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[Chinese Webmovie 2016] Uncontrolled Love 不可抗力

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more fantaken pics from yesterday's interview









cr. 1 2 3 





xiaobai, tell us how you truly feel about his leg







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new wudong interview subbed

really, if you let these 2 freely talk it just goes to weird places. that roleplay talk...licking talk..."fill you up" talk omg it's endless. they sound like they have been married for 10 years lol

EDIT: also found the previous wudong subbed. this one is peak of silly bickering lol

the master X xiao nian part: meng rui meant it as a multiply. but the way xiaobai read it has double meaning. one is "crossed out", the other "stabbing into". i laughed for days...

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small teaser from the official weibo for part 2


ke luo!!! don't be fooled by his bear pjs omg


wudong assistant released a new pic


we know it's bts bc it's probably taken with this one. i think meng rui is one of those people who sleeps with his eyes open??

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meng rui also posted some movie pics today


xb commented with a completely irrelevant comment about how the green leaf emoticon means summer is here and now all the fans are trolling meng rui's post leaf emoticons lol

then the staff upstaged him with this part 2 picCoCrr7FUAAAL3V2?format=jpg&name=largexb commented "ke luo is so handsome" and meng rui commented with a pic of him and jiang yao, this petty mess!!




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movie official weibo's welfare for 100k follows. i think xiaobai was pretty drunk...such a drama queen and meng rui still coddled him as usual

jiang yao's actress also posted a vid. the best thing is watching xiao nian's child actor spitting diss rhymes at meng rui lmao


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it's going down in shanghai!!! yes that says "meng rui x wang bowen 1st fanmeeting" so there probably won't be anyone else there. i'm so ready


and i'm guessing that part 2 will be out online before this date bc dvd.

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On July 3, 2016 at 9:11 AM, shuwei said:

rough trans of for some parts of their 5/22 ifensi appearance.

i have been waiting so long for subs but doesnt seem like anyone want to sub it, sobs. i understand very sparsely but even i can tell xiao bai was in ultra TROLL mode that day

@ 7:47 

  Reveal hidden contents

mc: young master, what would you like xiao bai to be like? 3 2 1

mr: to listen to me

mc: he doesn't listen?

mr: he's rebellious

mc: xiao bai are you the rebellious type or the obedient type?

xb: why would i obey him

mc: so between you 2 which one is more obedient to the other?

xb: he listens to me

mc: what sort of things doesnt he listen to?

xb: he listens to me about everything

mr: that's his dream

mc: does he listen to you on the bed or off the bed?

xb: we don't go on beds

mc: there isn't that sort of scene?

xb: we don't go on beds, the bed is too boring, we go to other places...

mr: hahahaha

fans: ooooohhhh

mc: ...i wanna ask the fans, is everyone here of legal age?

fans: nooo

mr: sorry...

xb: even if they are underage they like hearing this kind of stuff

Guessing game

  Reveal hidden contents

mr: so these people are gonna distract me from finding xiao bai?

mc: yes, they will mix up their positions and you can only guess by touching their hands

mr: touch hands? then let me inspect their hands first

xb: so he cant touch other places?

mc: then where do you want him to touch? haha

mr: let me look at your hand

xb: i won't let you see

mr: you...fine, i won't look. ok...ok...turn your hands over...ok

mc: so did you remember all of them?

mr: put the blindfold on me 

xb: i don't wanna

mr: you...many people looking at you. hurry. my hair will get messed up

xb: i'll hold the mic for you

mr: my hair will get messed up

xb: really?

mr: is anybody protecting me?

xb: nope

mr: my eyes are covered

mc: don't worry, we wont let you fall. ok now he will start touching your hands

xb: where should i go?

mc: there are 4 audience members

mr: mc, do i have to walk to them? i can't stand here and touch their hands?

mc: yes, you come to them but you can only touch their hands

mr: who? what?

mc: you can't ask [the audience]

mc: ok, in your positions. meng rui, please come over here

xb: um...hold on...

mc: yes?

xb: nevermind

mc: ok, turn left, take 2 steps, put your hand out. in front of you is #4

mr: i want #1, where is #1? #4, #3, #2...this is #1?

