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How to change user id



Camel knight I've been told you are the person I should go to to solve my problem

I'm a new member and the username (cozyhome) I put in at the time of registration because it was the only one available I didn't realise that I couldn't change it back

Tried going several times to settings to edit my profile but was unsuccessful Do I need to make a new account

Hopeful for your reply


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Am having the same problem as @TheUltimateNewbie . I have emailed help@soompi.com with a screenshot and I really hope this problem will be resolved soon. But is there any other way to change my username? I created this acct many years ago and now i'm back, this name is so old that it reflects me when I was a child, not the current me :mellow: does that makes sense... i can't put it into better words:sweatingbullets:

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hi @Cozyhome

Simply go here: http://www.soompi.com/login/?action=profile to change your nickname :)

Glad to hear word is getting around about our very own techsupport :D 
I'm not the only one who can help though. There are several others who should be mentioned too (but since they don't read this that often, I'll simply wont mention them ROFL :D )!

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4 hours ago, HallyuMint said:

Id hug you right now if I could !!  Ya definitely tech support should be promoted I'll definetly spread the word


Check out my new id ! Cool isn't it

Virtual hugs are accepted :D 

I love your new ID! Re-welcome to you! :D:D:D 

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48 minutes ago, TheUltimateNewbie said:

Reviving this thread because I'm having trouble changing my display name. I put in another name but it keeps giving me a " ERROR: Please enter a nickname. " message when I change the display name to something else. Can anyone help?


That is a technical issue related to the software in which we don't have any control on. Please email help@soompi.com with screenshots of the problem.

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On 29-12-2016 at 0:01 PM, ellebanana said:

If I change my user name and I request a roll call to another member before, will it affect my request?

Nope. All messages your sent, all your post, everywhere your nickname was shown, will be changed. The only exception being posts where someone tagged you. 

So if you would change ellebanana to ellabanana @ellebanana wouldn't work :) 

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