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1 hour ago, mylovekge said:

holy moly shs dancing giselle was f***** epic. literally gave me the gooseys!!! 

Same and I literally replayed that scene at least 5 times and cannot get enough of it.

2 hours ago, jakey09 said:

@iffy21 476! Let’s do a countdown until 1M! :lol:

Let's do this as I really want her to hit 1M before the end of this show. Did you notice everytime there is BTS her followers increase by 2K on the same day. She needs to post more things of her and KMS, for instance the video were she was asking this would have made people go crazy if she posted it instead of KBS.


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15 minutes ago, meechuttso said:


Be careful what you ask for, O @jakey09



Inspired by these comments, and of course Ep 8 (15,16). Trying something I've never been inspired to do before, I translated all of the comments I saw from couple hours ago.

2e9948a2-50ba-4c3b-9da8-09427f591383-ori Thank you @Liting1 truly this is the most appropriate gif if you read the comments.There are great insights by the SK viewers and it's so satisfying to read them express what's on all our hearts.


Like some of you @Nymeria289 and others have expressed I actually think the writer producers are having great fun at our expense. I think they knew Ep 7 was the weakest one, so they threw everything in to promote it. Ep 7 there was a trash can fire, and I wondered if they knew the American expression, "a real dumpster fire" - to describe what a disjointed mess it was, and they were poking fun at themselves. So I laughed right along with them. And then this, this Ep 8. I thought it was great sheerly in contrast to the previous one, but if you read the SK fans' reactions, I have to agree it was one for the annals of drama heaven.:love:


Much more to say, but I spent all my 2 hrs left of my week on this post, so you all carry on! To 200 pages and beyond, Crazy Dan-Yeon and KangWoo-Matile shippers!! :w00t::w00t:


Quoted from other chat.

9 hours ago, iffy21 said:

OMG, SHS acting today as Giselle is receiving praise from netizens online under the comments section. 





9 hours ago, jakey09 said:


Translation please! 


It will be ages before I end up studying the last two BTS! 


Subbers sub them already!! 




Acknowlege SHS, Acting God(ess)
신혜선 인정합니다 연기신


agree591 disagree19
KMS face-acting today Epic shot - aah truly crazy today MS HS acting visual did so well and so next week what will happen how to wait
김명수 얼굴 연기 오늘 역대급 찍음ㄷㄷㄷ 아 진짜 미쳤음 오늘 명수 혜선 연기 비주얼 다 너무 잘하고 그래서 담주 어떻게 되는건지 어떻게 기다려요ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ


agree457 disagree5
Dan had indeed been a human. YS & Dan... from childhood much heart ache people seems. Seems God is trying to connect them back... SHSnim KMSnim two people's premium acting and drama's solid story - watched w/o knowing time fly.
단이 역시 사람이였었네..ㅠㅠ 연서도 단이도..어릴적부터 아픔이 많았던 사람들인듯.. 신이 둘을 다시 이어주려고 하시는거 같다...신혜선님 김명수님 두분 명연기와 이 드라마의 탄탄한 스토리에 시간가는줄 모르고 봤어요


agree429 disagree6
Thought opening would be frustrating but look how all these stories were all hidden. Today totally touched and everyone's acting so good watched with fun. Waiting for next week.
전개가 답답한건줄 알았는데 이렇게 스토리가 다 숨겨져있었네..ㅠㅠ오늘 완전 감동이고 연기들이 다들 좋아서 잼게 봤네요..담주까지 기다린다ㅠㅠ

agree280 disagree5
Today's narration was Daebak.
오늘 서사 대박이였어요ㅜㅜ

agree170 disagree7
SHS doing that ballet scene and emotional expression was truly DaeBak... As expected felt like crying watching drama-goddess(Shin) Hye-Sun.
신혜선 그 발레하면서 감정표현하는거 진짜 대박...역시 연기신혜선 보면서 너무 울컥하더라..ㅜㅜㅜ

agree90 disagree2
Today Dan's visual totally crazy(meecheoborreottdah!) While watching laughed out loud for real - truly in our country the most handsome looking ;;; but his acting too is so good make me cry especially he's so pure/innocent making me crazy(meechigehhanne') Waa forr reals
오늘 단이 비주얼 진짜 미쳐버렸다 보다가 막 현실로 헛웃음 나왔네요 진짜 우리나라에서 젤 잘생긴거같아;;; 근데 연기도 너무 잘해서 눈물 흘릴때 특히 너무 청순해서 사람 미치게하네 와 진짜ㅠㅜ

