere of the movie. But as I checked more in detail, this word is used for movie 'preview' when the movie is shown to critics, journalists or special group of audiences ( which makes more sense that there will be the event for 150 winners to watch the movie preview).  


There are lots of words in movie websites and articles that makes me confused like 'preview' (시사회) , 'stage greetings'  ( 무대인사) , premiere released. (대개봉), press conference or production report/announcement (제작보고회, 제작발표회).

My skill is too poor to differentiate those words that in real life what will be the activity done with those words. :blink:  (need expert's help here).


And today is so quiet, so I'm getting to be curious if there will really be press conference tomorrow ?  :sweatingbullets:

So I think it's more possible that on March 3rd, there will be the 'preview' and 'stage greetings'  (which probably can be called as press conference ?)  instead of actual public premiere ?



(credit : OAO3017 twitter)



By the way,  even if I know the exact press conference date or premiere date, I still don't have chance to join .  That makes me think of Seori's word once said that we shouldn't be worried about things that we can't do anything about it. Just do the things we can do now.


So I won't be worried about it anymore.  
Many Korean fans said tomorrow (Feb 6) at 11 a.m. KST there will be 제작보고회 production report  (press conference? ), don’t know if it’s confirmed or not. 

Better wait and see.  :love:


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I think the March 3 date probably means the movie opens in cinemas on that day or/and the movie premiere day where many stars will attend.

The Feb 6 date should be a press conference where the cast promote the movie before its opening date.

Just my thoughts. Look forward to press conference! :)

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Latest news article today confirmed that the movie will be released on March 5th.

So the press conference should be today , but probably no live broadcast.


신혜선X배종옥 '결백', 3월 5일 개봉 확정

Shin Hye Sun x Bae Jong Ok 'Innocence' 5 March release confirmed








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Soompi’s article.


 Shin Hye Sun Seeks The Truth In Poster For Her First Starring Role In A Film




Shin Hye Sun’s upcoming film “Innocence” has released stills and an official poster!

“Innocence” is Shin Hye Sun’s first time in a starring role in a feature film. She previously appeared in short films and in small parts in “A Violent Prosecutor” and “A Day.” Shin Hye Sun is more known for her roles in dramas, most recently “My Golden Life,” “Thirty But Seventeen,” and “Angel’s Last Mission: Love.”


“Innocence” tells the story of a lawyer named Jung In (Shin Hye Sun) trying to prove her mother’s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor (Heo Jun Ho). Her mother, Hwa Ja (Bae Jong Ok), was accused of murder after the rice wine was poisoned at her husband’s funeral, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot defend herself.




Hong Kyung is also taking on his first screen role as Ahn Jung Soo, Jung In’s younger brother, who is on the autistic spectrum. This character will play a key role in uncovering the truth behind their mother being framed for murder.



Tae Hang Ho, who plays Jung In’s former classmate Yang Wang Yong, showed off a unique chemistry with Shin Hye Sun during their audition together. As the local police officer, he helps Jung In in her quest to uncover the secrets of her hometown




Rounding out the cast by playing local villagers are Go Chang Suk and Park Chul Min. Go Chang Suk plays Jung In’s relative and explains why the villagers treated Jung In’s family with coldness. Park Chul Min plays a mysterious character who is connected to all the villagers and their secrets and helps Jung In with her quest for the truth.




“Innocence” premieres on March 5 in South Korea.


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I'm so overwhelmed with these many news and photos of Hyesun today. Feeling giddy after hours of saving and posting photos. :rolleyes::lol:


4 hours ago, immorethant said:

More videos bombardment.

I wish I could understand what they talked. 

On one part, Tae Hang Ho said Hyesun is her first love in the movie? :lol:


Love her update photos. The way she bowed in that third pic is just too cute. Love this girl :wub:

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From @cgv_korea  IG story.



(Edited) This first pic was posted only on CGV Facebook .


CGV 페친 여러분 !!  안녕하세요.

Hello all CGV facebook friends. 




무죄 입증 추척극 "결백"  

Pursuit for proof of innocence  "Innocence"




바로 내일 18시 (오후 6시 ^^) CGV 페이스북에서

Tomorrow at 18.00 ( 6 p.m. ^^) on CGV facebook




2차 예고편을 공개합니다 !! 짝! 짝!