mc: right, that's #1

mr: ok, i'm gonna start touching. this is #1? a girl.

mc: and this one?

mr: a boy

mc: and this one?

mr: leave this one here. a girl. this is the person in the uniform. is there more?

mc: no more, no more

mr: the person is the uniform stand aside. #2 is a girl, stand aside. #3 stay here. #4...is a girl, stand a aside. is there one more?

mc: 2 more. don't move back, be careful.

mr: this is xiao bai

fans: oooooh

xb: i was trying to hide from him

mc: why do wanna hide?

xb: i was worried he might touch my clothes

mr: arent i good??

mc: you are

xb: you did it then praised yourself, really...

mc: he correctly picked xiao bai. now its your turn. 

xb: feeling hands again?

mc: yes. the 2 ladies, please go back to your seats. we'll choose 2 new people. give meng rui a hug. hey, why dont you give these 2 guys a hug too? lol

xb: they dont want to hug

mc: 2 girls from please come up. its gonna be the same as before.

mr: want me to help? 

xb: don't need it (ok but look at him holding that blindfold out until meng rui notices him before this...meng rui should give this tsundere brat a good pinching lol)

mc: help him out. want to do it yourself?

mr: he looks so silly lol

mc: who says, he looks cute

mr: ok, lets get into positions. did you look at everyone's hands earlier?

xb: i didn't, it doesn't matter

mr: so confident

xb: i don't think i can guess right. young master's hands are very nice...hm, can i touch somewhere else?

mc: where do you wanna touch?

xb: touch their legs 

mc: you want to? you can try

xb: no, touch leg then touch hand, his legs are especially shor-

mr: we're ready! hurry up and stop talking (poor young master...)

xb: ok ok ok. have we started?

mc: we started

xb: where??

mc: #1's hand is higher. no, behind you. yes yes, hold his hand.

xb: what are you doing? too small, this is a girl, move over! just kidding, sorry. this is too big.

mc: eliminated?

xb: eliminated

mc: what about this?

xb: isn't this the same person?? is there more? this is male. is there more? this is a girl, that's enough

mc: so who is it?

xb: i felt 3 male hands earlier, then...

mc: you said there were 3 males but you're wrong, there was one female

xb: i felt one male hand twice, so who is left? this isn't young master. this isn't him. then...this is wrong!

mc: then who is the right one?

mr: i think it's the first person...uh, this is the one. am i right? (lmao meng rui's face)

mr: thank you to the fans who came to the show today, thank you everyone, bye bye

xb: who are you? oh it's him

mc: you felt his hand twice

xb: he has nice hands


  Reveal hidden contents

mc: if you can't win the game, the punishment is the hug the other person from behind and say "promise me, don't be angry at me anymore, ok?"

xb: am i punishing him or is he punishing me?

mc: you lost

xb: so i hug him, then say what?

mc: "promise me, don't be angry at me anymore, ok?" you have to backhug him

xb: promise me, young master, don't be angry at me anymore, ok?

mr: you know that you were wrong?

xb: i'm xiao nian

mr: then that's ok, haha

xb: you agree to forgive xiao nian?

mr: i agree

xb: thank you

mc: look at young master. he was enjoying it

xb: i only need to be xiao nian, he already likes it. if i'm not xiao nian then he won't like ii


continuation of this post~ 

here's the VIDEO again


this is supposed to be a speed quiz meaning they need to answer quickly. but they talked so much i think the mc gave up in the end lol


mc: what is xiaobai's self-proclaimed nickname?

mr: wang jin gou [wang gold dog]

mc: does young master have any eating habits?

xb: he doesn't eat fish. i don't eat it either.

mr: bc of me?

xb: i'm willing

mc: lol how cute, "i'm willing". young master, what is xiaobai's birthday?

mr: may 18

xb: good thing you aren't asking me his birthday, i don't know. i knew it before but i forgot

mr: bc his birthday already passed but mine still hasn't come. that's why i knew. you thought i wanted to know your birthday?