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Strange - Republic of Korea drama we have a Leonardo Decaprio;;
이상하다 대한민국 드라마에서 레오나르도 디카프리오가 나와;;

agree62 disagree2
Every actor's ating is so good was totally immersed and got chills/bumps from hidden stories. HS actress ballet scene and MS actor tearful-acting.. truly overwhelmed me enough to make me tear up anticipating next week too!
모든 배우들 연기가 너무 좋아서 몰입도 정말 잘되고 숨겨져있던 내용들에 소름이 돋았어요. 혜선 배우님 발레씬과 명수배우님의 눈물연기.. 정말 눈물날만큼 벅찼습니다 다음주도 기대할게요 !

agree58 disagree1
Waa today F'ingFun SHS Giselle acting, KMS emotional acting Crazy (meecheo')
와 오늘 존잼bb 신혜선 지젤연기, 김명수 감정연기 미쳐...

agree49 disagree1
The male lead face is wonderful(surprising)
남주 얼굴이 놀라워요..

agree48 disagree0
Could it be Dan perished and at the same time Yu Sung-Woo had woken up? Sung-Woo didn't fall in the sea to die but lost consciousness so his soul in accordance with God's orders Hu had put to various small jobs around him, it seems.
단이 소멸하고 동시에 혼수상태였던 유성우가 깨어나는 것 아닐까. 성우는 바다에 빠져 죽은 게 아니라 그동안 의식을 잃고 있었고 그 영혼은 김인권이 신의 명령으로 천사처럼 이런저런 소일거리를 시키며 데리고 있었던 것 같음.

agree46 disagree1
Hye-Sun L today came out much [screentime?] it feels so my tears ... Phew, definitely immersed.
혜선 엘이 오늘 많이 나온느낌이들어 왠지 눈물이...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ퓨ㅠㅠ확실히몰입됨

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Dan's acting today was the best!!
단이 오늘 연기 최고!!

agree37 disagree0
Read old news that HS was helped by single scene roles, and sounds plausible. L emo-acting too today was worth watching. Like drinking [cool] radish broth, doesn't it, today? [as in refreshing acting]
혜선 과거 단역이 도움이 됬다는 기사봤는데그럴만한것같다엘 감정연기도 오늘 볼만했고다들 동치미국물 마신거같지않나요 오늘 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

agree33 disagree1
SHSnim acting truly the best... Today really sad and painful did it all. Ballet scene too emotions fully conveyed and very soon I hope Yeon-Seo and Dan become happy.
신혜선님 연기 진짜 최고네요... 오늘 진짜 슬프고 아프고 다 했네요 발레씬도 감정이 다 전달되고bb 얼른 연서랑 단이가 행복했으면 좋겠어요

agree31 disagree0
Today really was the best.
오늘 정말 최고에요

agree30 disagree0
Is it because SHS's acting is great when she appears on screen much then really feel absorbed, before it was a bit chaotic I felt but today just following the line of emotions and it was over. Because YS and Dan's sad and desperate emotions were properly conveyed so it was a bit 'salty' but personally I liked this episode.
신혜선이 연기를 잘해서 그런가 많이 나오니까 몰입감이 사는 것 같네 전에는 좀 산만하다고 느꼈는데 오늘은 감정선 따라가다보니 끝났음. 연서랑 단이의 슬프고 애절한 감정이 다 전달돼서 짠내나긴 하지만 개인적으로 이번 회차 좋았어요

agree28 disagree0
Dan's name was Yu Sung-Woo - found his past too let's be happy with YS.
단이 이름이 유성우였어 과거도 찾았으니 연서랑 행복하자


