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[Chinese BL Web Series 2016] Ni Guang Yuan (Against the Light) 逆光源 网络剧


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Ni Guang Yuan ("Against the Light" or "Reverse Light Source") 逆光源 网络剧


An adaptation of the original novel, "Difference 不一样", written by Zhao Ming 赵铭.

Source: [Drama's Official Weibo]

Episodes: 10 episodes.

Starts airing: July 7, 2016.

New episode update: Every Thursday, 12:00 p.m. for one new episode.

Official episodes: LeTV, SoHu, Youku, Tudou.

Main leads:


Ge QinHong 葛秦宏 as Fang Yuan 方源 X Zhu BoYang 朱柏杨 as Ran Guang 染光

News: This series has been put on hold after releasing 3 episodes.


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It's already been banned, guys!


/personal opinion/
Just because it's BL it's not awesome by default. I won't miss it! The series kept me tied to my chair for ALL the wrong reasons, I had the impression I was watching a generic latino melodrama from the 90', a bad one...  


... the rowdy "cool" girl was annoying as beep!

...  no BL, no kissing, no lovu-lovu up to ep 3. note: the 3rd's the last

...  were you supposed to laugh? Like, the jokes and puns, umm...my old dog is funnier, mind you he's worn out by life and disease. haha....cough...ha.





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Yes it was very boring and predictable.Nothing much was going on. But still,I would have watched it because I'm always curious can actors pull of their on screen chemistry. They don't have to be all over each other from the first episode but sometimes it builds up.

Oh well at least I'm saved from butt ugly hats-glasses combos, the most ugly 'red' polo shirt I'e ever seen and bad jokes.


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