[birthday gifts talk from wudong 7]



mc: i heard young master is into doing exercises at the park, is that true?

xb: it's true. he likes all the stuff that elderly people like. his daily life is exactly like that of an old man

(they are talking about a type of aerobic exercises that are characterized by slow movements. tai chi is one example. these exercises are popular with old people in china and they gather in the part to exercise in groups. it's actually what the 2 of them are doing in this vid lol)

mr: i wanna explain

xb: you don't have to explain. just come to my house and you can go do those exercises in the park with the elders in my family, ok?

mr: it's bc...move away from me. it's bc i randomly saw a picture of it on weibo one day and got interested. you don't think it's fun?

xb: nope

mr: this is a person who hasn't experience much in life

mc: [to fans] do you guys think it's fun?

fans: yes

mr: fun, right? i think it's fun that's why i do it

mc: hey, do you guys really think it's fun? you guys normally would do those exercises?

mr: they put a lot of equipment in the park for us, so i want to use them and exercise there. it's very fun

xb: and it doesn't cost any money. if it's cost money, he wouldn't find it fun 

mr: right

mc: do you know what sport/exercise xiaobai likes the most?

mr: exercise? on the bed or off the bed? 


mr: i think i need to explain- do you wanna say something?

xb: i wanna leave

mc: don't go, don't go

mr: isn't the exit over there?

mc: let's go into details. do you think he's good on the bed or off the bed?

mr: this is a good question, as expected of an mc. because, the techniques are fundamentally different


mr: in bed, i do those aerobic exercises, like stretching. i don't do it on the hotel floor bc it's dirty. so i exercise in bed. if its out of bed then everyone already know, he's very good at ping pong. so i don't know what you guys are "oooh"ing about

(omg stap trolling our dirty minds...)

mc: did you play ping pong with him?

mr: no. he doesn't want to

mc: i heard you started playing at a very young age. you even joined a national team right

mr: he got kicked him out

xb: i wasn't kicked out. i quit myself, ok?

mr: sorry

xb: i don't play with you bc you only play those those games that old people play...i don't even know what they are

mc: this is a speed quiz

xb/mr: sorry lol, we talked too much 

mc: it's ok, let's continue. what is young master like when he's drunk?

xb: kneeling...he kneels down in front of me when he's drunk

mr: have i drank with you?

xb: no, but you drink with other people. then you come back and kneeled down and begged me

mr: what do you mean by come back?

xb: you coming home. and kneeling, begging me

mr: i didn't know about this

mc: did you drink so much you forgot?

mr: actually even though i'm bad with alcohol i really love drinking. so i drink a bit, like red wine. then after drinking-

xb: this is a speed quiz

mr: ok sorry



mc: when do you think young master is a warm person?

xb: he's always warm. especially with his fans

mc: i heard about this. he's very comsiderate, telling his fans to not stay out and and go home early. then young master, do you think xiaobai is a warm person?

mr: he's alright

xb: [to fans] am i warm?

mr: obviously they will say yes

xb: why?

mr: he's a patient person. i'm not a patient person, so when we encounter some problem, i give up quickly, but he always does it well.

xb: he's really lazy, if he's tired then he won't do anything and i have to help him

mc: that's good, then you guys can support each other

mr: that's right, i have to thank you

xb: lol you're welcome

mc: young master, between you 2 who is taller?

mr: [to fans] who?

mc: this side said young master is taller, does that side agree?

mr: they are silently shaking their heads



mc: if young master is an animal-

xb: pig!

mc: why so fast?

xb: if he's an animal it can only be pig

mr: why don't you say the answer you really wanna say

xb: dog. "worse than pigs and dogs" (chinese idiom)

mr: we talked about this on the way here. he said, if there's a question about animals then he wants to answer

xb: we can't talk about this~

mr: he said we can't say it

mc: why not?

mr: you tell them, the sexual prowess we cannot say...

xb: what, what?

mc: huh? did everyone hear that right? can you say it again?

mr: he said he wants to answer with an animal that is very virile


mr: what was it...? something something gali

xb: eastern gali

mc: lol is that a sea animal?

xb: i don't know, i saw it on baidu. it's like a cat

mc: oh that type, i thought it was some sort of food

xb: you guys can go home and search about it on baidu

mc: are you comparing that animal to young master?

xb: no. worse than pigs and dogs

mc: how do you feel hearing this?