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Anyone not seen SHS Giselle ballet scene strongly recommend. Just crazy (meecheottsoyo). Without being crazy (meecheejee) about acting expressions impossible to do. Another epic acting that immediately after viewing could only say "Shin Hye-Sun Acting Crazy" (meechuttso!).
신혜선 지젤 발레장면 안본사람 강추해요 그냥 미쳤어요 연기에 미치지 않고서야 불가능한 표현들ㅠ 보는즉시 신혜선 연기 미쳤다라는말부터 나오는 또 역대급 연기 나왔어요 ㅠ


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Shin Hye-Sun acting Daebak
신혜선 연기대박




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After watching today I repent of my negative comments after watching up to yesterday. Today was truly the best I cried. Truly Dan and Grandma scene acting was freakin' awesome. My tears flowed and flowed then. Yeon-Seo Giselle acting was amazing and especially editing and (demand for) more Dan-Yeon screen time feedback heard so loved it.
저 어제까지 보고 댓글 부정적으로 단거 오늘보고 반성합니다ㅠㅠ진심 오늘 최고였어요 저 울었어요 진심 단이랑 할머니 장면 연기 쩔었어요 저 거기서 너무 눈물났어요 연서 지젤연기도 쩔고 특히 편집과 단연 분량이 피드백된거같아 넘좋았어요


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Ending scene music was Daebak. Totally fun and ... how wait till next week?
엔딩장면 음악 대박이엿다.. 너무 재밌는데 ㅠㅠ 담주까지 어케 기다림 ㅠㅠㅠ


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Dan's name is Yu Sung-Woo when it came out , the OST's "this night when stars fall..." melody came out totally goosebumps. Yu Sung-Woo. Star. Of all things even one who sang this OST is Dan ... Daebak!
단이 이름 유성우인거 딱 나왔을때 ost로 "별 떨어지는 이 밤" 이 소절 나올때 진심 소름..ㅠ 유성우...별..크 하필 이 ost 부른 것도 단이야...대박ㅠㅠ


agree20 disagree1
Shin Hye-Sun acting is Num-Sah-Byeok - Climb-4thDegree-Wall (impossible to top highest degree wall)
신혜선 연기는 넘사벽


agree21 disagree3
I don't need anything else. Dan-Yeon-centric is the right way.
딴거 다 필요없어요.단연 위주로 가는게 맞는것 같아요.


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Drama title is "Dan, Only One Love" but the reason there's a comma after Dan ... KMS's role name is "Dan", is that why?***
*** This only confuses Koreans who know the meaning of words Dan = Only One.
드라마 제목이 '단, 하나의 사랑'이던데, 단 뒤에 쉼표 찍는 이유가 혹시.. 김명수씨의 극중 이름이 '단'이라서 그런 건가?

agree16 disagree1
Shin Hye-Sun how is it the more I look at her the prettier she is?
신혜선 어쩜 보면 볼수록 이쁘냐~~


agree15 disagree0
Watched for the first time today and it was totally fun (f'in'fun)
오늘 처음봤는데 존잼


agree15 disagree0
At first was just gonna watch lightly but Dan and Yeon-Seo's always ardent/desperate love I am falling for more and more.
처음엔 그냥 가볍게 보려했는데 단과 연서의 절절하고 애틋한 사랑에 갈수록 점 점 빠져들고있다


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Today Myung-Soo-ssi and grandma dialog scene watching really suppressed cry. Because even inside the two people's calm and controlled acting their sadness was completely felt. MS-ssi's eyes seemed they were his actual emotions. Just looking at his eyes the emotions come completely communicated it feels. An actor whom I will anticipate in the future too.
오늘 명수씨가 할머니랑 대화하는 씬 보면서 정말 울컥했습니다~두분의 담담하고 절제된 연기 속에서도 그 슬픔이 고스란히 느껴졌으니까요~명수씨는 눈빛이 정말 본인의 강점인 것 같아요~눈빛만 봐도 감정이 고스란히 전해지는 것 같습니다~앞으로도 더 기대가 되는 배우네요~^^


agree13 disagree0
Today's was truly Crazy (meecheottdah) really... Not noting the time flowing watched intently and felt like it ended so quickly. This drama even when it ends there's an afterglow.
오늘건 정말 미쳤다진짜... 시간가는줄모르고 집중해서봤는데 금방끝난듯한 느낌. 이 드라마는 끝나도 여운이 있음ㅠㅠ


