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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace 如懿传

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Harem dramas are based on history, but in the end, they are still dramas, they do not have to be exactly accurate to one version of history, even history has different conflicted versions! Yes, histor

For those who are interested in history, here's a lecture on Emperor Qianlong and his 3 empresses.   Cassie has kindly summarised the three empresses and their relationship with Qi

I found Ruyi's character and story had a lot to learn from. In contrast I don't see her being a "do everything for the one you love and suffer" at all. It may begin in that way, but is way more nuance

Finally.  Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace started shooting today.  The drama will be shot in Beijing, Hengdian, Mongolia and other places.  Here's the first still for Emperor Qianlong and Empress Ruyi.  The costumes are gorgeous.  


The talented team.  The lady in green is author, Liu Lian Zi.  Man in white tee on her right is director, Wang Jun.  Lady in blue to far right is producer, Huang Lan.  







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Official pictures released today.  The costumes are so beautiful and elegant.  The headgears and other accessories stunning.  I love the picture of Ruyi (Zhou Xun) gazing lovingly into Qian Long's eyes.  


Zhou Xun

A solemn QianLong

Qianlong's concubines ...






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thanks everyone who shares info and still photos *-* they look all so nice! I really love friends become lovers kind of plots and cant wait to watch how this story will told<3 

 I recently (a month?) got obsessed with chinese period dramas already finished 11drama and i cant wait for this one :D I hope eng subs will be a little faster than other ones >.< and my second wish is this will have pretty opening/ending songs<3  

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The cast went to Suzhou for filming.  Many fans visited the site and took some pictures.

This video is cute.  When Wallace came out of the restroom, a group of kids who were visiting the park as school visit, shouted 'huang shuang' at Wallace.  The Emperor was happy.  :D

A 50yo Qianlong?

Zhou Xun

The boat where the Emperor sailed on in Suzhou

Emperor riding horse on Mongolian plains

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The cast still in Suzhou for filming.  I heard the next stop may be Hengdian.  Fans in Suzhou are flocking to the Gardens hoping to have a glimpse of the cast.

The young Qianlong




Zhou Xun resting.



50yo Qianlong with his consort, Xiao Chun (Li Chun)


The crowd outside the garden hoping to catch a glimpse of the cast.

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