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[Movie 2018] Cheese in the Trap, 치즈 인 더 트랩


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More like "Cheese in the Trap", this should be "Cheese in the Office"... They look good as the older/adult version of the characters, not like the 20something college students. But, aside from that, I liked what I saw, I hope this version would be more accurate than the other, and not just for InHo, but (and specially) Seol... since kdrama-Seol was much more skittish than webtoon-Seol (webtoon-Seol was more confident and could speak for herself w/o looking like she was about to cry)

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hmm i was so exccited for this movie.. but watching this highlight video dampned it completely..


PHJ looks too old

oys looks like seol from manga which is good

but other than that.. tone of direction, that stalker character etc.. fails in comparison to drama's first 8 episode (In ho looks better though)

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Park Hae Jin Shares How “Cheese In The Trap” Co-Stars Brought Different Traits To Hong Seol Character


Park Hae Jin shared his thoughts on the “Cheese in the Trap” drama and film versions of the character Hong Seol.

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The actor has taken the lead role of Yoo Jung in both the drama and film adaptations of the popular webtoon. In the drama, the heroine Hong Seol was played by actress Kim Go Eun, while actress Oh Yeon Seo plays the character in the film.


During an interview on March 12, Park Hae Jin was asked to compare the charms of Kim Go Eun and Oh Yeon Seo. Park Hae Jin replied, “How could I dare to compare those two charming actresses?”

He went on to say, “Kim Go Eun in the drama had an honest and cute charm. She’s also cute in real life, so I think that was reflected a lot in the character.”

“I think that Oh Yeon Seo highlighted her decisiveness,” he said. “Also, in terms of outward appearance, I think she naturally resembles her.”

The film adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap” will be hitting theaters on March 14.



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Park Hae Jin Discusses His “Cheese In The Trap” Character Yoo Jung


Park Hae Jin recently sat down for an interview, where he took the time to discuss his upcoming movie “Cheese in the Trap” and his character.

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The actor first introduced the film, saying, “It’s a movie that has aspects of both a romance and thriller.” He continued, “I personally prefer not to do softer works, so I worried if I could do a good job. Even when filming, it was hard to act during the romance scenes. It was difficult because I wasn’t used to saying things like that. It was challenging in the drama, and challenging in the film as well.”

Park Hae Jin will be reprising his role as Yoo Jung in the film adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap,” following his appearance in tvN’s drama version in 2016. He shared, “There were a lot of things I couldn’t show in the drama. I thought that this film would be the last chance. I turned 36 years old this year [by Korean reckoning]. There were some aspects about playing a college student that were uncomfortable for me. Viewers may feel disconnected at times as well. In the production, Yoo Jung is around 24 or 25 years old. That’s an entire zodiac cycle from my age. Still, my co-stars were around my age and we were similar, so I didn’t feel as strange.”

Park Hae Jin even filmed the scenes of when his character was a high school student himself. He apologized before explaining, “I contemplated between using a younger actor or acting the scenes myself. If there was a lot of scenes, I would have used a younger counterpart actor, but there were only two scenes, so I acted them myself.” He continued, “It felt like I was wearing a suit. I think ‘Cheese in the Trap’ will be my last time playing a college student and my last time wearing a high school uniform.”


The actor also shared the similarities and differences between him and his character, Yoo Jung. Park Hae Jin remarked, “I’m a little reserved around new people. I’m the type to think that it’s better if my public image leans more towards a bit difficult to approach rather than a warmer one. I don’t want to look easy. I actually have an easygoing personality, so it’s hard to hide it. I think I’m similar to Yoo Jung in that regard.”

“People may think of Yoo Jung as complex and two-faced, but he’s actually a simple-minded character. It’s not just Yoo Jung, but it’s a reality that adults can’t just say what they want to say. We too lead a double life, so we can’t say that Yoo Jung is two-faced. Still, Yoo Jung is very honest. He says everything he wants to say.”


On playing Yoo Jung again in the film adaptation, Park Hae Jin commented, “I wondered if I could show the complexities of Yoo Jung in just two hours. It’s short, but I think I showed everything through the main points.”


Additionally, Park Hae Jin showed interest in seeing “Cheese in the Trap” produced in a different format.  He explained, “It’s impossible to say the charm of the original webtoon is captured entirely in either the movie or the drama. It would be nice if we could show the mind tricks played out like in the webtoon. I don’t want to act in it myself, but would like to it to be filmed with younger actors. I want to take the charming source [webtoon] and make a live-action version of it exactly as is.”


When asked about who should play Yoo Jung, Park Hae Jin responded, “Yoo Jung can’t be too good looking or too pretty. He has to have a dog-like cuteness. There’s a lot of good looking and pretty actors these days, but I don’t think there’s too many with a large build.” He added with a laugh, “I don’t want to give Yoo Jung to anyone else just yet. But if I get an offer to play Yoo Jung in a web drama, I will definitely pass on it.”




*Sorry about the large gap/space bet the paragraph, don't know how to cut or reduce it...

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I have watched the film and the chemistry between Yoo Jung and Hong Seol was not there. I think KGE acting was way much better that OYS and the chemistry developed between KGE and PHJ was way much better. I still cant move on from the drama. 

Second, OYS did not define the character of Hong Seol very well, especially the look itself. How can someone be Hong Seol, an innocent campus girl, with plastic surgery displayed everywhere starting from the eyes, nose, lips, chin, etc. OMG! I just wanna laugh all the time watching her acting as Hong Seol. 


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TBH, the webtoon didn't end that strongly either, and the story was at times meandering. There were brilliant parts that makes unique from other romantic stories were the enigmatic pull of Jung, plus the thriller-mystery of the cat and mouse game between Jung and Seol. That said, the film did a great job at portraying the characters and story as a whole. OYS looked closer in age to PHJ, and while they're both too old to play college students, they were very much in tune with their characters. The Baek siblings are on point, I thought. They gave Baek Inha more depth than the drama ever dared to try.


Because it's a movie, the story also wrapped up nicely in two hours. It won't blow anyone's mind nor is it an award winning film, but it did the webtoon justice, and fans of the webtoon will be satisfied. The movie earned more than 2.4 million views and had general good reviews, so, the numbers speak for its success.

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