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Ah today timelesly too sad a fairytale like story hope it's a happy ending.
아 오늘 시간순삭 넘 슬픈 동화같은 이야기네요 해피엔딩였으면


agree12 disagree0
SHS acts too well.
신혜선 연기 너무 잘한다


agree12 disagree0
Ji Kang-Woo too is truly sad. Because of himself the woman he loved died and tried to kill himself many times because of her but couldn't.. What he wants in Giselle performance is to see himself become killed at Giselle's hands. Tears.
지강우도 진심...ㅠ 본인때문에 사랑하는 여자가 죽고 그때문에 죽으려고 여러번 시도했으나 그러지 못했기에... 지젤 공연에서 자신이 원하던 지젤 손에 죽는 자신의 모습을 보고싶어했던 거...흐


agree12 disagree1
L too freakin' awesome!!
엘 너무 존잘 ㄷㄷ


agree10 disagree0
Today was truly legendary.
오늘 진짜 레전드ㅠㅠ


agree10 disagree0
Shin Hye-Sun the Best. Totally a fan of hers I have become.
신혜선최고 완전팬됐네요


agree10 disagree0
Right, after parting the pain is because you still love, that's right this drama writer wants to in the drama story discuss about love it seems. SHS, L, LDG all want to show the many facets of love within their roles and that's why it's ardent/desperate - sad but happy drama it is - the conclusion would be a clear day (after the rain) one can see the rainbow, right?
맞아 이별하고 나서 아픈건 아직 사랑하니까 그래 이 드라마 작가는 사랑에 대해서 드라마 내용속에서 많이 논하고 싶은거 같음 신혜선 엘 이동건 다 극한 설정으로 사랑의 다양한 극단적 모습을 그리고 싶은듯 그래서 그런가 절절하네요 슬프지만 이쁜 드라마임 결말은 무지개가 보이는 맑게 갠 날이겠죠 ^^


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Grandpa angel is the dead husband and Dan and Yeon-Seo too met again to resolve their fate... Ji Gang-Woo is entangled too to become gratified/resolved/absolved (한을풀다 - work out his Karma), it seems.
할아버지 천사는 죽은 남편이고.. 단이랑 연서도 과거 인연을 마무리하려고 다시 만난 거고.. 지강우도 뭐 한풀기나 이런 거 하려고 엮인듯..


agree10 disagree0
Today truly so great. Kim Myung-Soo when he cries wanted to cry with him so emotional but it's fun and the very best.
오늘 정말 넘 대단 ㅠㅠ 김명수 울때 같이 울고 넘 감동적인데 재밌어 최고다 ㅠㅠ


agree9 disagree0
At Shin Hye-Sun's furious*** emotional acting I am getting goose bumps/chills.
*** Like a tempest, storm, rage
신혜선의 휘몰아치는 감정 연기에 소름 돋는다


agree9 disagree0
Today Daebak Train
오늘 대박 회차 ㅠㅠㅠ


agree9 disagree0
Tears just kept flowing as though by plan, had a hard time. Yeon-Seo emotional acting explosion. Truly something.
오늘 작정했나 계속 눈물만 흘러서 혼났네. 연서 감정연기 폭발. . .대단하다


agree8 disagree0
Shin Hye-Sun's beautiful neck-line (visible) in her ballet dances is too beautiful. At the wide beach next to the blue seas Yeon-Seo each dancing moment too was truly fantastic (fantasy-like).
목선이 예쁜 신혜선의 발레 춤사위가 너무 아름답다 드넓은 파란 바닷가에서 춤추던 연서의 춤사위 또한 정말 환상적이었다


agree8 disagree0
The actors act so well and it's too enjoyable/fun/great.
배우들 연기도 잘하고 너무 잼있다


