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13 hours ago, meechuttso said:


Tearing up


Nooo!!!! @immorethant I'm shocked to read this. I don't know what to say.


Hi to all my other friends here too. I am soo sorry for not checking in for almost 3 months, but in a very real way I can relate to what @immorethant is saying too. My life has changed so much this year that what started as a quick break while we wait for her next news became weeks and then months, and I haven't  been following any dramas either.


This wait for 2020 would seem like an eternity to me, too, if I still had the luxury of time. But hope springs eternal, and on this quiet short winter day I look forward to hearing from our beloved 신혜선씨 and just screaming for joy at what she has been patiently doing out of sight so that she can enthrall us again in the happy New Year. Remember and imagine all the suffering she endured all last winter so that she could bring us Choi Seol-Hee & Lee Yeon-Seo dual role - if I had to venture a guess, she's working super hard to shock the world yet once more - this girl's actually trying to top that dual role right now - I can feel it.


So thank you again all my friends, those still faithfully here and keeping this a joyful place. Let's all continue to smile as we muse upon our incomparable Shin Hye-Sun, the actress.





Hi meechutso, the founder of the group, finally you’re here again. Thank you for your encouraging words that make me (us:phew:) having hope again. :blush:

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On 12/2/2019 at 6:46 AM, immorethant said:



I think I reached the point that I really fear of myself. Everyday I wake up with 2 things in my mind.  One thing is 'Is there any news of SHS today?'  , another thing is 'Should I stop doing this ?'   I feel like that more I do , the more I need to do.  And where it's gonna end ?  

 :tears:    I think I need a rehab.  Or I just have to get married and have 2 children.

:joy::kiss_closed::kiss_wink:LOL. Just really like me. Dont worry, Dont be afraid, just let it flow. You dont need rehab. Marry wont solve your problem. This is me, married with 2 children, more chaotic is absolutely yes. No me time, but almost 90% my mind its on shs. Even right before sleep. No one around me know nothing bout kdrama where i can talk to. So this forum is my sanctuary. I dont want to burdening u, just dont leave. I like what you’re doing right now bout shs, so grateful theres somebody like u @immorethant. :relaxed:

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On 12/19/2019 at 4:35 PM, immorethant said:


But nothing lasts forever. Lately I found myself exhausted and lost enthusiasm in social activity.

I found that I really didn't know what to say or share or do anymore, it's like I've already said all I wanted to say and already did what I could and wanted to do. Everything now becomes endlessly repetitive and I'm so afraid that I'm losing focus with other activities of my life.  I found that I thought more often about my life before 14 Oct 2018.  So I think now it's the proper time for me to stop my social participation and return to my previous life as a regular audience.  And because right now I can't give promise whether or when I will be able to find my eagerness in social activity again, so....



I would like to thank all of my old/new friends who are here now and who were here before.  I'm so glad that I found this place. I love you all and I will miss you.  Goodbye and good luck.  I will still love and follow Shin Hye Sun and wish all the best for her. :kiss_wink::love::heart:

Cos theres no news, no roles thats why u can say, share or do anymore. Im being repetitive too. My hubby and children kept saying why i always watch the drama over and over again. Just keep circling around between alml, mgl and 5c. Embarrassed but nothing i can do. Dont leave, just rest until her next project. :cold_sweat:

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I too love this forum. Thanks to people here I was able to participate in sending a coffee truck to SHS and a big huge birthday card on her birthday.  These small gestures made me feel like I had made a personal connection somehow.   We are spellbound by Shin Hye Sun's acting and beauty in dramas and films.  In between her acting projects we love reading about her and seeing pictures and videos of her. This forum has been a godsend for that and those who generously devote their time and effort to this, whether past, present or future, are to be applauded.


In my quest for anything SHS, I came across a YouTube video with English subtitles that I was surprised I had never seen before - don't know how I missed it.  Maybe it was originally just in Korean.  It is 25 minutes of KBS behind the scenes from ALML. I love seeing SHS in situations that aren't always staged so this was great for me and - yay - english subtitles.  Although you've probably already seen it, you may wish to see it again especially if you can't get enough of Kim Myung-soo.  Cheers.



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Christmas day, regardless of what your personal belief might be, is an auspicious day for connecting with and appreciating famiy, friends and all those who touch our lives in a positive way. In that spirit I bow to Shin Hye Sun, who brings such joy, and to all her dedicated followers who selflessly share this joy with the world. May all your futures be filled with sunshine.

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Here is a good article that talks about our sunshine :wub::wub: couldn't have said it any better.





Hellokpop Year-End Look Back: 15 Highest Rating 2019 Korean Dramas Aired In Public Networks


Based on the collated data from Nielsen’s average nationwide viewership ratings, the most-watched 2019 Korean Dramas aired in public networks (SBS, MBC, KBS) are characterized by thrilling narrative, realistic tones..


Probably, one of the best romance dramas of 2019, Angel’s Last Mission: Love hit bulls-eye for all the check points from refined story-telling to excellent acting. Shin Hye Sun impressed the most and she captivated the audience in all of her scenes.


The positives of the drama are that all the characters, both humans and angels, were shown to have some flaws. They made mistakes and they learned from them. The story had a lot of unpredictable twists and the mysteriousness of how everyone’s destiny was planned.


