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[Upcoming Movie 2017] Glass Garden 유리정원

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Title : Glass Garden
Romanization : Yoorijungwon
Hangul : 유리정원
Also known as : -
Genre : 2016/05/27
Director : Shin Su-Won
Screenplay : 
Producer : 
Cinematographer : 
Production Company : 
Distribution Company : 
Crank In : 2016/05/27
Crank Up : 
Official Website : TBA
Release Date : 2017

Jae-Yeon (Moon Geun-Young) is a researcher in the field of artificial blood and a doctoral student. Her life is veiled. Bumped between contradiction of reality and her own ideals, she ignores the world and gets into a green house which is her hidden place. Ji-Hoon is a novelist. He was caught in a plagiarism scandal and uses Jae-Yeon’s case as material for his novel.


Moon Geun Young as Jae Yeon
Kim Tae Hun as Ji Hoon
Seo Tae Hwa as

Videos :

Poster :

Still : 

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Moon Geun-young to star in "Glass Garden" 

Moon Geun-young has been cast in the movie "Glass Garden".

"Glass Garden" features in this movie as a researcher of a Doctor's course and she is part of a novel by Ji-hoon and is a mysterious character with secrets about her birth.


"Glass Garden" is based on the concept of 'green' which contrasts with colors and metaphysical portrayal. This movie deals with the issue of plagiarism and depicts novelist Ji-hoon's retold story.

Director Shin Su-won explained his intentions for the movie is about a natural scientist whose values have been broken because of another's desires, and tries to discover the meaning of co-existence through the novelist's story.

Actress Moon Geun-young said, "The story mesmerized me with its fantastic mystery. It's a character I've never experienced before so I am eager to try it".

The movie cranks in this May.


Another movie and Kim Tae Hun as a lead in movie. Congrats.


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Actress Son Tae Young to return to the big screen after 8 years!




Actress Son Tae Young, also wife of actor Kwon Sang Woo, will be returning to the big screen after 8 years! 

On May 13, her label H8 Company confirmed that the actress has been cast in upcoming film 'Glass Garden'! She will be working alongside Moon Geun Young for the new fantasy thriller. 
We're all excited to see Song Tae Young take up her acting career again, after undoubtedly being busy looking after her son Rook Hee and daughter Ri Ho


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Moon Geun Young's Screen Comeback in Director Shin Su Won's New Work "The Glass Garden"



Actress Moon Geun Young will be making a return to the screen in Director Shin Su Won's (director of 'Madonna') new work 'The Glass Garden.' 


'Madonna' received high praise around the world. Director Shin Su Won's sequel "The Glass Garden' will show in the first half of 2017. In addition, last year Moon Geun Young made a perfect screen return in 'Sado' and Moon Geun Young will do this return together with Director Shin Su Won. 


The mystery movie 'Glass Garden' is to be implemented with a novelist's eye. Doctoral student researcher Jae Yeon (played by Moon Geun Young) is living life a little more secretly than others, and after a shocking incident takes place, she collides with the contradictions of reality and ignores the world.


'Glass Garden's' heroine Moon Geun Young is a doctoral researcher studying artificial blood. In novelist Ji Hoon's novel, he changes Jae Yeon into a woman with a mysterious birth and living with a secret identity.


Jae Yeon is changed into the protagonist after a shocking mystery, she collides with the contradictions of reality, disregards the world, and enters into a hidden room in a green house.


Moon Geun Young taking on this role will foretell and show an unconventional transformation of her performance. This is a role with the strongest thought, ambition, and most mysterious appearance so far.


In the ‘The Glass Garden’ Director Shin Su Won’s unique direction techniques plan to present the development of this overwhelming story based on green colors, a theme with intense tones and with a contrasting metaphysical portrayal. Moreover, with these unique direction techniques, Director Shin Su Won will build a one-of-a-kind mise-en-scene.


This time especially, the movie will present and paint a fun and unique cinematic. Novelist Ji Hoon gets caught in plagiarism and turns his back on the world. Ji Hoon implements Jae Yeon’s incident and her process into his novel through voyeuristic eyes.


Director Shin Su Won revealed the direction’s purpose, "'The Glass Garden' will look back for the value of coexistence, through the novelist’s story. Twisted because of the desire of others, living in forest of secrets, with science she replicates her life.”


In addition, Moon Geun Young conveyed her aspirations, "As soon as I read the scenario, I was immersed at once by the unexpected fantasy-mystery development. My affection and greed grew increasingly because until now I have never met a character like this. This time, I will work hard to show the audience a new look through this piece.”


"The Glass Garden" final castings will be decided as soon as possible, filming starts in May, and it will be released the first half of 2017.