agree8 disagree0
Want to watch every day.
매일 보고싶다


agree8 disagree0
Kim Myung-Soo acting... His eyes(gaze). Truly today was epic. The OST released yesterday by HuGak is great too - listening on repeat everything.
김명수..연기가.눈빛이..ㅠ 진짜 오늘 역대급이네요 어제 음원공개된 허각ost 너무좋습니다반복듣는중ㅠ


agree7 disagree0
Why Shin Hye-Sun acting is nuclear-nuclear-nuclear Crazy (meecheottGo), Kim Myung-Soo why is he so (dang) good looking? Why I've never seen any human this good looking. Watching his gaze looking at Yeon-Seo I was so flustered I thought I am going crazy (meecheeneunjool). Whoa how could such an actor exist, I'm thinking and holding my breath and watching , Waa, really... Watching drama and getting heart flutters from a male lead has been a really long time. Ha!
아니 신혜선 연기는 핵핵핵 미쳤고 김명수는 왜캐 잘생긴거죠...? 나 진짜 이렇게 잘생긴 사람 첨봐요.. 오늘 연서 바라보는 눈빛때문에 설레서 미치는줄 알았어여..;아니 뭐 이런배우가 다있나 하고 숨죽이면서 보는데 와 진짜ㅠㅠ 드라마보고 남주한테 심쿵한거 겁나 오랜만이예요ㅠㅠㅠ하


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Shin Hye-Sun acting truly good. Dan is cute and handsome. His acting has improved much too.
신혜선 연기진짜 잘한다. 단은 귀엽게 잘생김. 연기도 많이늘었네.


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This week's was truly Daebak. If anyone hasn't watched watch for sure and if you've watched it still a must rewatch. Acting and development and afterglow (all) Daebak!
이번주거 진짜 대박이었다 안본 사람은 꼭 보시고 본 사람도 재방으로 또 봐야될거 같은..연기와 전개와 여운 대박


agree7 disagree0
A drama I was immersed in for the first time in a long while.
오랜만에 몰입해서 본 드라마


agree7 disagree0
Yu Sung-Woo is Dan?
유성우가 단인건가??


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Myung-Soo-ya, never once about you I've left a(n internet) comment but today I most want to, so I'm leaving these. You read them all, but even by chance you can't read it all, well thinking you'd read it I'll write. Today reminded me of the day you first started acting. Frankly I worried much when you first started acting. Because the energy you had towards acting your talent wouldn't be up to par with. So up till now for most of your works rather than for your acting or other activities, I like them for the fact that it was You (who's doing the work) I think. But today, it hit me, that I am watching this drama because your acting is good, you know? So I cried (teared up). Your hard work (continued)
명수야, 한번도 너에 대해선 댓글같은거 써본적이 없었는데 오늘은 꼭 쓰고 싶어서 글 남겨. 넌 다 보지만, 혹시 못보더라도 그냥 읽을거라 생각하고 쓸게. 오늘따라 니가 처음 연기 시작했을 때가 생각났어. 솔직히 처음 연기 시작할땐 많이 걱정 했어. 연기에 가진 네 열정에 비해 재능이 따라주지 못하는 것 같아서.. 그래서 지금까진 대부분의 작품을 네 연기나 역할보다 그냥 연기하는 니가 좋아서 봤던 것 같아. 근데 오늘 문득, 나 지금 네 연기가 좋아서 이 드라마를 보고 있구나 싶은거야. 그래서 울컥했어. 너처럼 노력 (에 이어서)


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Today I watched not knowing the time fly by.
오늘 시간가는 줄 모르고 봤어요.


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The ending was crazy (meechingeogatteum).. Why is tomorrow Friday? How am I supposed to wait till next week.
엔딩이 미친거 같음...내일왜 금요일이에요??다음주까지 어캐 기다리라고 ㅠㅠ


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Dan-YeonSeo story is Daebak and this episode is truly legendary!! Watching completely immersed, kep crying.
단연서사도 대박이고 이번 회차 진심 레전드임!! 몰입해서 보다보니 계속 울었음ㅠ


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Today everything was too good.
오늘 다너무좋았음 ㅜㅜ


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Dan-YeonSeo become happy, I hope, the two together.
단연서 행복하면 좋겠네요 둘이 함께ㅠㅠ


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Kim Dan Lee Yeon-Seo ^ ^Acting Daebak. Faces and acting too Daebak. Re-broadcast too anticipated.
김단 이연서 ^ ^연기 대박. 얼굴도 연기도 대박. 재방도. 기다려집니다.


