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I am so freaking proud of her and totally excited. Fingers crossed she wins this as it is a recognition of her hard work....just freaking out to see her at an award again :joy:


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Lee Jae Hoon was spotted today.

The IG owner said today the movie '도굴' (Tomb Robbery) was shot at a casino.  He looks so thin.

And many comments said about the hot weather.


However,  no sign of SHS :sweatingbullets: 


(original IG was deleted after few hours, so I replaced with photos from alternate source instead)








Why this IG said this photo was shot by Lee Joon-Hyuk (who played in 'Secret Forest') ?

Is he also in this movie ? :blink:




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I just heard about Shin Hye Sun's nomination for best actress for Hymn of Death. When I first saw her in Secret Forest I knew I was witnessing an acting legend in the making. She has really only been a leading lady in 4 productions, if I'm not mistaken, and she won best actress for one of them already. Now this. If she wins, and I have no doubts, it will be an incredible accomplishment given her relatively short career so far. But I'm not surprised and I doubt any of you are either. Talent like hers is rare. I expect more nominations for her in the future for her role in ALML.  We should get used to this after everything she does from now on. My only wish is that she someday plays a lead role in a production that has a significant english component so that she can get on with conquering the rest of the world.

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3 hours ago, immorethant said:

Our Shin Hye Sun as a DJ for MG radio.  

Thank you @immorethant you are fast.

This is a new endeavor for SHS, so I had to go and translate it so that we can all get the full effect of her as a spokesperson - very entertaining I say, and not an easy job.:sweatingbullets: But as we are all starving for something from our reclusive muse, maybe this will be met with some enthusiasm here. :w00t:



00:00:06,670 --> 00:00:10,500
안녕하세요 MG 라디오 dj 신혜선입니다
Hello This is MG-radio D.J. Shin Hye-Sun

00:00:10,930 --> 00:00:14,000
여러분 오늘 기분 좋은 하루 시작하셨나요?
Everyone, have you begun your feel-good-today?

00:00:14,410 --> 00:00:16,900
저는 오랜만에 보고 싶은 친구의
For me, for the first time in a while I begain my day

00:00:17,000 --> 00:00:20,000
반가운 목소리를 들으면서 하루를 시작했어요
while listening to the glad voice of a friend I long to see.

00:00:20,140 --> 00:00:22,000
이렇게 친구처럼 우리 곁에
Just like a friend who's near us

00:00:22,100 --> 00:00:24,000
늘 있지만 바쁜 일상 때문에
One who's always there but because of our busy lives

00:00:24,100 --> 00:00:27,250

소중함을 잊고 지내는 것들이 많은 것 같습니다
We forget (our friend's) importance, seems all too frequent.

00:00:27,460 --> 00:00:29,500
오늘은 우리 곁에 함께하는
Today from those around us,

00:00:29,640 --> 00:00:32,000
소중한 존재들의 사연 소개로 꾸며볼게요
We'll introduce our precious ones' situational stories.

00:00:32,650 --> 00:00:38,040
여기는 MG 라디오 1963 점 525 입니다
This is MG Radio, 1963 dot 525.

00:00:42,010 --> 00:00:44,010
여러분 어디서 듣고 계시나요?
Everyone, from which location are you listening?

00:00:44,740 --> 00:00:47,500
혹시 주변에 '새마을금고' 보이시나요?
Perchance do you see around you a "New Village Savings (Credit Union)"?

00:00:48,010 --> 00:00:51,720
우리 주변 가까이에서 '새마을금고'를 늘 볼수있죠?
We can always see near by us a "New Village Savings", can't we?

00:00:52,000 --> 00:00:55,000
오늘은 '새마을금고'에서 온 사연들을 소개해드릴게요
Today we will introduce you to stories coming from New Village Savings.

00:00:55,720 --> 00:00:57,000
첫 번째 사연은 새마을금고
Our first story is from someone who participated

00:00:57,100 --> 00:00:58,500
설립에 참여 하셨던
in "New Village Savings" (first branch) opening,

00:00:59,100 --> 00:01:02,000
85세 이정숙 회원님 사연인데요
85 year-old Lee Jung-Sook member-nim's story

00:01:02,520 --> 00:01:04,500
1960년대부터 지금까지
From the 1960's until today

00:01:04,600 --> 00:01:06,900
새마을금고에 발전을 위해서 헌신적으로
For the advancement of "New Village Savings"


00:01:07,000 --> 00:01:08,000
활동 하셨다고 하십니다
Has worked faithfully she says.