2nd trailer released !  clap ! clap ! 




얼람 설정해주시고 잊지말고 꼭 꼭 봐주세요

Please set the alarm and please be sure not to forget to watch  :heart:

(Her drawing is so cute)




After press conference, she changed her clothes and gave interview to this Youtuber talking about her favorite movies and how she keeps doing her favorite work for a long time.


 Please stay tune for his Youtube channel 'SISEONPLAY' for the interview clip soon.  




  Shi-Seon  :  A famous movie but didn't watch ?

  Hye-Sun :  Is it okay to say that ?




I'm so tired today but also very happy . 

See you tomorrow. :kiss_wink:


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Because I really want to know what Bae Jong Ok and Tae Hang Ho teased Shin Hye Sun about eating, but my listening skill is so bad.

I found this article which gives details of the interview.







Actors said each of them chose this movie because of funny scearios.


Shin Hye Sun said "I read (the script) from beginning to the end in one go.  Tell you one thing, I was shooting another work and my father read one scenatio that I left on the table. When I came home, my father said ''Can't you do this thing?' his strongly recommendation gave me another confidence about it.


Bae Jong Ok said "The scenario is so fun. As soon as I got the script, I read it all while sitting there. Several people lives in countryside. As we came from a generation to a genereation, there are resentments toward each other. I got the scenario which I think I had unsolved conflict with my grandfather and grandmother because of the gap like that.


배우들은 하나같이 재밌는 시나리오 때문에 영화를 택했다고 했다.

신혜선은 "처음부터 끝까지 단숨에 읽었다. 한 가지 말씀드리자면 내가 다른 촬영 중이었는데 저희 아버지가 식탁 위에 올려두고 나간 시나리오를 읽었다. 집에 오니까 아버지가 '이거 너 하면 안 되겠느냐'고 강력 추천해서 한 번 더 확신을 갖게 됐다"고 말했다.


배종옥 역시 "시나리오가 너무 재밌었다. 받자마자 앉은 자리에서 다 읽었다"면서 "시골은 몇대가 한동네에 산다. 대대로 이어오면서 서로의 원한, 풀리지 않는 갈등이 있어서 할머니 할아버지 사이에 이런 사건이 있겠다 생각했을쯤 시나리오를 받았다"고 했다.



Director Park Sang Hyun is satisfied with casting of Shin Hye Sun who play the role of an ace lawyer who defends her mother. "Shin Hye Sun was well-known for her good diction.

I heard a lot that she was called 'Diction Fairy/Goddess' " he said with confidence.


MC Park Kyung Rim also mentioned that Shin Hye Sun hosted award ceremonies. Shin Hye Sun then said 'It has a script' showing her humbleness.


박상현 감독은 극중 엄마를 변호하는 에이스 변호사 역을 맡은 신혜선의 캐스팅에 만족한다면서 "신혜선은 딕션이 좋은 것으로 유명한 것을 알고 있었다. '딕션 요정'이라고 부르는 걸 많이 들었다"라고 자부했다.  


이어 MC 박경림은 신혜선이 시상식 사회를 본 것에 대해 언급했고 신혜선은 "대본이 있었다"면서 겸손함을 표했다.



Shin Hye Sun used to play the role of prosecutor Young Eun Soo in OCN drama 'Secret Forest' (The article said OCN but I think it should be TVN). Now she take the role related to law again. "It has the feeling of being the same person but details are different. This is higher rank version of Young Eun Soo. It's like if Young Eun Soo got bigger/higher (rank) she will give (us) the same feeling like that."


(cute fan art about Eun Soo‘s upgraded version)



신혜선은 OCN 드라마 '비밀의 숲'에서도 검사 영은수 역을 한 바 있다. 그는 또 한 번 법조인을 맡은 것에 대해 "같은 사람이어서 그런지 결이 비슷한 느낌이 있었다. 디테일은 다르지만, 영은수의 상위 버전이다. 영은수가 큰다면 이런 느낌일까 하는 느낌이었다"고 생각을 밝혔다.



Shin Hye Sun talked about her first impression of Bae Jong Ok that she was 'cool' .  "Bae Jong Ok sunbae-nim is so cool and gave the feeling of an older sister. So I have a lot of concern should I call her as sister or sunbae-nim. But because she played as my mother, so I think it's better for myself to call her sunbae-nim rather than sister."


