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YeonSang Couple (Shin Hye Sun 신혜선 ❤️ Sung Hoon 성훈)


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Alright fellow YeonSang shippers...Let's take heart and hope that in real life SHS is treating SH extra nicely to make up for all the agony that YT is causing SM in the show ;) Maybe she can take him up on that hug offer that he keeps teasing her about? <3 <3 <3

All I have to say to the writers is that they better not do something stupid to negate all of the impeccable stories and characters that they have crafted thus far in Five Children! Chaebal writernims...tread carefully in the coming episodes. Sang Min has taken enough abuse and Yeon Tae's character has taken a turn to the irrational and cray cray side. I want to see them back on track by next week. Yeon Tae needs to fight for her love and Sang Min deserves to be showered with an onslaught of unabashed affection!

@hjpa I could not agree more that these two are really blessed to have been brought together on screen because their chemistry is undeniably explosive and they are enhancing each others already brilliant acting capabilities. As we could see on HT3 this organic chemistry of theirs also translates well into real life settings :wub: 

Also somewhere on this thread one of our shipper Chingu suggested that these two need to appear on a TVN drama in the near future. If these two can be reunited under the supervision of the Marriage Not Dating and Oh Hae Young Again director, I am fairly certain that their on screen interactions might cause our screens to spontaneously combust. That combo would literally be fire!!!

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haha how do you guys think Taemin and Jinjoo's actors feel as their 'counterpart' gain so much attention? They are literally similar in terms of side characters and are intertwined with Sangmin-Yeontae. The recent episode Jinjoo linked arms with Taemin and they're supposed to be 'engaged' and he still seems a bit stiff. I wonder if Jinjoo was trying to be more proactive with Sangmin-Yeontae fame though HAHAHAHAHAHA

BLEHHHH more crying scenes today :(( let's talk about something light HAHA

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As much as I dislike the "hate" that YT is receiving right now, I think that she is sacrificing her love because she does not want SM to sacrifice his brother or family to be with her.

I cannot comment too much right now as I have yet to watch the Eng subbed episode. And my heart goes out to her as she was crying at the door.

She wants to be aloof and erase every beautiful memory that she has shared with him, but she is hurting as much or maybe more as she initiated the break-up.

Let's hope that the writer does some justice to our fave couple and reunite them sooner than later.

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hopefully the writers would give Sangmin & YeonTae a happy ending considering the popularity of this couple not only in Korea but also to international fans.why waste such a wonderful chemistry,right?

We,fans,already endured waiting for 32 episodes until they finally become a couple.May the last episodes bring us happier days again.

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I do not have a doubt that YT and SM will end up together. But I hope that they reconcile sooner rather than later. The writers should devise conflicts that the couple can fight together, rather than spend a lot of episodes being apart.

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On 7/8/2016 at 3:47 PM, wynema said:

I wonder when the 2nd pic (where SHS rests her head on SH's shoulder) will be shown? Hope it's this weekend already! Their chemistry is really off the charts! Love them!

 this photo is probably a out of the drama photo. it's so obvious that if its SM YT, SM's hands will definitely be wrapped around YT. while this photo just reflect the shy SH and cute SHS. they are really opposite characters in and out the drama. SHS is cheerful and outgoing while YT is so shy; and SM is so expressive while SH is so shy! they are just so cute! i just hope they get reconciled next week. miss their sweet scenes so much!

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Hi I'm a new member. Really love this couple. I'm really not gonna watch the 41 epi becoz Sang Min tears really make me sad. Hopefully the writers can make a lovely and unforgettable scene for their reconcilation 

I really enjoyed  watching them in HT3. From my prespective I thought that the person in love is sung hoon.  He always keen to see shs reaction everytime they asked her the question about him. There a thing when shs is being asked whether her heart flutter when sung hoon playfully said he wants to give a hug and she response it seriously . And I can see sung hoon been quite dissapointed when SHS seriously says it doesnt flutter her heart when been asked by the other guest. But when she makes the  'assurance' gesture with her hand and says its ok, he can still do it. then through his face you can see how relieved he is. 