00:01:08,500 --> 00:01:10,500
사연을 함께 들어보시죠
Let's listen to her story together.

00:02:17,380 --> 00:02:23,010
MG 새마을금고는 전국 1300여 개 의 금곡
MG "New Village Savings" has 1300 branches nation-wide

00:02:23,200 --> 00:02:24,520
1706조 원이 넘는 자산과
$17B in assets

00:02:24,910 --> 00:02:28,000
2000여 만 명이 넘는 고객을 보유한
20,000,000 customers served

00:02:28,510 --> 00:02:30,600
대한민국 대표 금융 협동조합 으로
S Korea's number one asset co-op

00:02:30,520 --> 00:02:33,600
자리매김 했습니다


00:02:46,890 --> 00:02:49,000
네 두 번째 사연은,
Yes, our second story is

00:02:49,200 --> 00:02:51,000
새마을금고 를 통해 대출을 받아
About one who received a loan from "New Village Savings"

00:02:51,260 --> 00:02:54,400
시작한 사업이 잘 되고 늘 한결같은 믿음으로
To start a successful business and with full trust

00:02:54,500 --> 00:02:56,400
새마을금고만 이용하고 계시다는
Only uses "New Village Savings",

00:02:56,500 --> 00:02:57,800
회원님의 사연인데요,
This Member-nim's story.

00:02:57,900 --> 00:02:59,600
함께 들어보실까요?
Shall we listen in together?

00:04:49,000 --> 00:04:50,300
이번 사연은...
Now this story...

00:04:50,400 --> 00:04:55,000
수능시험을 마친 19살 고등학생의 이야기인데요
From an 18 year old high school student who finished college entrance math test

00:04:55,690 --> 00:04:57,000
수능시험이 끝나고 엄마께
After the exam was over from mother

00:04:57,100 --> 00:04:59,810
새마을금고 통장 을 선물 받았습니다
Received a "New Village Savings" account as a present.

00:05:00,610 --> 00:05:02,290
수능 100일 전부터
From 100 days before the examination

00:05:02,300 --> 00:05:04,290
엄마께서 매일 통장에 만원씩
Mom had (about) $10 each day

00:05:04,310 --> 00:05:05,220

익금 하시면서
Deposited into the account

00:05:05,310 --> 00:05:07,320
저에게 메세지를 남겨주셨습니다
And left a message for me

00:05:08,290 --> 00:05:11,200
"수능 100일! 화이팅 사랑스러움 우리딸"
"Math entrance exam 100 days fighting! My lovable Daughter"

00:05:11,310 --> 00:05:14,139
"그동안 고생했다 애쓰고 애썼다"
"You have suffered much. Worked with much effort."

00:05:14,320 --> 00:05:18,010
"선물 같은 너를 만나서 나는 정말 행복해"
"Because I've met you who are like a present to me, I am so happy"

00:05:18,129 --> 00:05:20,010
"잘 자라줘서 참 고맙다!"
"Thank you for growing up so well!"

00:05:20,139 --> 00:05:24,000
와 정말 감동이네요
Whoa, that is truly touching.

00:05:24,010 --> 00:05:27,010
역시 사랑은 표현이고 나눔이죠
Surely love is about expressing it and sharing.

00:05:27,250 --> 00:05:30,410
여러분들도 이런 삶을 살아가고 계신가요?
Are you (listeners) also living such lives?

00:05:31,419 --> 00:05:35,580
사랑은 나눌수록 행복은 함께 할수록 더욱 퍼집니다
Love - the more you share, Happiness - the more with another, spreads all the more.

00:06:48,839 --> 00:06:53,500
네... 이번 사연은 새마을금고 중앙에 근무하고 있는
Yes, this next story comes from employee of "New Village Savings" central branch

00:06:53,600 --> 00:06:55,900
장 정인 씨의 사연입니다
Ms Jang Jung-In's story.

00:06:56,100 --> 00:06:57,900
새마을금고 중앙에 입사하기 전부터
Even from the time before she was employed at the central branch


00:06:58,000 --> 00:06:59,800
특별한 인연이 있다고 하는데요
There was a special situation (with the company), we are told

00:07:00,300 --> 00:07:02,400
와..어떤 인연일까 궁금한데
Whoa makes me curious

00:07:02,500 --> 00:07:03,900
같이 만나볼까요?
Shall we meet (her) together?

00:07:04,800 --> 00:07:08,899
From MG Hope-Share college supporter role for young-union...

