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[tvb] Land Of Wealth [匯通天下]

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Land of Wealth 匯通天下


Alternate Pic & Relationship Map

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Airing September 11th, 2006, 9.30pm (HK TIME) @ JadeTV (after C.I.B. Files)

Episodes: 30

TVB Official Site:


Cast: Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, John Chiang, Chan Hung Lit, Lai Lok Yi


This series is about China's first bank. Steven's father (Chan Hung Lit) is a high official. Steven runs off out of Keng Seng to play around and runs into Moses and John and enters their bank and become very good friends. Through the bank business they find out all the dangers and the bad things that occur within the bank.

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Series Introduction + Short Interview

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omg!!! I totally love this series!! I really love Steven and Tavia together!! wahhhh tavia outfit in here is really beautiful too!!!

but I heard this is going to happen to them

probably SPOILER so don't read it if u don't want to! [highlight to read]

Steven and Tavia split up due to misunderstanding and Tavia ended up marrying Moses and she dies...

I really hope that's not true!

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