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[Variety 2016] Three Meals a Day — Gochang Village 삼시세끼 {고창편} (tvN)

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Three Meals a Day — Gochang Village


Title: Three Meals in a Day — Gochang Village Hangul: 삼시세끼 {고창편} 
Director: Na Young-seok, Park Hee-yeon & Shin Hyo-jung Writer: Lee Woo-jung & Kim Dae-woo
Stars: Cha Seung-won, Yoo Hae-jin, Son Ho-jun & Nam Joo-hyuk 
Location: Gochang Village, North Jeolla Province 
Network: tvN Genre: Variety Show Episodes: 10 (?) Release Date: July 1, 2016 Runtime: Friday | 9:45 pm KST 
Language: Korean Country: South Korea


Official Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tvN3bob
Website: http://program.interest.me/tvn/3bobingochang


Cast Members

Cha Seung Won 차승원 (Nickname: Chajumma)


Yoo Hae Jin 유해진


Son Ho Jun 손호준


Nam Joo Hyuk 남주혁



Short Clips

Episode 1




Episode 2




Episode 3




Episode 4




Episode 5




Episode 6




Episode 7




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June 29, 2016

Manjaedo family returns to ‘Three Meals a Day’ in Gochang
By Jung Eun-jin 

The Manjaedo family -- actors Cha Seung-won, Yu Hae-jin and Son Ho-jun – is set to return to the small screen with the fifth season of tvN variety show “Three Meals a Day,” located in Gochang, North Jeolla Province.

The three cast members along with a new fourth member -- actor and model Nam Joo-hyuk -- will present their family-like chemistry in the new location, building up an even tighter bond.

“Three Meals a Day” is a variety show featuring celebrities staying at a farming or fishing village where they have to source the ingredients for three meals each day. Cha, Yu and Son have demonstrated great chemistry in the previous seasons shot on Manjaedo Island in Sinan-gun, South Jeolla Province.

From left: Actors Son Ho-jun, Cha Seung-won, Yu Hae-jin, and actor-model Nam Joo-hyuk star in the tvN’s variety show “Three Meals a Day -- Gochang.” (CJ E&M)

“We moved from a fishing village to Gochang to present how the Manjaedo family settles in the new region and how their lifestyle changes in the new environment,” said producer Lee Jin-ju at the press conference held at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Seoul on Tuesday.

“Gochang is the breadbasket of the country, where, unlike the previously featured region, plenty of crops and plants can be sourced,” said producer Nah Yung-suk, explaining expectations are great that Cha, who plays a motherly role, will make the most of the available produce.

“As there are great ingredients galore, Cha began to ponder upon each cast members’ tastes and mood rather than just completing daily missions -- three meals a day -- out of scarce ingredients on Manjaedo Island,” added scriptwriter Kim Dae-ju.

The upcoming season marks not only the old cast in a new setting, but also features a new task: rice farming.

“We sold the cast members as tenant farmers to the head of the village, who has a rice paddy,” said Nah in a joking way, explaining they have long considered the task since rice is a staple food for Koreans and rice farming was such an important part of life for their ancestors.

Producer Nah Yung-suk (center) speaks at the press conference for tvN’s variety show “Three Meals a Day -- Gochang,” held at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Seoul, Tuesday. (CJ E&M)

However, since it takes about a year to harvest rice, “the members will grow vegetables in the family vegetable garden and work at other farms in the area that grow crops that are Gochang specialties,” Nah said.

He added they could receive crops in return or receive cash they could use to buy other ingredients at the market.

The fifth season of “Three Meals a Day” will be broadcast on tvN at 9:45 p.m. on Fridays, starting July 1.

Source: The Korea Herald


'Three Meals a Day' aims to promote slow life
By Kim Jae-heun

"Three Meals a Day," tvN's popular reality cooking show, begins a new season ― this time in Gochang County, North Jeolla Province ― to promote healthy cooking and the slow lifestyle. Last season was shot in Jeongseon County, Gangwon Province last year from May to September.

"Many vegetables and fruits grown in Gochang will appear in our new episode," said the show's producer Lee Jin-ju during a press conference at Standford Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul. "If you find yourself interested in the show please try cooking at home with the ingredients. Our show is successful if people start to use organic ingredients after watching our series.

The reality cooking show invites popular actors Cha Seung-won, Yoo Hae-jin, Son Ho-jun and Nam Joo-hyuk to stay in the countryside and cook using only ingredients they find on the local farms. The show aims to deliver a message on the importance of preparing meals and eating together as a family, which is often ignored in fast-moving modern cities.

"We are trying to focus on the process of preparing the meals you would find in the countryside, which we believe is another fun part of watching the show. Meanwhile, the members of the cast will build a stronger fellowship among themselves through working together," Lee said.

Actors Lee Seo-jin, Ok Taec-yeon and Kim Kwang-kyu appeared in the previous season's episodes in a fishing village to show off the picturesque scenery of Manjaedo Island in South Jeolla Province. For the Gochang series, the production crew plans on showing both the seaside and mountains of the town.

Actor Cha's cooking skills are another interesting feature to watch as his unique seafood cooking style grabbed audiences in the episodes shot in the fishing village. This time the actor has to use ingredients grown in the fields and mountains.