00:07:09,000 --> 00:07:12,000
현재 생활 분구 중앙회 입사하여 근무하고 있습니다
Presently am working at the ... central branch office.

00:07:12,899 --> 00:07:16,700
새마을금고 하면은 연령대 가 높다고 생각하실 수 있는데
When you say "New Village" you might think average customer's age is high

00:07:16,800 --> 00:07:19,000
사실 그렇지 않거든요 20대인 저처럼
In fact that isn't true. Many customers in our 20's ...

00:07:19,100 --> 00:07:22,300
젊음과 활력이 넘치는 새마을금고를
Overflowing with youth and energy is the New Village Savings

00:07:22,499 --> 00:07:25,319
여러분께 소개해드리고 있습니다
I want to introduce you to.

00:08:31,210 --> 00:08:35,000
새마을금고 MG 라디오 1963.525~
New Village Saving MG Radio 1963 dot 252 :)

00:08:35,410 --> 00:08:37,400
오늘 여러분들의 사연을 들으니까
As I listen to everyone's stories

00:08:37,500 --> 00:08:40,500
새마을금고에 대한 기대가 더 커지는 것 같습니다
My expectations towards New Village Savings seems to be growing even larger

00:08:40,900 --> 00:08:45,000
그래서 앞으로 새마을금고가 어떻게 발전해 갈지
So how NVS will grown in the future


00:08:45,110 --> 00:08:46,000
미래비전을 듣고자
To hear about their future vision

00:08:46,120 --> 00:08:52,370
스튜디오로 박차훈 중앙 회장님을 모셨습니다
We have invited to the studio, Chairman Park Cha-Hoon

00:08:52,370 --> 00:08:53,900
회장님 안녕하세요
Hello sir, Chairman

00:08:55,000 --> 00:08:59,600
회장님 작년 3월 취임 당시에 152조 원 이었던
Sir Chairman from last March from $15.2B to

00:08:59,780 --> 00:09:04,200
금고 자산이 176조 원 까지 증가했다고 들었는데요
$17.6B the assets have appreciated, I have heard

00:09:04,400 --> 00:09:05,880
그 비결이 무엇인가요?
What is the secret?

00:09:08,100 --> 00:09:11,880
잘아시다시피 지난 1년간 '상생'과 '혁신'이라는

s you know, for the past year we have used 'mutualism' and 'innovation'

00:09:12,080 --> 00:09:15,940
그런 키워들을 중심으로 해서 경향을 했습니다...
As keywords in our disposition...

00:09:46,220 --> 00:09:49,500
네, 회장님의 말씀을 들으니까 새마을금고가
Yes, as I listen to Sir Chairman's words

00:09:49,600 --> 00:09:52,820
왜 성장을 했는지 너무나 잘 알것 같습니다
I can see all too clearly why New Village Savings has beein growing.

00:09:53,090 --> 00:09:57,820
말씀을 듣고 보니까 앞으로의 새마을공급 비전도 궁금해지는데
As I listen to you, becoming curious about New Village Co-op's vision too

00:09:57,920 --> 00:10:00,000
한 말씀 부탁드립니다
May you share a word (on that) also?

00:10:50,960 --> 00:10:54,510
네, 앞으로의 새마을금고의 모습이 더 기대가 됩니다
Yes, New Village Savings' shape of the future is even more anticipated.

00:10:54,920 --> 00:10:57,000
오늘 스튜디오에 나와 주셔서 감사드립니다
Thank you for coming to the studio today.

00:10:59,510 --> 00:11:03,490
저와 여러분. 모두의 삶을 풍요롭게 만들어주는
For me and for all of you, making everyone's lives abundant,

00:11:03,589 --> 00:11:06,900
우리와 가장 가까이 있는 금융 협동조합
Our most easily accessible asset cooperative,

00:11:07,000 --> 00:11:08,700
"New Village Savings/Credit-Union/Cooperative"

00:11:08,801 --> 00:11:14,600
앞으로도 지역사회에서 회원 소상공인 지역주민의 곁에서
In our local community always near by our customers, small business people, community members

00:11:14,700 --> 00:11:18,000
든든한 친구로 함께 성장해 나가게 소망해 봅니다
As a friend you can trust with whom you can grow together, we aspire.


00:11:18,589 --> 00:11:22,700
지금까지 새마을금고 MG 라디오 1963.525
This has been a presentation of New Village Savings MG Radio 1963 dot 525

00:11:22,880 --> 00:11:25,990
저는 신혜선이었습니다
And I am (your host) Shin Hye-Sun.


