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[Season Two - Thailand Drama 2016] Make It Right The Series

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im watching season 1 now but after peoples thoughts on season it annoys me that amateurs got this script if they failed during season 2. 

On 07/08/2017 at 4:25 AM, cherylrose said:

I have to say that this Season 2 ends up being unpredictable ending. This Season wasn't continued from Season 1 which suppose to have a better continuing with Tee and Fuse but this wasn't and it adds with New Characters actor and actress and create confusion, unexpected and changes to have such an ending. I wonder if there is Season 3 it would have to continue with after graduation just like Sotus the Series Season 2 after graduation. I wonder does anyone knows this Make it Right Series the novel until where now the Author writes? Anymore further that can support the storyline to be able to continues?? (Uncontrolled Love fans demand the Author to rewrite a better ending, I'd anyone here knows it's a BL storyline which has bad ending and Fans complaining about it and Author having no choice but to rewrite and this have created history changes that Author have to rewrite the storyline) we have a better deal if we demand a good better ending for "Make it Right the Series" only if Fans wants it the production and Author is able to make the changes for us Fans!!! [If everyone have this same idea please make Comments only with a lot of comments your voice will make changes if you all want a better ending] 

most likely added new characters due to parents of Tee-Fuse from what im understanding. 

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@Wotad Welcome to the world of Make It Right :)! I hope you enjoyed your time here, despite the massive slight number of hiccups along the way... :ph34r:

On 05/09/2017 at 0:52 AM, Wotad said:

subs for season 1 seem so broken.. 

I guess when MIR first came out the BL fandom is still at its fetus stage so the sub quality is not that advanced... I mean now you have all the different BL dramas with specialized third party subbers translating them for international friends! Hooray for globalization :D!

8 hours ago, Wotad said:

two rape scenes in the first 5 episodes is really putting me off this show. 

Errrrr I will just think of them as "exploring and experimenting with their physical needs" and not go deeper into what constitutes as rape or not... But I assure you that FrameBook will get really really sweet in the next few episodes! :tongue: 


I am very very grateful for Thailand for having such an open society -_- (at least, more open than some countries in Asia)! It is this open-minded attitude that blesses us with these kind of series as well as aspiring young actors who are supported by their parents in whatever they act in. ^_^

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i watched like 6 episodes but those rape scenes and how it was just glossed over is quite off putting for me , and fuse seems so straight to be playing this role. 


How is s2 compared to the first. 

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On 6/19/2016 at 2:57 PM, Beam_Tee said:


the bed scene seem to be a very difficult scene for frame... he seem to feel very pressure for not acting well... he almost cry and being scolded by the director... poor frame =( 

the latest video sent today... look at the behind the scene for the episode 6, frame x book bed scene... =) a good preview before the actual episode tonight =p 9 hours countdown...

p.s. the last few seconds is the real highlight of this video... thirsty teddy bear... frame invading book from the back... frame is TOP without a doubt !!! haha , showing to book his man-power =p please forgive me if i'm too dirty 

The last few seconds reminded me of the Energizer Bunny ad from long time ago.  LOL!

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On 7/11/2016 at 10:25 AM, Qian_Qian said:

I didn't realise this little piece of treasure when I was watching the clips but damn!!!


they look so perfect *.*

They really looked like  2 lovebirds

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On 7/12/2016 at 11:46 PM, mchansk07 said:

seriously?? like SERIOUSLY?? 7 times in a night? they are indeed super horny puppies :love:

i was in the car with my whole family when i read your post @jaelephy & burst into laughter. my family looked at me like im crazy, while i didnt dare to tell them the reason of it. 

Don't worry, I have never rewatch dramas so many times until I came across Addicted, Love Sick and now Make It Right and can still gleefully laughed at the same scenes over and over again until my son jokingly told his girlfriend that his mum is a pedophile and a pervert who is always watching high school boys making out.  ROTFL  LOL!

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On 7/22/2016 at 11:28 PM, acusep said:

Wow! Now this is something! Thats really sweet Boom! #MIR #UdonThani


Awww. So sweet of Boom to give the flowers to Peak.