신혜선은 배종옥의 첫인상이 주는 '쿨'함에 대해 밝히기도 했다. 그는 "배종옥 선배님이 너무 '쿨'해서 언니 같이 느껴졌는데 선배님이라고 호칭을 할지 나도 쿨하게 언니라고 불러볼까 고민을 많이 했다"며  "아무래도 엄마 역할을 하시다 보니까 언니보다 선배님이 낫겠다 싶어서 스스로 혼자 선배님이라고 부르고 있다"고 말해 웃음을 줬다.


Actor Tae Hang Ho and Hong Kyung expressed their affection for Shin Hye Sun.  Hong Kyung said a fans of Shin Hye Sun for long time "Saying that I am sister Hye Sun’s , didn't believe until the end***.  It was so good to work with sister Hye Sun. When I look at her eyes and listen to her dialogue, I was naturally mesmerized"


(*** I ‘m not sure he meant he told her he is a fan and she didn’t believe him, or he didn’t believe himself that he had chance to work with her. Subject and object were omitted here, so difficult to translate)


태항호와 홍경은 신혜선에 대한 애정을 표현했다. 홍경은 원래부터 신혜선의 팬이었다면서 "혜선 누나의 팬이라고 했는데 끝까지 안 믿더라"며 "혜선 누나와 함께 하는 게 좋았다. 눈 보고 누나가 하는 대사를 들으면 자연스럽게 빨려들어간다"고 했다.


Tae Hang Ho said we had drinking party during the shooting and the next day there will be awards ceremony (SBS drama awards that SHS was an MC), so Shin Hye Sun said cleary that she will just tag along going to the party but she couldn’t eat. "She came and sat and said she will only drink. But later she ate 1 chicken and a half tray of pizza alone. And get drunk.  But the next day she showed up look completely perfect. That time I'm so impressed with the easy-going of Hye-Sun.


태항호는 촬영 기간 중 술자리를 만들었는데 다음날 시상식이 있어 못 먹는다고 했으면서도 신혜선이 술자리에 참석했던 일화를 밝혔다. 그는 "술만 마시면 된다고 하면서 와서 앉아있더라. 그런데 나중에는 치킨 한 마리에 피자 반판을 혼자 다 먹었다. 술에 취해서. 그렇지만 다음날 보니 너무나 완벽한 모습이었다"면서 "그때 혜선씨의 털털함에 많이 감동했다"고 해 웃음을 줬다.


Bae Jong Ok also added to the story "Hye Sun can't stand having nothing to nibble on ***(입이 심심한  - having a boring mouth). So she always ate something during the shooting. Even at that time she had to lose weight because of her next work (ALML), but during the shooting she stil eat 오물모물 (I think it should be 오물오물 which is the sound of muching/chewing - like yumyum) . While eating she said 'Sunbae-nim this thing has no calorie'. Even so she (managed) to lose her weight."  :joy:

*** That make sense because we always see her bite something in real life or drama. It's like she loves biting and eating :D  And during’My Golden Life’ press conference she was also teased about her eating habit.




Shin Hye Sun said "I tried hard to chew bubble gums and eat tomatoes. But it's so embarrassed that if I started to eat anyting just one bite (literally - put anything in my mouth just one time) then I couldn't stop. Everytime sunbae-nim saw me, I was always eating something, that's so embarrassing.”


  이에 배종옥 역시 이야기를 보탰다. 그는 "혜선씨는 입이 심심한 걸 못 참는다. 현장에서 늘 뭔가를 먹고 있다. 그때 다음 작품 때문에 살을 빼야한다는데 그런데도 촬영 중에 뭘 오물모물 먹는다. '네 선배님 이거 열량 없는 거예요' 하면서 먹더라. 그래도 살은 빠지더라"고 말했다.

신혜선은 "껌과 방울 토마토를 열심히 먹었다. 너무 창피한 게 한 번 입에 들어가면 멈추질 못 하겠더라"며 "선배님이 보실 때마다 제가 뭔가를 먹고 있었다. 그게 너무 창피했다"고 해 웃음을 줬다.




She is so cute like a kid who's embarrassed when get caught.  And look at her kept playing with a thread from that cloth. :joy:




There is more in that article. I will try to translate more if I have time.


Have a good Friday !!  :kiss_wink::heart:

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