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Sung-Woo who wanted to become an adult quickly so he can watch over Yeon-Soo - became adult Angel Dan and - to Yeon-Seo bereft of her parents and the constantly by her side driver Jo ajussi after he died, now Yeon-Seo in the worst most evil crisis - Dan has come to her side to really watch over her... Conclusion is not a sad one ... please (begging, jebal)
빨리 어른이 되서 연서를 지켜주고 싶었던 성우가 어른천사 단이가 되서 부모님도, 항상 연서편이 되서 지켜주던 비서아저씨도 돌아가시고 최악의 위기에 빠진 연서를 정말로 지켜주러 와준거네요... 결말이 새드가 아니길 제발...


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Today completely goosebumps Daebak it was! Shin Hye-Sun actress-nim the more I watch the more I fall for Goddess
오늘 완전 소름 대박이었음! 신혜선 배우님의 연기는 볼수록 빠져든다 연기의 신♡


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Ending was Crazy (meechuttdah) f'in awesome. Dan-Yeon please love you.
엔딩미쳤다 존잼......단연 제발 사랑해


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Waa Crazy (meechuttdah) story was really packed. Shin Hye-Sun acting Daebak-grade and L today carried all the emotions. Truly lead actors heavy lifted Waa hhh
와 미쳤다 스토리 오졌다 진짜ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 신혜선 연기 대박적이고 엘이 오늘 감정 다 끌고 감 진심 주연 캐리 와...ㅎㄷㄷ


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Grandma dying scene cried together expecting next week
할머니 돌아가시는 장면은 같이 울었네요다음주 기대됩니다


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Teared up while watching for real
보면서 눈물났음 진짜


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Of course revealing the hidden story was good. Auntie and cousing parts overdone will pass.
역쉬 숨겨진이야기 풀어주니 좋았던듯 ^^ 고모나 사촌언니 부분은 과감히 패스해주고


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Aah it's really too much. Wait till next week? Truly cruel (you are).
아 진짜 너무해.담주까지 기다리 라구요? 참으로 잔인하십니다.


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Crazy (meechuttdah) Really. Too fun and actors' acting Daebak
미쳤다 정말 ㅠㅠ 넘 재밌고 배우들 연기 대박


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Shin Hye-Sun acting is the best!!! Too pretty!
신혜선 연기 최고입니다 !!! 너무 이뻐요 ^^


agree4 disagree1
Today was really too sad but was so touched. Everyone acting really so great.
오늘 진짜 너무너무 슬픈데 또 감동이었어요. 연기 진짜 넘나 다들 잘하시는.


agree4 disagree1
Today was really fun.
오늘 진짜 재밌어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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Today totally chills from being touched.
오늘 완전 소름감동


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Aaah when's next week coming? Really freakingawesomefreakinawesome.
아아 다음주 언제와ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ진짜 존잼존잼


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Waaa really yesterday I thought my tear ducts broke. Actors act too well and immersion so great from the start to the finish cried while watching. Dan-Sarang too fun!
와 진짜 어제 눈물샘 고장난줄ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ배우분들 연기 너무 잘 하시고 몰입도 짱이라 처음부터 끝까지 울면서 봄ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ단사랑 너무 재밌어ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ


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Yu Sung-Woo. Dan!! My heart so tender I can't breathe. Kim Myung-Soo's acting heart-cool. Really the greatest
유성우ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 단아!! 너무 가슴이 아려서 숨이 잘 안쉬어져 ㅠㅠ 김명수 연기에 심멎 ㅠㅠ 정말 최고다ㅠㅠㅠ


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Shin Hye-Sun acts so well she's scary. L acting gotten better when two together. Focuses my gaze.
신혜선 무서울정도로 연기잘하네 엘도 연기좋아짐 감둘이 붙으면. 시선집중