"When I told my wife I would do this show again, the first question she asked me was ‘what kind of dishes will you make?' I think it will be the audience's common question as well," Cha said.

"In the episodes at Gochang, the actors cooked food they wanted to eat at that time," said script writer Kim Dae-joo.

"What Cha cooks in the episode is not commonly seen in ordinary life. They are his own recipes. However, if Cha has 100 different dishes he can cook, he can only make half of them in countryside because of the limitation of using available ingredients. So we decided to provide him some tools," said producer Na Young-seok.

Na also added that not all the necessary ingredients are available to cook different dishes in Gochang although there are small fields near where they are shooting. Na allowed the actors to work part-time for local residents and earn money to shop for the necessary ingredients in nearby towns.

"Of course we had the actors farm the crops for their part-time jobs as part of the entertaining segments of the show. But we used a documentary filming technique when shooting the actors working in the rice paddies, because rice is the main source of food for Koreans and it is important to show how rice is farmed," said Na.

Three Meals a Day will premier at 9:45 p.m. this Friday.

Source: The Korea Times

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Will TVN Asia show this with English subs? Because I haven't seen any tv promos about it yet but Saturday prime time block is usually dedicated for Na PD shows and NJTW's finale episode was broadcasted last Saturday.

Anyway, Sab posted a first impressions blog about it over at 


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6 minutes ago, feignedreality said:

Will TVN Asia show this with English subs? Because I haven't seen any tv promos about it yet but Saturday prime time block is usually dedicated for Na PD shows and NJTW's finale episode was broadcasted last Saturday.

Anyway, Sab posted a first impressions blog about it over at 



I just checked their fb and tvN Asia will be airing 3MAD next sat 9pm (hkt) :w00t:

I've watched ep 1 and I loved it! Nam Joo Hyuk is a hardworking and slightly klutzy maknae. Son Ho Jun is a kind sunbae who leads by example, but doesn't hesitate to order NJH to do things too. Chajumma is motherly figure who dotes on the kids, but he misses Yoo Hae Jin who would respond to his old-school jokes. I'm so glad YHJ is back. Now the family feels complete. :wub:

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Which 'Three Meals a Day in Gochang' member became a duck mother?

On the most recent episode of tvN's 'Three Meals a Day in Gochang', the baby duck eggs that the crew have been incubating finally hatched!

So which of the cast members were there for the baby ducks to imprint on, so he could become a duck mother? Well, no one, unfortunately.

But it just so happened that the ducks hatched on member Son Ho Joon's birthday, so he came by and visited them ahead of their actual filming date! After becoming the official duck mother of the group, Son Ho Joon proceeded to build a home for them and cook for them, and the cast altogether even tried to teach them how to swim.

Source: allkpop

(The ducklings are SO CUTE!! But feeding them boiled egg yolks feels so wrong... :sweatingbullets:)

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August 6, 2016

Will There Be Guest Appearances On The New “Three Meals A Day?”

Source: Soompi by notclaira 

Will There Be Guest Appearances On The New “Three Meals A Day?”

Na Young Suk, the producing director (PD) of “Three Meals a Day,” recently told viewers not to expect guest appearances any time soon.

The show started in 2014 and has received love for its unique content, where the members have to prepare directly all three meals of their day. Various guests have appeared on the show throughout its two seasons, such as Choi Ji Woo, Lee Seung Gi, and Choo Sung Hoon.

However, this season is not planning to have very many guests. “We want to focus on the core members [Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, Son Ho Jun, and Nam Joo Hyuk],” Na Young Suk said. “The chemistry between them is perfect. If a guest were to come, there would have to be a space for them to fill. Right now, there is no space.”

On the show, Yoo Hae Jin and Cha Seung Won have a playful “spouse” relationship, while Son Ho Jun and Nam Joo Hyuk are close like brothers. “It feels more like a family after Nam Joo Hyuk joined,” the PD admitted. “He got a lot of affection from Son Ho Jun. There’s a big age difference between him and the others and they can’t help but feel it. But because of this, all the relationships have somehow become warmer.”

“Please watch over our growth in the new season. We will grow as big as dinosaurs,” he added, laughing.

Are you disappointed with the lack of guests?

Source (1)

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catching up of 3MAD and the chemistry between the 4 cast is amazing. Ahjumma Cha has again out done himself with the cooking. Daddy Yoo is really a handy man. the ducks are adorbs!!!

after watching 3MAD fishing village, am so glad that they are now stationed "inland" cos it was really tough for them esp food wise on fishing village. hope this season will be subbed. *fingers crossed*

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Is anyone subbing this?  I had no idea this was on until today.  I hope someone does. I tried looking and couldn't find any subbed versions of the earlier episodes. I'm so glad this is back on, even though I need subtitles.  

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Hi all, love this season of 3MAD too. Yes, have been following the last few episodes and i usually watched the chinese sub or raw ver. Agree that eng sub not easily found ;). I think their FB page (both tvN: in korean, TVNAsia: in Chinese & Eng) has some nice pics of the "family" too.

This is one of the pic i find very cute (yes, both man & animal :lol::lol::sweatingbullets:) Joo-hyuk and Winter (겨울)2.PNG?type=w2

Also, the show have quite nice bgm/bgs (background music, songs).... In fact i have specially search for a few and put them in my playlist. Will shared will you guys when i re-arranged them again...


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