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Queen Cherin - So-Yong (aka Cow-Dragon) - her first fusion historic drama Now playing (Nov 2020) in her Second silver screen main role as Yoon Se-Hee in crime caper movie, 'Collector'

[Issue Interview] 'Five Children' Shin HyeSun - "If I were YeonTae couldn't do one-sided crush like that." http://www.issuedaily.com/news/news_view.php?ns_idx=197828 9.7M followers, 32.8% TV

---------------------------------------- http://www.diodeo.com/news/view/1714110 ---------------------------------------- Shin Hye-sun, first newcomer award at 'Scene Stealer Festival' since he

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything about the beautiful, talented and inspirational first lady of acting, Shin Hye Sun but I have not been completely reticent during this time.  I don’t hesitate to mention my addiction to K-Drama and Korea’s best actress to my friends here in Canada.  When I do, they smile, nod and give me a strange look – like “he’s finally gone over the edge” or “his midlife crisis is worse than I thought”.  (Yes - just like in many K-dramas I can actually hear their thoughts).  They just don't get it. Oh well…fortunately I have you folks to look forward to for your unswerving passion for this exceptional lady – thank you again for existing.  Everything posted here reinforces my love and respect for SHS and for all of you for seeing her shining light and singing her praises.

In between awesome episodes of ALML I have been catching up on SHS’s previous projects. It's really hard to believe it’s only been about 6 years and in that short time she has come from relative obscurity to become the biggest star in South Korea today – or the whole world in my eyes. That timeline alone impresses me – especially given how lengthy and grueling the schedules are for some of these dramas.

I’ve seen Secret Forest, Oh My Ghostess, Hymn of Death, Still 17, My Golden Life, currently halfway through Five Enough.  It seems to me that the last 3 years were packed solid with her projects.  It's well known that South Koreans have a very strong work ethic, but it seems like SHS has been working every single minute of every single day. Maybe that’s why I never hear anything about her personal life – she has no time for one.  She obviously loves acting and perfecting her art and I hope she never stops, but I also hope she has time for her own life and her own romances. Cheers!

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@Man-O-Man I always love reading your appreciation of SHS as an actress to be reckoned with. :wub:  And yes, she has worked very hard and continues to do so, but a romance would even do wonders for her as she can share everything with that special person in her life. :wub:

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4 hours ago, titania1000 said:

It seems that you managed to see all those projects in a very short time. That's impressive!

So how do you rank them?


She said in a interview after Secret Forest that she avoids to stay too long without activity because she tends to have a hard time to mobilise her energy when she rests too long.

That's also why between filming she also have a lot of photoshoots and CF.


Throwback to her Secret Forest time: there's a team of CSW'S fans who has taken the project  of translating all the BTS of the drama. :heart:

The vids are high quality.

Give them a like if you can.^_^







Ranking the Shin Hye Sun dramas I’ve seen so far is too hard.  As an actress portraying her character, she ranks #1 in every show regardless of the genre or screenplay or role.  The more screen time she has the more I’d be inclined to rank the show higher.  

But then there is Secret Forest – the very first K-Drama I ever watched. Not a huge role for her but wow – just wow! I came for Bae Doo-na but was stolen by Shin Hye Sun from her first frame. It’s hard to rank a crime drama against a romantic drama or comedy but Secret Forest has to be my nostalgic #1.

I think ALML will also be #1 but that would mean My Golden Life would no longer be #1 when it really still is #1.  Such excellent acting and story telling can’t be ranked. Same with Still 17, a slightly lighter role  but intensely interpreted.

Oh My Ghostess had only one problem – not enough Shin Hye Sun.  Loved this show anyway – my second ever K-Drama.  But poor SHS – in a wheelchair.  Next - a coma.  Next – blinded by glass shards.  Please stop hurting her!

Hymn of Death was a more somber historical drama with a rather slow pace. I liked it but probably wouldn’t have watched it if SHS wasn’t in it.

I’ve only watched the first half of 5 Enough and it looks like SHS character will take off in the second half.  I know I’ll love it.  This show is the very definition of Rom-Com - a twisted tale that’s over the top inside out and upside down.  Just what the doctor ordered.

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