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On 10/12/2016 at 1:21 PM, aergales said:


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This is why I ship them so hard becoz they are real!!! :wub:

Is this for real?  If so, I would be happy to cheer them on.

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On 6/17/2017 at 7:24 PM, kimchiflavored_plot said:

Ummmm, better late than never? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f

Here's the last part of my feels for Episode 5:

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39. The way Fuse tapped Tee's back.

Almost is never enough--something that Fuse learned the hard way, LOL. Who else squealed after noticing that Tee had a hint of a smile the entire time? :wink: Somebody's secretly enjoying Fuse's sudden craving for skinship! Hee hee.



40. How Fuse's patience wore thin...

And he finally yanked Tee to face him! Look who's a little too hungry for some face-to-face interaction. phew.gif.58c0ee10fc78766186e79fd315d9131 BTW, you might want to wipe that smirk off your face, Tee (before Fuse finds out that you're having too much fun seeing him beg for more, haha!)


41. Glorious Flirting Level 5: When Tee asked if Fuse wasn't scared of getting sick.

It's all about the virus... and not about making him regret the boundaries of this so-called friendship? Yeah right. :tongue: Then Fuse replied without a trace of hesitation: "I'm not afraid, even if it's worse than a cold." *swoon* Sleep is overrated--just flirt all night, LOL.



Oh, and I gotta give it to Fuse: How could you not combust after Tee gave you such an I-wanna-hold-you-so-bad look? I mean, it's already driving me crazy... and I'm not even the person he's looking at! :lol:

42. Then Tee stopped beating around the bush: "You know what, this is the happiest I've been since that day."

Awww. I missed you, #HonestTee! Just curious: Was he really referring to the day Fuse went back to Jean? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f Part of me wants to make-believe that he's talking about their magical morning-after sequence in S1EP7 instead (or any other happier memory for that matter).


*cough* Coz the last thing I need is another reminder that he's still with her, LOL. *cough*

43. The surprisingly accurate sound that Fuse made after being told to sleep.

I don't know why, but that friggin "ummmh~" hit me hard. It sounded so genuine... I almost thought he ad-libbed. :wub: To top it all off, Tee and Fuse took turns and stole loving glances at each other--effectively turning me into a puddle of melted feels.



44. How Fuse kept closing in... until their noses almost touched.

You're killing me, Fuse! *insert flashbacks of their Eskimo Kiss here* His eyes spoke volumes of a rather obvious truth: He'd come a little closer and gaze a little longer--coz there's no other place he'd rather be tonight.


45. When they ended up on the wrong side of the bed.

Is it really a continuity error... or a glaring evidence of their bedroom acrobatics from the previous night? You be the judge. Hee hee. B)  Kidding aside, the way the morning sunlight fell on their bed had perfection written all over it!


46. How grateful Tee seemed, upon finding Fuse wrapped around him.

Then he gingerly placed his hand over Fuse's: Half afraid to wake him up, and half uncertain if he's crossing the line... But all traces of doubt probably disappeared, as he found comfort in Fuse's familiar embrace.


Also, can we talk about how comfortable Fuse slept while cuddling him? I've never wanted to trade places with a fictional character *this* much. :lol:

47. When they greeted the new day with a disarming exchange of smiles.

"You're up." "Hmmm." "Did you sleep well last night?" "Never better." I swear, I've heard this morning conversation a hundred times before... But everything sounded sweeter because they looked so darn happy!


48. Then the camera zoomed out...

To reveal Fuse resting his chin on Tee's shoulder! Their spot-on blocking underscores a certain level of comfort that's hard to fake. And don't even get me started on Fuse's endearing pout (as soon as his wife-y instincts kicked in). :heart:



49. How Tee retraced all the spots that Fuse touched.

Awwwww. Tee's thoughtful smile made one thing clear: If getting sick means having another sure-fire reason to feel his touch, then it's the most wonderful time to feel under the weather. :tongue:


50. Fuse's giddy grin while prepping the sponge bath.

I went from "I wonder what's making him smile like th--" to  "Oh, THAT's why!" in a matter of seconds. All I needed to figure it out? One quick look at the specular *ehem* view from Fuse's perspective. Hello there, abs... I mean, Tee.