I really believed that sung hoon really love shs but he still waiting for shs to give a clear and undoubtful response toward his feeling. The ear pinch and the sweating and the massage shoulder proves that he is really try to hide his nervous/feeling while shs is more relaxed.. 

I hope sh and shs can be a couple after the drama.  And hopefully not just act playfully just to promote the drama like the joe cheng and ariel lin couple. 

 sorry for my bad english.. really rooting for this couple :)

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Hi everyone! This is the first recap for SM-YT scenes for today's episode:


YeonTae is crying in front of HT-SY when they are eating together.

(They are staring each other and speak to each other with their eyes)
HT: What happened with her?
SY: Maybe she is breaking up with that double nose bleed. The ring is gone.

And then HT asked YT what happen and whether there is problem
with YT and SM. HT said if there is a problem, then that must be
SM faults.

YT is reminiscing their confrontation and said it is entirely not SM fault
and she was the one being a fool.

Then she left the both of them and get in her room.

Cut to Kim's family house. TM searching for SM in his room.
SM just lay down in bed and suddenly run towards his phone.
He asked TM if he heard his phone ringing.
TM said no. It seems that SM hallucinating and asked TM to keep his phone
away from him.

The Kim's family sit down to eat dinner together. SM just staring
at that pumpkin without touching his food. It reminded him of
his sweet pumpkin.

He was asked for why didn't he touch the food and he said
that the pumpkin is sad.

Suddenly he ran away from the table and seaching for his phone.
(He was hallucinating again!).
TM said his phone didn't make any sound.

Then Mrs. Kim asked TM what happened with his gf.

In TM's room, SM staring at YT's ring. And he checked his phone
and there is still nothing.

YT also checked her phone and finally turn it off and pull her blanket
to get to sleep.



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This is the scene in ST and MJ's office.

It is funny to see how MJ taking her revenge on SM haha.


SM and his manager goes to HT-MJ office. His manager asking about his condition,
doing fashion show, schedule arrangement and stuffs. SM said it can't be helped and he
had to do the job.

SM entering the office and bows to everyone.
He is being nice to HT-MJ and congratulate them for their wedding.
MJ asked him about how he find out about their wedding.
And then ST said something. Maybe SM heard about it from someone else?

And then he enters the fitting room.

One of the staff said that she forget to prepare luwak coffee that SM likes.
MJ said it's fine, just prepare coffee-mix (instant coffee maybe?) for him.

Since MJ finding out that SM dating YT, she is taking her sweet revenge haha.
She intentionally pick weird outfits and smiling to ST.

ST told her not to behave childishly like that. MJ said are you sure?
He is dating your youngest sister! We must teach him something.

Then the staff come in to bring the coffee. She asked if it is okay
for SM to drink that. SM said it's fine and he also like it.
It is sweet and then drank it, but making a weird face after sipping it.

MJ ask if it is okay for him to try various outfit and today there are
some tacky outfit that he has to try on too.

SM just agreed to everything that MJ asked. He try on various outfits
and walking around the office to show it to other staffs.

(It doesn't really matter actually because he still looks good on them, haha)

MJ also asked him to do some pose. In the beginning SM confuse to why
should he pose as he is not on a runway, but eventually he still pose for them.

While making a weird pose, ST take a picture of him and send the picture
to YT. ST said that SM in his hands right now.

YT looks sad as viewing his picture. About how he lose weight
and doesn't look so well.

I don't recall the first sentence of her reply, but later she told ST
not to talk like that.

After fitting ends, ST-MJ told SM that they want to eat dinner and ask
if SM want to join. They said if SM busy, it is fine that he doesn't come
and leave him out of the room.

SM panicked and told them he is not busy at all and will join them.
Then he told the manager to go home alone and chased them.