mr: it's fine. even when someone is worse than pigs or dogs he still likes

mc: ooh, young master gets it



mc: do you know why he's calls himself wang jin gou?

mr: dog...does it relate to me?

xb: no

mr: oh i know. his last name is wang and he's born on the year of the golden dog.

xb: [to fans] what is he? you don't know? isn't it meng...meng...

mr: alright, alright, it's a speed quiz

xb: meng... aren't you 12 years older than me?

mr: i'm 36 years older than you

mc: then should he call you old man or grandpa?

xb: grandpa. meng grandpa

mc: since you are wang jin gou, are your fans ok with you calling them gou bao bao (puppies)?

xb: they are

mr: i don't think they are

xb: they are. puppies are very cute, the most adorable. grown up dogs are mean, that's me.

mc: i heard you even give them autographs with those nicknames, like little dog, little pig 

xb: sometimes. they tease me a lot too so i tease them back

mr: is it your dream have a zoo?

xb: yeah, so i can lock you in a cage ( :))))))))) )

mc: he's being so aggressive. are you gonna punish him?

mr: it's fine. that's how he is. it's like this on the surface, but it's different behind the scenes, i know very well.



mc: meng rui, when did you start drawing?

mr: when i was very young. i took classes, first the basics, then objects, then-

mc: look at xiaobai

mr: what are you laughing about?

xb: it's just, your drawings don't look like they belong to some who learned from a young age. like someone just drawing randomly

mc: why do you say that?

xb: i don't think his he's good at drawing, but the idea behind his drawings are good. all his drawings have a meaning or story, i find those stories especially good

mr: it's bc he hasn't experienced life much

xb: why? i'm looking at the idea you want to portray in your drawings. not like them only looking the way you draw- 

mr: how do you know if they think i'm good at drawing?

xb: they just said you are good, otherwise who else is gonna praise you

mc: is he good?

fans: yes

mr: i think i'm decent

mc: will you draw something for the fans?

mr: sure

mc: will you draw something for xiaobai?

mr: he thinks i'm bad, if i gave him one wouldn't he just tear it

xb: he didn't draw for me but i already drew something for him. very ugly black and white drawing of a person. i drew him

mr: he was bored during filming break. the set is an office so there are a lot of supllies on the table. he just randomly drew something. actually, he drew other people in the cast too, not just me. when he let me see the drawing, it looked exactly like a snake

mc: there's a big difference between a snake and a person

xb: this way your drawings look good

mr: now you are admitting my drawings are good?

xb: compared to me you are good, but in reality you're not

mc: so you did it to make him look better

xb: right, make him look good

mr: how generous

xb: so today i'm not wearing any shoe insoles, letting him wear them. to make him look tall! 

(i'm sorry but i'm laughing my butt off at this point...)

mr: hey, why don't we take our shoes off right now and compare our heights?

fans: yes yes!!

xb: we don't need to compare, just show them our shoe insoles. our height difference isn't much anyway

mr: who said? because today i...these shoes-

xb: hey, why are you so confident today, did you have surgery to lengthen your legs? we can compare next time. lets save him some face

mc: we have plenty of time to do it today

xb: he's taller, he's taller, he's taller



mc: do you guys rehearse your kiss scenes? 

xb: no. there are no kiss scenes

mc: no kiss scenes? not even a peck?

mr: don't say that, no one is gonna watch the movie!

xb: who said? you think everyone watches it for that?

fans: YES

xb: i can't believe you guys...

mr: didn't think you guys are like this

@24:35 they are supposed to reenact that dramatic video. meng rui took the female role. they are really awful at it lol.

@43:40 a game where mr and xb has to match the action the fans act out. if they can't complete the action then they lose. 1st round the fans dared the boys to squish their cheeks together. 2nd round the boys dared the fans to do a push up with someone sitting on top (the mc said the boys are too mean and let the fans pass easily lol). 3rd round the fans dared them to do the pocky game. xiaobai kept complaining like "what are you guys doing??? oh my gad, that game..." :))) the boys did it but their leftoever pocky piece was longer so they lost. their punishment is either dancing or carry bridal style. xiaobai said, "gotta be bridal style. your dancing is so bad i don't wanna see. you are too heavy i can't lift you. can you lift me?" lmao so bossy

@58:50 ok this already the ending credits but the fans read meng rui a letter and he started crying asjnbjkh and the fan pleaded "young master, don't cry! i'll get emotional and can't finish reading!" and meng rui was like "your letter is too long!" how cute :)))

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Thank you for updating us regularly about xb and mr! I really appreciate your effort. It became my habit to check this forum always because of your fun posts! 