51. Glorious Flirting Level 1,254: How Fuse's hand hovered over you-know-what.

DAAAAAMN. B) This will-he-or-won't-he thing has got to be the longest 13 seconds of my fangirling life... I even held my breath without noticing. And the most titillating part? Not the fact that Fuse was oh-so-ready to stake his claim--but the way their eyes said everything I needed to know! 


PS: This episode's Sneaky Move Award goes to Fuse. *slow clap* I mean, he could've chosen the more convenient spot for that bowl of water. But where's the fun in that, right? :ph34r:

52. Every single time Tee exhaled audibly.

Hang in there, Tee (Fuse won't eat you alive... yet). And just in case we missed the sexual tension in the air, that porn-sounding track started playing. Really, Show? LOLOL. I remember shouting "Make that music stop... I can't take it anymore!" in front of my screen. sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f




53. That hilarious flash of disappointment on Fuse's face--

when Tee stopped his hand from crossing R-18 territories! Bwhahahaha. Nice try, Fuse... :tongue: But as long as Tee hasn't run out of last-minute excuses to keep those raging hormones at bay, you're gonna need to find some other way to reach the promised land.


54. Then Fuse tried a more daring route.

OH. MY. BL GODS. Who knew that Fuse was on the Naughty List all along? Hee hee. B)While I liked that my not-so-innocent OTP is getting bolder every second, I realized that they're *this* close to being friends with friggin benefits--and I was torn between wanting more and wanting less.


55. Fuse's #ProudMoment after seeing Tee in complete and utter bliss.

Mission Tee-mpossible? More like Mission Accomplished! :wink: Congrats, Fuse... Thanks to your surprising mastery of How to Pamper Tee Until He's Carried Away 101, sponge baths will never be the same again.


56. Their kitchen misadventures.

Achievement unlocked: If you don't wanna starve for the rest of your life... find a Hubby who cooks. Hee hee. Wouldn't it be nice if they had more of these couple-y activities from day 1 of living under one roof? 


PS: And aaack. Why did they delete that part where Fuse offered Tee a taste of his *ehem* sausage

57. How a single name snapped them back to reality.

ARGH. Can't we just fool ourselves into thinking that the last 2 minutes of this episode didn't happen? This is exactly the reason why I felt so torn a while ago... As long as The Girlfriend Complication exists, every stolen moment is bound to end in heartbreak! :(



58. When Tee turned his head away to compose himself.

5, 4, 3, 2... Aaaand he's back to putting on a brave face and sprouting half-hearted declarations! How long are you gonna put up with this mess, Tee? -_- Stop pretending that everything's okay--coz your eyes keep telling me that it's not.


59. Then Tee said something that broke a part of me:

"For me, this is as good as I can get." NOOOOO. Just... no. :( And the worst part? He settled for breadcrumbs with such a sad smile on his lips. You deserve better than that, Tee. And I hope one day, you'll finally realize how much you're worth.


60. Oh, and Fuse said one more thing that's hard to stomach:

"You know what? If this was a dream, it would be a really good dream." *face palm* Was this supposed to be a romantic line, Show? Coz I missed the memo. :mellow: And you know what's better than a good dream? An actual reality where Tee is no longer waiting from the sidelines!





I hope EP7 is a loooot happier than the previous episode... Coz I still haven't gotten over Book's tears. :(

Boom has sexy bedroom eyes.  One can just melt looking at his eyes.

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11 hours ago, clon_105 said:

never watch this... he looks like a real man


He is even more handsome than into MIR!

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On 7/8/2019 at 7:23 AM, gogole mongol said:

He is even more handsome than into MIR!


and more male, he's so sissy in the series, can't believe that this role set better than the richard simmons role.

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