Source: Naver http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000606678

Translation by MGYIFC

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[Info] Actor Oh Chang Suk has been casted in "The Glass Garden" along side Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hoon, and Son Tae Young! 
Oh Chang Suk will play a psychiatrist.




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Moon Geun-young takes the lead in mystery film Glass Garden



Moon Geun-young (Sado) is heading back to the big screen, signing on to a new film titled Glass Garden, in which she plays an interestingly mysterious heroine. It sounds like it’ll be an intriguing role for her, and while she was just in a mysterious thriller, SBS’sVillage: Secret of Achiara, she didn’t get to flex her acting muscles much there, playing the straight man in a town full of secretive and shady citizens. Now she’ll be the enigma, which I hope is a better kind of character for her.

In Glass Garden, Moon’s character is named Jae-yeon, a researcher of artificial blood in a doctorate program who’s described as living “a little more secretively than others.” She finds herself clashing with the absurdities of reality and turning away from the world, and retreats into a hidden greenhouse. From there, she becomes the center of a “shocking mystery.”


Meanwhile, a novelist named Ji-hoon gets caught up in a plagiarism dispute and also turns away from the world. He decides to use Jae-yeon and this incident as the basis of a novel, and in the process starts to peer into her life with a voyeuristic gaze. In his novel, she turns into a woman with a mysterious birth and secret identity.

Playing the novelist is Kim Tae-hoon (One More Happy Ending, Hidden Identity, Angry Mom), who always seems to me to have a sinister edge, even if he’s not outright playing sinister. Although really, isn’t he usually playing sinister?

Directing is Shin Soo-won of well-received 2015 film Madonna and 2013 thriller Pluto, whose directorial style and technique are described as unique. In the director’s own words, her goal for the project is to examine the value of coexistence through the story of a researcher who comes to live in a forest of secrets after being broken by others’ greed, and the novelist who reimagines the woman’s life for his work.

Glass Garden purports to utilize the color green as a main theme, used to draw color associations and metaphysical portrayals. Honestly, I have no idea what that translates to onscreen, although I can see the thematic links with the references to greenhouses and glass and plants and forests. Maybe it’ll make a lot more sense once we’ve seen it in action.

Moon Geun-young explained how the unpredictable fantasy-like mystery drew her in the moment she read the script: “Because it’s a character I’ve never been encountered before, I felt even more ambition and attachment for it.”

Glass Garden plans to begin filming in mid-May for an early 2017 release.



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Seo Woo returns with ‘Glass Garden’



Seo Woo will return to the silver screen in a movie tentatively titled “Glass Garden,” according to Star News. 

It will be the actress’s first role since the thriller “Knock” (2012). The upcoming film has been described as a horror-thriller that focuses on revenge. 

Woo will play a pianist married to a psychiatrist, portrayed by actor Oh Chang-seok.

Shooting began on Wednesday, and the film is scheduled to be released next year. 

The actress debuted in 2007 and has since starred in numerous thrillers including “The Housemaid” (2010).




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[Photo] Added first still for the upcoming Korean movie "Glass Garden"




Added first still for the upcoming Korean movie "Glass Garden" (2016)

Directed by Shin Su-won

With Moon Geun-young, Kim Tae-hoon, Seo Tae-hwa,...

Crank in: 2016/05/27
Crank up: 2016/07/24
Mystery movie "Glass Garden" depicts astonishing events that happen to Jae-yeon (Moon Geun-young), a researcher in her doctorate program, who has been living somewhat a secretive life compared to others, after she encountered the irony of reality and then ignored the surrounding world. Jae-yeon's mysterious and astonishing story is retold from the point of view by Ji-hoon, a novelist, who once went through a controversy being accused of plagiarism and turned his back on the world afterwards.

Release date in Korea : 2017



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MOON Geun-young Climbs into SHIN Su-won’s THE CHRONICLE OF A BOOK - See more at: http://koreanfilm.or.kr/jsp/news/news.jsp?blbdComCd=601006&seq=3882&mode=VIEW#sthash.c8X4UwEa.dpuf


New Mystery-Drama from JUNE FILM




Actress MOON Geun-young is set to appear in the leading role of The Chronicle of a book, the latest film from indie darling SHIN Su-won, director of PLUTO (2013) and Madonna (2015). The mystery film will be produced by JUNE FILM and distributed by Little Big Pictures.

MOON will play a mysterious doctoral researcher specializing in artificial blood who retreats from the world when she cocoons herself in a greenhouse. A novelist plagued by claims of plagiarism, played by KIM Tae-hun of Roaring Currents (2014) and Snow Paths (2016), seeks to capture her story.


Drama and romcom star MOON has not appeared in a thriller since KIM Jee-woon’s seminal horror title A Tale Of Two Sisters in 2003. Though she has been more active on the small screen in the last ten years, she appeared in a supporting role in last year’s hit period drama The Throne, alongside SONG Kang-ho and YOO Ah-in. Of The Chronicle of a book , MOON has said that she was drawn to the enigmatic aspect of the lead role.