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today's gifspam is about meng rui's gentlemanly hand~




i love how instinctive it is bc he saw the stair steps :))) like you can tell this is a guy who have been taught chivalry. and of course the car door is a classic




this isn't gentlemanly but just gentle, sighssss ;u;



btw the uncontrolled love tag on weibo is full of fans not being able to get tickets for their fanmeeting. there were only around 350 seats available so meng rui and the staff had to assure that there will be more fanmeets, maybe in different locations \o/

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our livestreaming experts did another session yesterday of them trying to make pottery. trying is the key word here


always the innuendos...


tumblr_oarhe1y37K1r374bro6_r1_250.gif tumblr_oarhe1y37K1r374bro9_r1_250.gif

xb: WHAT are you doing??

they bickered so much bc they keep trying to butt into each other's work 


tumblr_oarhe1y37K1r374bro8_r1_250.gif tumblr_oawrq8QRTw1r374bro2_250.gif

but they learned to work together in the end


tumblr_oawrq8QRTw1r374bro1_250.gif tumblr_oawrq8QRTw1r374bro3_250.gif



tumblr_oarhe1y37K1r374bro10_r1_250.gif tumblr_oawrq8QRTw1r374bro4_250.gif

video cr.

also, xiaobai said his throat was really scratchy on the stream and absolutely refused to sing, but somehow meng rui got this vid up on his weibo with the caption "it doesn't matter how bad your throat is, i still think you sound good! little cutie!"


xb's reply: meng rui, you are not human!

mr's reply: i dare you to call me meng rui one more time!!!

(is this not the first time xb called him by name??)


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@shuwei thanks for the updates

Looks like it's picking up: there's going to be a meet&greet type of event with both actors in Beijing Maples International Shopping Center on 6th August



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omg i thought it was a missed opportunity that they didn't do it during the stream, but the assistant did get them to reenact the legendary pottery scene from Ghost LMAOOOOOO also xb's ear was pretty red at the end ;)

pretty fan pics









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lol their assistants are the biggest trolls ever..... please continue :w00t:

I thought they're practicing a scene that's why they learned making pottery but nope its a re-play of this 1990 movie


master is a total pro, hands gliding, caressing and the whispering omo! The second time, holy moly, master almost stripped him, Xiaobai actually went to lala-land there for a second and looked like he got shy, so cute, damn these 2 are hot lol :wub:


cr: bbeobie

next wudong car interview should be a car sex scene re-play just sayin.... make it happen pervy assistant noona

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While watching the movie, I realized that Xie Yan sleeps in Nian's bed all along while Nian is in New York. Sending Nian away, only to become this angry distracted mess at work and gloomy shadow at home. Everyone from his girlfriend, to his parents, to his workers at the company know how much Nian means to him, yet he's blind in his denial. He should reflect on his knee-jerk reactions before acting, he seems to be a smart businessman but his emotions are all over the place >_>


The different bedrooms in UL tell who they are and their time together pretty nicely:

As children they have the innocence of a world with pirate ships and speed racer cars, where they color and play and sleep together without anyone batting an eye at their closeness. I imagine most of them were glad to see their master be less mean and alone and more happy and carefree. For some, he might have treated Nian like a beloved pet but imo it was genuine affection and friendship. For Nian it was everything: finally he has the family he craves, a home and love. Even if his family comes in the form of someone he has to call master.


You know it's one of the happiest times in Nians life since he always has photos of them as kids in his rooms, both in the guesthouse and also in the main family residence. Speaking of guesthouse: wanna bet who's idea it was for Nian to move out of the main villa? Who thinks Xie Yan's attachment to Nian might become a problem? Maybe even a danger? Why was Xie Yan send abroad for years to study? It's telling how as soon as he's back he searches for him and spends his first night in the guesthouse with Nian rather go to the main house.

