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On 3/15/2019 at 7:15 AM, choco milo said:


I guess it’s a Chinese drama. Do you know if it is subbed anywhere? 


i guess its not released yet,dunno what the reason ?,

its very similiar to her first movie role my name is rose  when she already completed back in 2017 but the movie release in 2019.


Chae Soo Bin - KingKong by Starship official blog upload




























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Wow, this thread is pretty much dead. Why? Lol. Where are all the Soobin fans at? Anyway, I wanna join to promote her more and give her the attention that she deserves! ;p


Let me start by greeting Soobin a happy birthday (it's now her day, Korean time)! Wish her massive success on her upcoming films <3




She's dyed her hair black for The Pirates 2 ~ I cannot wait for this one cos I've been wishing that she be in something really epic (hopefully!).



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CHAE Soo-bin and JANG Ki-yong to Taste SWEET AND SOUR

by Pierce Conran


LUCK-KEY Director LEE Gae-byok to Return with Romantic Comedy

Young stars CHAE Soo-bin and JANG Ki-yong are reportedly close to signing as the leads of the upcoming romantic comedy Sweet and Sour (translated title). The film will be the latest of LUCK-KEY (2016) director LEE Gae-byok.
CHAE and JANG will depict a couple who fall in love at first sight but as work and life wears them down, they start to grow further apart.
Though both actors are largely known for their TV work, CHAE Soo-bin has appeared in supporting roles in the dramas My Dictator (2014), SORI: Voice from the Heart (2016) and this year’s ROSEBUD. JANG meanwhile is making his big screen debut this month in the Chuseok action-drama The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos.
Director LEE scored a major hit with his comedy LUCK-KEY, which attracted close to seven million viewers in 2016. The director is about to return to theaters with the family-themed comedy CHEER UP, MR. LEE with CHA Seung-won, which will open on September 11, in time for the local Chuseok holiday season.
Filming on Sweet and Sour is expected to begin in early October. Production is being handled by 26 Company, the outfit behind Clown of a Salesman (2015) and Spring, Again.




They finished filming for Sweet and Sour a while back. Waiting for the release date.



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On 7/10/2020 at 9:14 AM, choco milo said:

Happy Birthday Soobin!!

I’m excited for Pirates 2 as well. It’s been a while since Soobin has been in a historical drama/movie, plus this one sounds like it will be fun.


Yeah, I wanna see her in something fun, too, but I hope her role will also be significant and will have substantial weight in the story. I LOVE her in historical, she's one of those actors that totally belong in period pieces.


I hope she had a wonderful day.


From her agency:


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Soobin's IG update. I find it sweet that she also wished everybody a happy birthday this year...







From her friend Park Joohyun's IG story... she was surprised about somethin lol


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5 Sci-Fi K-Dramas Worth Watching

What do you think our future would look like? Do you think the world would be filled with hovering cars zooming metres above the ground? Or perhaps you're hoping to be one of the first to live on another planet a few decades later? Imagining all these possibilities is what makes science and fantasy fiction fun and they definitely spice up all the story formulas we've come to know and love. Continue exploring what our future might have in store for us and binge on these sci-fi K-dramas worth watching.


I'm Not A Robot



A chaebol (large family-owned conglomerate) heir deathly allergic — we mean that literally — to people forms a close bond with a project he's testing: a human-like robot with ground-breaking AI capabilities. But, what happens if, it turns out, the android is actually a person begged to pretend by her scientist ex-boyfriend while he deals with an issue with his invention? Well, there's no other way to know than by watching I'm Not A Robot


Watch out for: The riveting performances of rising stars Chae Soo Bin and Yoo Seung Ho. This 2017 MBC rom-com shows much of their chemistry, but more than that, it allows them to flex their skills at making us uncontrollably sob one second and laugh out loud the next.


Full article: https://www.clozette.co/article/5-sci-fi-k-dramas-7202


Chae Soobin's past co-stars' throwback posts:

Image may contain: 4 people, selfie, child and closeup

IG: junhyeok.lee.393


Source: Park Joohyun's charmgirl_baby on IG

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I love their friendship, they're so cute!


Park So Dam Expresses Her Love And Thanks To Chae Soo Bin For Sending Gift To “Record Of Youth” Set


Park So Dam Expresses Her Love And Thanks To Chae Soo Bin For Sending Gift To “Record Of Youth” Set

Aug 20, 2020
by J. K

Chae Soo Bin sent a coffee truck to the set of “Record of Youth” and Park So Dam shared how thankful she is for her friend’s gift!


On August 20, Park So Dam posted photos and a video on her Instagram of herself standing by a coffee truck sent by Chae Soo Bin. A banner on top of the truck says that Chae Soo Bin is cheering on Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, director Yoon Hyun Gi, and their drama “Record of Youth.” Another banner on the side reads, “To everyone in the cast and crew of ‘Record of Youth,’ enjoy and I’m cheering for you!”


In the video, Park So Dam puts her arms up to make a heart and does a cute spin, ending the video by saying “Soo Bin, thank you!” Chae Soo Bin made a similar heart and did a spin in a video when Park So Dam sent a coffee truck to the set of her drama A Piece of Your Mind” in January.


Park So Dam wrote as the caption to her Instagram post, “Soo Bin, thank youuuuuuu. I… tried to copy you…… I look really awkward…. Next time I’ll do a more natural spin.. I’ll get my strength up for filming! Way to go! Hang in there!” She added in the hashtags, “Record of Youth,” “Chae Soo Bin,” and “I love you.”



Park So Dam is currently filming the tvN drama “Record of Youth” opposite Park Bo Gum and Byun Woo Seok. The show will premiere on September 7 at 9 p.m. KST.




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