Following her debut feature Passerby #3 (2010), director SHIN made a big splash with PLUTO which screened at the Busan, Berlin, Edinburgh and Hong Kong International Film Festivals, among many others. Her most recent film Madonna debuted at the Cannes Film Festival last year in the Un Certain Regard lineup.


The Chronicle of a book goes into production this month and is aiming for an early 2017 release.


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Berlin: Finecut Adds ‘Glass Garden,’ ‘True Fiction’




Patrick Frater (Asia Bureau Chief) FEBRUARY 9, 2017 – 10:02 PM



Finecut, Korea’s leading indie sales firm, is giving market premieres in Berlin’s European Film Market to two titles with strong festival potential for later this year.



The company is launching “Glass Garden” a mystery fantasy directed by Shin Su-won. She previously gained festival credibility with Pluto” which appeared in Berlin’s Generation 14 Plus section in 2013, and 2015 effort “Madonna,” which debuted in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard.



The film is the story of an oddball bioenergetics researcher who is befriended by a novelist who uncovers the woman’s secret while writing and story about her. Currently in post-production, the film stars Moon Geun-young (“The Throne,” “A Tale of Two Sisters”) as the scientist and Kim Tae-hun (“Roaring Currents,” “The Man From Nowhere”) as the writer.



Finecut has also boarded suspense thriller “True Fiction.” The film is presented by Peppermint&company, the production company behind “I Saw The Devil” and “New World.” Directed by Kim Jin-mook and starring Ji Hyun-woo “Attack the Gas Station 2” and Lee Eun-woo (Kim Ki-duk titles “The Net” and Moebius”,) the film topically involves politicians and corruption.



Finecut is also representing international sales on Berlin International Film Festival competition title “On The Beach at Night Alone.” The film is the fourth movie directed by Hong Sang-soo and starring his latest muse Kim Min-hee. It plays towards the end of the festival on Feb. 16.




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FINECUT Unveils New Mysteries in Berlin





Korean film distributor FINECUT, which is presenting HONG Sangsoo’s new film On the Beach at Night Alone in the International Competition section of the Berlin International Film Festival this year, has added new films to its lineup for the currently underway European Film Market (EFM).
Joining the boutique distributor’s lineup in Berlin are the debut suspense thriller True Fiction and SHIN Su-won’s new mystery fantasy Glass Garden. JI Hyun-woo (Attack The Gas Station 2, 2010), OH Man-seok (DETOUR, 2016) and LEE Eun-woo (Moebius, 2013) feature in KIM Jin-muk’s True Fiction, a tale of corruption and politics from the production house PEPPERMINT&COMPANY, previously behind KIM Jee-woon’s I Saw The Devil (2010) and PARK Hoon-jung’s New World (2013).
Starring MOON Geun-young of A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003) as a reclusive but brilliant researcher and KIM Tae-hun (Roaring Currents, 2014) as the writer who approaches her, Glass Garden follows director SHIN’s Berlin-invited PLUTO (2013) and Cannes-invited Madonna (2015).
Previously announced FINECUT titles include the mystery drama A Day and the mystery thriller House of the Disappeared. The feature film debut of director CHO Sun-ho, A Day stars KIM Myung-min (Deranged, 2012) as a doctor who witnesses a car accident involving his daughter, only to find himself locked in a loop as the events repeat over and over before him.
House of the Disappeared, the return of To Sir, With Love (2006) director LIM Dae-woong, features KIM Yun-jin of TV show Lost as a woman who is released from jail 25 years after the deaths of her husband and child and returns to the scene of the crime to solve the mystery surrounding their deaths.
Completed FINECUT titles include JUHN Jai-hong’s One Step with Sandara PARK of K-pop group 2NE1, the animation Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs, KIM Tae-yong’s MISBEHAVIOR, KIM Sang-chan’s Karaoke Crazies and the recent Busan International Film Festival indies In Between Seasons from LEE Dong-eun and NAM Yeon-woo’s LOST TO SHAME.




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[STILL] #GlassGarden #유리정원 movie poster featuring #MoonGeunYoung #문근영 as Jae Yeon
Source: Finecut https://t.co/BLp7XIeGKp https://t.co/IhiBezois6





Movies waiting to see if they will feature at Cannes.~~ #France2017
#SongKangHo Taxi Driver
#ShinHaKyun #DoKyungSoo Room 7
#MoonGeunYoung Glass Garden 



cr to Netizentown Thanks !