There is a saying: Home is where the heart is.




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Has anyone mentioned how gigantic the Xie villa is? I want to call and ask for a room there :w00t:


The prop team chose interesting bedrooms for them in the villa, both have similar color schemes, but feel pretty different:

We don't get a full shot of Xie Yan's room but it looks big, there is a glass divider and the huge bathroom seems to be attached? The golden engraved headboard and satin sheets with that emblem like design which gets repeated in the wallpaper, even the ridiculous horse (?) pillows, everything has this royal, polished feel.


Compare Nians room: its has a more natural vibe. He gets sunshine and air from his balcony, with greens and coral roses. It seems big too with a seperate dressing area but the simple cotton sheets and those soft sheer curtains make everything feel light and pure. And look at bb's smile when he gets to go back there, his smile when he's finally back in his room <3


After the horror night, they don't stay in a hospital (I assume thats where master brought him first) or in Xie Yan's room. No, he brings Nian to where he feels most comfortable and safe in.


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48 minutes ago, Ayachou said:

Has anyone mentioned how gigantic the Xie villa is? I want to call and ask for a room there :w00t:

when they did the full shot of the house i was like, whoa there. out of all the supposedly rich bl male leads, xie yan is definitely the most ballin'. i mean that bentley, maserati, lamborghini~


although i think he's about to be upstaged by lan lin's other son lu feng bc i'm seeing a yacht and a helicopter in a round trip to love's trailer lol


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8 hours ago, shuwei said:


  Reveal hidden contents

although i think he's about to be upstaged by lan lin's other son lu feng bc i'm seeing a yacht and a helicopter in a round trip to love's trailer lol



Yeah, UL's production team snatched some big sponsors, no wonder the movie has this luxurious feel.


How do you get in and out of a lambo, it looks like a pressed fish can. I'll take his bently plus driver thanks B)

About Lan Lin's "2 sons": who to chose, rock or hard place?

yes, Xie Yan's love for Nian is possessive and UL2 will pick up on his jealousy. But he's also gentle. He might control and order him around but he's also incredibly protective and cares for Nian the most and against odds. He might not be a comedy sweetheart lead like Chai Ji Dai's highschool bad boy Gu Hai or Mr. Goody Chi Cheng but he's capable of kindness and humanity. The movie did great in toning down Xie Yan's cray from the novel and made him likeable. A+ casting, too, since Meng Rui charmfully depicts the character as this suave handsome heir who still needs to grow up, who's deeply in love, someone with fears and faults. It works.


Unlike UL's Xie Yan however, A Round Trip To Love will have to bend backwards to even remotely manage Lu Feng. Lan Lin created a sadistic monster in him. The word to describe his bs hasn't been invented yet and I wouldnt touch that basketcase with a ten foot pole. Lu Feng fans feel free to come at me yo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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2 hours ago, Ayachou said:

About Lan Lin's "2 sons": who to chose, rock or hard place

um, clearly xie yan!! (although neither tbh, i only want to steal xiao nian away...)

but i agree, xie yan is just a case of internalized homophobia and childishness from being spoiled rotten by his parents (allowing him to treat your technically adopted son like a dog? someone call child services). that can be fixed and his actions can be repented. i feel like that's the theme of uncontrolled love anyway: regret and repentance.

and while i adore a round trip to love for its endless..."trainwrecky-ness", i'm not really sure what lan lin is trying to portray with lu feng. he's like someone whose purpose in life is to create drama lol

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I've fallen hard for UL. I support the cast&crew 100% and a movie company that was so kind to think of international fans. So no offense, but while I'm screencapping scenes its like a game of hide and seek: meaning and grammar hiding and me seeking. Lol it's fascinating how during ULs run the subtitles progress from 'yeah, I got this' to 'androgynous metamorphosis..?? wtf?!' Like the translator was freshly showered and ready to do the best job of his life at the start of the movie, to waking up groggy on the floor of a disco toilet at 5am by the end of the movie.

If anyone from the UL team is reading this: you can hire me for UL2! I write fast and vast. Spell-checking is free! Only requirement: let me watch while master is feeding Xiaobai chocolate :wub:

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