The main theme of the drama is pure love and it stays true to the theme. The trials that the lead couple had to go through and how they were willing to sacrifice themselves for each other gives a demonstration of selfless love.

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I'm getting excited!!!  I sure hope I can stream the KBS Drama Awards show on the 31st.  With a 15 hour time difference, I'll be tuning in at 6AM, so I'll be up bright and early (if I sleep at all :) ).  I don't understand the Korean language but i don't care.  Just seeing Shin Hae Sun live on TV is good enough for me. English can come later. I'm just glad that she's back in action in public.  I'm sending all the positive vibes I can to support her winning an acting award. How excellent would it be to see her win an award on the show she is also hosting.  A sweet dream to be sure. Enjoy the show.

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LoL, so busy looking off elsewhere for ... whom?



Oy, my mouth is getting bone dry for reals.

Actually, I had expected an Excellence Award.

But it didn't happen, so I was thinking I should focus on carrying on my MC work.

Whoa, but for giving me such a big prize, I am so very grateful.

First of all I want to thank writer-nim Choi Yoon-Gyo and director-nim Lee Jung-Sub. And

All the staff people who have worked so hard for us and all the actors, want to thank them all so much.

I, um, there are so many I am grateful to so I shall call on each one of you one by one.

And from my debut beginning days the one who's always and ceaselessly believed in me and given me courage, our YNK's Kim Min-Soo CEO-nim, I love you so much.

For all our company family members who work so hard for us I am so thankful for also.

My family I love you all too.

Everyone, I wish you many blessings in the New Year. Thank you!



어이 정말 입이 바싹바싹 마르네요.

사실은, 제가 우수상정도 기대하고있었거든요.

근데 ... 안돼서 그냥 MC 열심히 봐야지 했는데

이렇게 큰상주셔서 너무 감사합니다.

일단 우리 최윤교 작가님이랑 이정섭 감독님... 비롯해서

저희 같이 고생해주신 staff분들 그리고 배우분들 다들 너무 감사드리고요

제가 또 감사한분들이 너무많아서 제가따루다 일일이 연락드리겠습니다

그리고 제가 debut초때부터 항상 끊임없는 믿음과 용기를 주신

저희 YNK대표님 김민수 대표님 너무 사랑하고요

저를위해 애써주시는 저희 회사식구들도 너무 감사하고

가족분들도 사랑하고

여러분 새해 복많이 받으세요 감사합니다



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Thank you to all my faithful friends sharing these great moments for our incomparable Shin Hye-Sun-ssi.

Few quick random thoughts on a very happy new year for all of us here.


I didn't watch the ceremony, so I can't comment on her MC work. I hear she did well.

For KBS giving 2 winners for many categories, I can't blame them. Office politics.


Since she was on screen for many hours, the short and sweet speech is forgivable. She shared it with none other than the lead actress from Palm d'Or winning Korean movie (Parasite) at Cannes, so we know KBS is not crazy - only shows the continued rise in SHS' status and estimation by SK's flagship broadcast TV station with a truly global reach. Considering that the top top prize (the so called Dae-Sang given to Gong Hyo-Jin) for this highest SK viewership station was something that GHJ also had to wait for quite a long time, it can be expected that our lovely genius but still young actress SHS may have to do many more lead roles for some years before such a prize can be considered hers by 'unanimous' vote (substantively and politically). This is not anything to fret about.


But it was satisfying to see KMS and SHS not only in the best couple, but KMS also getting more love with other prizes, and also the announcement that he's got a new one lined up with KBS in March (where he plays a cat?).


For me it was even more gratifying to see KHN and SHS - Kang Ha-Neul and Shin Hye-Sun, male/female Top Excellence Award winners at the same time - they were classmates at the same art high school and he while being younger had a much quicker start, has made numerous movies, and had a much bigger role in 'Angel Eyes' when SHS' role was a mere few minutes on-screen, watching how they are literally the top 2 young actors of SK is just such a sweet moment to dwell on.


I would not be surprised if Shin Hye-Sun has not announced her next project yet because she has been in the process of lining up something big with KBS once more - it would make sense that KBS can ask her to delay such announcements if she's going to stay with them for her next work.


Now that it's 2020, we can very well expect that our long wait is about to be over.


Happy 2020 everyone!




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Because it's a good occasion that 1) it's New Year 2) our SHS got Top Excellence Award 3) I saw @meechuttso's post, so I just want to come to say Happy New Year to all of my friends here .


Thank you for your award acceptance translation and glad to see you again @meechuttso.  :wub:  I'm so proud of SHS and absolutely agreed with all that you said. 

And thank you so much @iffy21  and @Man-O-Man too for your posts  :wub: 


I wish I have time to talk, to post all photos, gifs, videos here as many as I can, but I already spent many hours watching red carpet and award ceremony and checking her photos, now another part of my life is complaining and waiting for me to go back :sweatingbullets:


So, have a happy new year everyone ! wish all the best to you , your family and for our Hye Sun.

Love you all. :heart: :kiss_wink:

(Hope I will see you next time when SHS announce her new work). :rolleyes:








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