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[Music] M.net/km M!countdown

Guest xeudaemonic

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Guest xeudaemonic

Official Thread610x147_m-countdown.jpg US & Canada fans, please help support Soompi by watching M!Countdown on SoompiTV - thank you! ^^;v

★M.Net/KM M!Countdown
Official Website
Channel: M.Net, KM Simultaneous LIVE Broadcast
Broadcast Day/Time: Thursdays at 7:30PM KR time [Every other week]
Rerun Times:
Friday 9:30PM~11:00PM
Saturday 2:00PM~3:30PM
Sunday 12:00PM~1:30PM
Monday 10:30AM~12:00PM
Broadcast Type: Lipsynching allowed
Watch LIVE Online: Download TVAnts and click on either KM or M-Net.

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eeeeek! first :)

since i was checking lj and ran into your entry<3.

finally a thread for m!countdown. :o

you're the ish.

i cant wait for beg&seeya (yeonji<3), hdk, trax & typhoon.

-- melly.

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Guest theskinnygirl

No offense, but is it just me or are the quality of KM performances worse than the other stations? The sound quality is more noisy and unpleasent and the picture quality isn't all that great.

Oh well. I still watch it though. Hehe.

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Live Broadcast Mcountdown

MC: Special MC- Chun Myunghoon, Ayumi

Date: 2006-9-28 Thursday

Time: 7:30PM ~ 9:00PM

Location: 88 Olympic Stadium

Performers: [COMEBACK] Son Hoyoung, Oh Jonghyuk, Bae Seulki

[sPECIAL STAGE] Sonin (Japanese Singer)

Lee Seungki, Baechigi, Brown Eyed Girls & Seeya, Park Jungah,

Paran, yb, Ayumi, Jung Jaewook, BGH4, LPG, VASIA

I wonder why Suju's not MCing. -_-

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Guest adikkeluangman

HoY comeback. Will search and wait for the vids. Owh... have BEG, SeeYa also. I wish some CB carry this show too. It always some gasoo cuts only not full show or not other gasoo perf. <_<

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this show is quite long so i dun think any CB carries the Full show...

It's really good enought to get the cuts... I wonder where u find? I can't really find it other than Suju's perf... hahaha and Shinhwa's

Gloria im wondering that too... i think maybe they'll go China again that time? But I dunno... and MyungHoon MCing... haha...

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