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[OFFICIAL] Park Shin Hye & Kim Rae Won (Doctors Couple)

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Hi Guys, I thought it't time we started a thread for them <3. I so hope they'll become real. I have NEVER shipped a couple as hard as these two, they just seem to be smitten with each other, especi

Of course, these has to be posted here... and lastly... I'm dying here... I love them so much!

Joining this thread now because KRW and PSH's chemistry is so good. <3 I'll post some gifs I made here. (I'll try make more later. ^^)

21 minutes ago, tatay81 said:



She says his hands are really big, he puts his hand on her head and says he’ll absorb all her intelligence. She smiles shyly and they walk away hand in hand. Oh I really miss them:bawling:

on the side note, what else can big hands do? :D

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Dropping by and greetings everyone:)  baseball cap smileymy first shipping couple and i liked to greet ,Park SHIN HYE cake girl smiley





10 Actors react to their hot K-drama kisses!


7 Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye


The Doctor Crush couple kept touching their cheeks and neck after the kissing scene to cool down their flushed faces! Park Shin Hye said, touching her cheeks, “It’s so hot!” Then Kim Rae Won put her hands on his cheeks to let her feel them!


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Prince at Incheon Int'l Airport -----  its said that hes gonna arrive at Taiwan Int'l Airport at 11:00 am  ( 1 hour flight ) 

(O... just checked the time.... Prince should've just arrived in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan ..... if no flight delay ...   :glasses: )



aww.... Our Prince  looks gorgeous  :wub: already .. in white shirt ~~~~  :heart:   don't you think?



cr: raewonisland.com FB

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