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Long Hey(sun) here too is a killer*** character. Saw her in School2013 but after that haven't seen her do a kind character.****
**** @meechuttso - WTF??
길은혜는 여기서도 발암캐릭이네. 학교2013때 처음봤는데 그 이후로도 착한 역할한걸 본적이없음.  


agree2 disagree0
My a drama this fun in my life ....****
**** have yet to see
살다 이리 재밌는 드라마가..  


agree1 disagree0
Myung-Soo-ya I'll always root for you!! L Mung-Soo. Our Myong-Myong-baby
명수야 항상 응원할께!!~엘명수~우리 묭묭이♥


agree1 disagree1
Our actor Hwaiting. Dan hwaiting. Myung-Soo Hwaiting.
내 배우 홧팅.단이 홧팅. 명수 홧팅


agree0 disagree0
Ji Gang-Woo ???
지강우 맴찢

agree1 disagree2
Angel and demon and all that crazy richard simmons what previous life? Total clusterF**k
천사니 악마니 하는 개독사상에 웬 전생? 완전 개판이네

agree0 disagree2
Without Shin Hye-Sun no way... She's grabbed it by the throat and killing it
신혜선 없었으면 답도없다..혼자 멱살잡고 하드캐리중






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Because ALML already reached half way, so here are collection of praises from Netizen for our SHS .





Episode 1-2


[+499, -36] Shin Hye Sun has a good eye for projects and she always has good chemistry with no matter who the male lead is ㅋ the cute and clumsy angel, L matches the character so well…I hope it gets more fun!


[+90, -11] Shin Hye Sun is an acting genius. Wow seriously her acting is the best. I like it when actors help me concentrate like this. Her gaze, expressions, tone, they are all perfect.


[+61] Shin Hye Sun matches well with her character this time too, Her acting totally helps me concentrate


Episode 3-4


[+852, -45] Shin Hye Sun’s emotional acting has got deeper…I like her acting, It’s immersive


[+204, -18] Hye Sun’s crying, you can seriously trust and watch her


[+54, -8] I cried with Shin Hye Sun when she cried


Episode 5-6


[+90, -6] You can always trust and watch Shin Hye Sun, .


[+65, -2] I was totally laughing. L and Shin Hye Sun’s fight scene was on another level~~^^;;


Episode 7-8


[+477, -17] Ah Dan Yeon couple ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Dan Yeon are the best ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Episode 9-10


[+1259, -18] Every time Shin Hye Sun finishes a project and starts a new one, her acting seems more solid, I also see signs of hard work on each character…She looked so beautiful dancing at the beach in the last scene…


[+133, -1] Today’s scene where Hye Sun was dancing at the beach and L was hiding and crying, and the line from the preview “How can I not like you?”. They did everything.


[+102, -1] I don’t like receiving love, It makes me want to be weak. Her expressions and voice tone when she said this line were seriously ㅠㅠ I got emotional…


[+87, -5] Seems like Shin Hye Sun was born to act


Episode 11-12


[+78, -5] Today, Shin Hye Sun’s acting when she got drugged saved the episode


[+69, -1] As expected, Shin Hye Sun is the best at crazy acting, also that japanese man was insane


Episode 13-14


[+274, -14] I keep thinking about the scene where he imagined Hye Sun crying, Her acting is seriously good


[+129, -7] I think now I know why Shin Hye Sun got leading roles in short time…She has excellent analytical skills for every new character…Her emotional acting keeps getting deeper day by day ㄷㄷ her sobbing acting was daebak ㅜㅜ


Episode 15-16


[+594, -19] I admit that Shin Hye Sun is an acting goddess


[+90, -2] Shin Hye Sun’s emotional expressions while doing ballet was seriously daebak…As expected of acting goddess Shin Hye Sun, I cried a lot while watching it…ㅜㅜㅜ


[+49, -1] Wow today was so fun, Shin Hye Sun’s acting as Giselle and Kim Myung Soo’s emotional acting were insane


from https://www.netizendrama.com/




Shin Hye Sun 1.0 - acting genius

Shin Hye Sun 2.0 - acting goddess :kiss_wink:

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Full of praises for Giselle dance scene.