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Here is the continuation of the recap:


The three of them ate together at the restaurant.
ST said that he heard that SM dating her younger sister.

ST asked if he heard that from YT, but SM told him he heard it
from his family members.

ST said that his youngest sister is good girl and a good person.
SM said he also knows very well that she is a good person, pretty
and how much he likes her.

SM said he doesn't have any objection if they like each other,
but he said SM in the future he will watch how he treat and protect her?

SM said don't worry "hyungnim". He said that he has the confidence
to make YT happy.

In the bookstore, YT reminisce about their date.

On her way home, she saw SM in front of her house.
SM said he just got back after eating dinner with ST&MJ.

He said that he didn't meant what he said yesterday as he is so upset
about their breakup and apologize to her.

YT said everything that SM said is true. She is being a coward and a fool.
And she talk about how is TM is her bestfriend and in the future they can't
talk about SM? And how she didn't knew that TM is SM brother?
(Sorry I'm not really sure about this part)

SM said what's the use to keep talking about that?
If is uncomfortable for TM and YT...

YT said: See, it's uncomfortable within us. In school, even it is
uncomfortable to meet TM. How can we met together with you?

And she talk about how is TM now dating with JJ and it will be difficult.

SM asked her if it is uncomfortable then is it fine for him to not meet
with his brother for the rest of his life.

Then YT said that that is the reason she broke up with him.

SM asked if she can continue living without seeing him. She told her
how she only thinks about her all day and how he wanted to hear
her voice so much. Wondering if YT changed her mind and finally contact him
and keep his phone close.

He asked if she really can't if it is him and asked if it is
really the end.

YT didn't answer and just told him to leave.

In the house, SY welcome YT at the entrance. YT just break down and cry. Sitting in front of the door.

She is thinking about how upset would SM feel right now.



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Last recap for SM-YT related scenes today.

This is the scene where Hotae finds SM sitting alone in their neigborhood:


HT just get back from buying food and saw SM sit on the stairs alone.
He wanted to call him "Double nosebleed" but changed his mind and called him
Athlete Kim Sang Min.

He asked what is he doing alone in their neighborhood and if he is still
hasn't reconciled with YT.

He patted SM shoulder and told him that he understand because sometimes
it is hard to deal with YT as she is just like their dad when being stubborn.
It must be difficult for SM.

SM taking out his phone and ask HT to keep his phone. He said he can't live
because of his phone. He said he hears phone sounds and keep checking it all day
in case if YT contacted him. He told HT to do whatever he wants to the phone.
Keep it or throw it instead.

HT asked how can he give him his phone.

SM said YT also cannot contacted him in the future because the phone is not with him.
Then he got in the car and started the engine. HT kept calling his name but he just leaves.



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The two older brothers will be helping our fave couple to reunite... Eventually!!


And even HT revealed a different side of YT... Her stubbornness is the same like ST. Good move of SM to pass his phone to HT so that there is no way YT could reach him. She will try to locate him since he is missing and uncontactable.


Sigh... Good times await us fellow shippers ;)

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Don't worry @browngirl they are still not together but it seems tonight's episode is better than last night's. let's just hope they wont waste too long to reconcile. With just another 12 episodes, let's wish to see just giddy scenes from these two. I dont mind SM's omma, let's worry bout her later. :)

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24 minutes ago, haifa234 said:

Don't worry @browngirl they are still not together but it seems tonight's episode is better than last night's. let's just hope they wont waste too long to reconcile. With just another 12 episodes, let's wish to see just giddy scenes from these two. I dont mind SM's omma, let's worry bout her later. :)


oh whew! at least she seems more receptive to him now based on the preview? she's worried about him being gone. good for SM, and what an ingenious move for him to give/entrust his phone to HT! now we know that it'll be her making (most) of the moves to find SM. (he deserves it) and yeah, i'm too worried about SM-YT to worry about Kim omma. :lol:

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