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[NEWS] Moon Geun Young starring in mystery movie ‘Glass Garden’ opening this September




Moon Geun Young’s new movie ‘Glass Garden’(Director: Shin Su Won; Production: Joon Films; Distributer: Little Big Pictures) is scheduled to be released in September.
According to a film industry official on May 30th, director Shin Su Won’s new film ‘Glass Garden’ is being prepared to be released this September. ‘Glass Garden’, the new work by director Shin Su Won, is raising expectations. Shin Su Won directed ’Pluto’ and later ‘Madonna’, which was invited to the Cannes International Film Festival last year.
‘Glass Garden’ began filming in May and finished on July 24 of last year. The film was originally aimed to open in the first half of 2017, but it is finally revealed to be opening this fall. The post-production is currently in full-swing.
'Glass Garden' is a mystery work to be implemented with a novelist's eye. Doctoral student researcher Jae Yeon (played by Moon Geun Young) is living life a little more secretly than others. After a shocking incident takes place, Jae Yeon collides with the contradictions of reality and turns away from the world.
Moon Geun Young will play the role a doctoral researcher studying artificial blood. Jae Yeon makes an appearance in novelist Ji Hoon’s(played by Kim Tae Hoon) novel as a woman with a mysterious birth and living with a secret. Moon Geun Young is expected to undergo an unconventional transformation with this role being her most ambitious and mysterious appearance so far.
Kim Tae Hoon will take on the role of Ji Hoon, who reconstructs Moon Geun Young’s story into a novel. In addition, Suh Tae Hwa will make an appearance with the role of a professor.

Source: Naver News - Seoul Economy https://goo.gl/E9CP4p
Image: Finecut
Translation: Moon Geun Young International Fanclub (@mgyifc_)

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[Photos] Busan International Film Festival opener "Glass Garden" adds posters and stills






The Busan Intertnational Film Festival has chosen "Glass Garden" with Moon Geun-young as its opener and added a couple dreamy stills of the star. I'm quite excited to see a film headlining Moon and Kim Tae-hoon and directed by Shin Su-won opening up such a presitious festival.

-Yours, Lisa, a woman excited to attend the Busan International Film Festival

Directed by Shin Su-won

With Moon Geun-young, Kim Tae-hoon, Seo Tae-hwa, Lim Jeong-woon, Park Ji-soo, Lee Ki-hyuk,...

Crank in: 2016/05/27
Crank up: 2016/07/24
Mystery movie "Glass Garden" depicts astonishing events that happen to Jae-yeon (Moon Geun-young), a researcher in her doctorate program, who has been living somewhat a secretive life compared to others, after she encountered the irony of reality and then ignored the surrounding world. Jae-yeon's mysterious and astonishing story is retold from the point of view by Ji-hoon, a novelist, who once went through a controversy being accused of plagiarism and turned his back on the world afterwards.

Release date in Korea : 2017/10






cr: hancinema.net

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Female directors' works to bookend Busan Film Festival




SEOUL • For the first time in its 22-year history, the Busan International Film Festival will open and close with works by female directors - South Korea's Shin Su Won and Taiwan's Sylvia Chang.

South Korea's Glass Garden, directed by Shin and starring actress Moon Geun Young, is set to open the festival, which will run in the south-eastern port city of Busan from Oct 12 to 21.

The film, straddling fantasy and reality, features Moon as a scientist who studies blood. After being betrayed by a lover, she seeks refuge in a secluded forest where she meets an ostracised novelist. He makes a shocking discovery there. "It was a character that I had not come across before," said Moon at a press conference in central Seoul on Monday.


Shin directed Pluto (2013), which received a special mention at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The closing film is Love Education by Chang, featuring three women from different generations and tracing women's history in China.

A total of 298 films from 75 countries will be screened this year, with 100 world premieres and 29 international premieres. Actors Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul will emcee the opening ceremony.


A large selection of this year's works are from China and Japan. Ten works - from South Korea, India, China, Hong Kong, Iran and Taiwan - will be screening in New Currents, the festival's competition for new Asian directors.

American director Darren Aronofsky and actress Jennifer Lawrence are among the international names attending the event, which is Asia's premier film festival. The two will be in Busan for their film Mother!.

American film-maker Oliver Stone is heading the competition jury, whose members include French cinematographer Agnes Godard and Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi.




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Trailer for 'Glass Garden' starring Moon Geun-young unveiled



SEOUL, Sept. 19 (Yonhap) -- "Glass Garden," starring South Korean actress Moon Geun-young, has been chosen as the opening film for the 22nd Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), slated to open Oct. 12, 2017.

The film, directed by Shin Soo-won, is a mystery involving scientist Jae-yeon (Moon) who carries out research in a glass garden all by herself and novelist Ji-hoon who peeps at the scientist and writes a novel about her.

The movie with a dollop of fantasy depicts the love and sadness of the heroine.





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