And more praises from Rakuten Viki. (Hope you not get bored yet, but I can read them all day)



Finally, I cannot conclude this review without saying how much I love Shin Hye Sun. She convinced me some time ago that she is a top-tier actress in South Korea when I saw her in the drama "Thirty but Seventeen". That drama was a real tear-spiller and I still think about her performance in that drama from time to time. And talk about beautiful--Shin Hye Sun is gorgeous!!! The shots of her in this drama in the flashback scenes with her and Lee Dong Gun's character are the most beautiful I have ever seen of her. She lights up the screen when she smiles and is happy



Even though she has more of a "plain"look (she's said this herself) I find her beautiful in the way she carries herself, her grace, her shiny hair, how clean and pretty she looks. she's obviously my girl crush but ANYWAY



This drama is a diamond. Crystal clear and pure because of Kim Myung Soo and very precious because of Shin Hye Sun. I think everybody agrees that Shin Hye Sun is just next level



Acting wise I have to say that I’ve seen the female lead in many other shows and she really portrays the girl who is “desperate” “angry” and “selfish” in her own ways. Her acting is so good if you didn’t know this was already a show it’s like she is the character herself and that’s how it should be.



The initial plot description did not really catch my interest, but I loved Shin Hye Sun in Thirty but Seventeen so I gave it a shot. Definitely not disappointed. Shin once again steals the spotlight and is amazing. She was mousey in Thirty but she's a total hottie in this show. Gorgeous and an amazing actress



The lead female actress is astounding ! Her acting is so in tune with the character she plays that she makes it so believable and realistic.



Love, love, love! The female lead is an amazing actress, does not matter what drama she plays a role in, she is wonderful!






Five hours passed but this scene is still at no. 1.






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@immorethant Please feel free to share as I cannot get enough of all the praises for our multi-talented and beautiful SHS! AM I the only one that keeps thinking she should win the GRAND PRIZE??? KBS better not screw her this year as she absolutely 1000% deserves the award more than anyone else. I don't know how she will top this two-faced characters, but I for one am looking forward to her future projects. 

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@iffy21 totally agreed.

I think this year in KBS drama awards , she will get 2 awards

Grand Prize for Yeon Seo role

and Top Excellence actress for Matil/Soel Hee role.

And if she plays another winter drama for SBS or MBC , then she will get more.


Next year Baek Sang she will also get 2 awards from best actress for her drama and movie. Finger crossed.



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36 minutes ago, immorethant said:

@iffy21 totally agreed.

I think this year in KBS drama awards , she will get 2 awards

Grand Prize for Yeon Seo role

and Top Excellence actress for Matil/Soel Hee role.




OMG! I will pray for that and for some reason wish it was December already....LOL

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@immorethant Don't forget the Seoul Awards, Korean Drama Awards and APAN STAR Awards. While for her film she should be nominated for the Blue Dragon Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Golden Cinema Film Festival, Chunsa Film Arts Award, etc ...

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If Yalitza Aparicio (from 'Roma') can be nominated for Oscar best actress award without speaking any English, why can't SHS ? She just want to work with a famous director on a good script.


Now I also want Netflix to buy all her dramas, like they did with LJS, PBY, PMY's works

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4 minutes ago, immorethant said:

Now I also want Netflix to buy all her dramas, like they did with LJS, PBY, PMY's works


I don't know why ALML is not on Netflix? Like seriously why is this great drama not on there for international audience to watch?

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2 hours ago, immorethant said:

If Yalitza Aparicio (from 'Roma') can be nominated for Oscar best actress award without speaking any English, why can't SHS ? She just want to work with a famous director on a good script.


Now I also want Netflix to buy all her dramas, like they did with LJS, PBY, PMY's works

I absolutely agree. Academy award is in SHS's future. Thanks to internet techology and companies like Netflix and of course all subtitle translators, excellence in entertainment industry is now available for everyone in the world to see and understand. Recognition of superstars like Shin Hye Sun will only grow in strength.

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  • meechuttso changed the title to Shin Hye Sun 신혜선 - Now Drama 2020: Queen Cheorin

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