Every new thing SHS does, I want to say FIGHTING! to her - I hope this shows another facet of her that we can all appreciate too. :phew:



NOTE: The quoted translated stuff is what is called an .srt file. I've tried this once for ALML interview part 2. If any of you sweeties can copy the original youtube video to your channel and attach this file as a subtitle/closed caption file to it, then anyone can watch that new one with the subs nicely. Enjoy!


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@meechuttso, thank you so much for your great translation as always. :love: :heart:


I've uploaded video with your subtitle here. 




(sorry that my tool can do only 720p and I don't dare upload to Youtube :sweatingbullets: ).




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9 hours ago, immorethant said:

@meechuttso, thank you so much for your great translation as always. :love: :heart:


I've uploaded video with your subtitle here. 


  Reveal hidden contents


(sorry that my tool can do only 720p and I don't dare upload to Youtube :sweatingbullets: ).








My primary interest is to see and celebrate Shin Hye Sun’s acting.  Her product endorsements, handbags, Credit Union ads etc. are all ancillary to her acting but they contribute to her public image and acceptance.  Originally I was worried that being a bank spokesperson projected an image of corporate greed, profit grabbing and authoritarianism, but I now realize this is a Credit-Union Cooperative - not a bank. Cooperatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. Cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. Now these are values I can get behind.

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Just miss her and her signature pose.  Hope she will update her IG.


(credit to IG owner).



I love both dramas and I want Shin Hye Sun in season 2 of both.

But I know,  it's only a dream.  




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At the airport.






(source : DC inside)



Please mark your calendar for events in August.




20 Aug - Woo Seo Ri's birthday.

22-23 Aug - Soribada Best K-Music Awards 2019 (Shin Hye Sun will appear as an award presenter).

28 Aug - Seoul International Drama Awards 2019 (Shin Hye Sun was nominated for Best Actress).

31 Aug - Shin Hye Sun's birthday.

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Woo look at this number with these gorgeous eyes! It's 633K :glasses:

Been so quiet here after those mod warnings. Let's get some life back to this place again and hope no one intrudes into our little haven again! :star:

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Bae Jong-Ok's interview for Chosun Weekly, talking about movie 'Children Act' (year 2017, Emma Thompson , Fionn Whitehead). 

In one part of conversation , she talked about taking court scene in movie and she mentioned that 'Innocent' will be released in October  :lol:



배종옥 저도 요즈음 법정 장면을 찍고 있지만 이게 촬영은 힘들고 표시는 별로 안 나는, 시쳇말로 본전 뽑기 어려운 작업이지요. 올 10월에 개봉 예정인 ‘결백’(감독 박상현)이라는 작품에 법정 신이 몇 군데 나오는데, 카메라를 아무리 잘 돌려도 그림이 예쁘게 나올 리가 없잖아요. 판사·변호사·피고인 등 인물들의 감정선을 따라가야 하는 작업이라 감독들이 스트레스를 많이 받아요. 


Bae Jong-Ok :  I also took court scene these days, but shooting this was so hard, and I do not really express well enough, like being said nowadays that it's a hard work to make it good.  In the coming movie 'Innocent' (directed by Park Sang-Hyeon) which scheduled for premiere in October , there are a lot of court scenes in this work but no matter how well you roll the camera it's hardly possible to make the picture come out pretty. Directors get a lot of stress because it's a work that have to express emotions of judges, lawyers, defendants, etc. 

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Lately I saw some pics of this in twitter, so I just want to post this 'egoist' 2016 collection here too (even though some were posted already in this thread long time ago).


It's one of my favorite photo set of Shin Hye Sun :love:























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I was watching this. Thanks to @immorethant for this. It amazes me to observe the amount of passion she has for acting! I think, I can listen to her non-stop talking about it. And where all that passion brought her today ... she seems so articulate and as we know intelligent ... it makes me excited to think about her future endeavours. 





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Thank you @jakey09.  However, I would like to give all credit to @meechuttso, she is the one who originally posted that video on page 1.  :wub:


Watching interview again, I think at that time (as humble as she always is), she must thought that the best she could get was supporting role.  So she had desire and set possible future goal like playing variuos roles and having a chance to get at least 'a representative work' that can be recognized or even played as villain.  She may never think that today she will become a lead actress whose her roles were totally unique and all were highly recognized and loved.  I'm so proud of her.







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