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[Season Two - Thailand Drama 2016] Make It Right The Series

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18 hours ago, laval said:


Okay, something about this just rubs me the wrong way....like, the director putting an underaged actor in a chokehold? Wtf, and that kick was no joke too. As if MIR wasn't creepy and exploitive enough...


Tbh, when I watched the video I didn't see anything wrong with it. That's how guys play fight, the kick looked like it barely touched him but he was just overreacting because he was surprised it happened and when he had his arm around his neck, you can tell his holding him lightly n not putting much pressure. 

Guys play fight like this all the time, look how tall and built he is, I wouldn't be surprised if he started it, to me it's not really a big deal it just shows me that the actors are close with the director and they can have fun on set. But I guess some people can get offend with it.

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Ummmm... Hello again! :D

Have you gotten over episode 5 yet?

Here's Part 1 of my Feels List for the latest installment of Make it Right S2: ^_^


1. The nerve-wracking beat as Book handed his phone.

You certainly know a thing or two about the element of suspense, Show! Tense music? Check. Nervous looks? Check. Unidentified and potentially life-damaging video? Aaaaack.


2. How Book was off the hook (for now).

More than the false alarm, I am beyond relieved that Book's first instinct was to hug Frame after he played the clip. ^_^ That's when I knew that Frame was truly making a difference--coz instead of pushing him away (like Old Book would), Book 2.0 clung onto Frame like his life depended on it.



3. That short, but reassuring backhug:

"Stop worrying about what hasn't happened yet. You know I'm always at your side." :heart: Frame's probably sounding like a broken record by now, but I don't mind--especially if it means hearing him declare his devotion over and over again.



4. How Frame was back in business...

as soon as they dodged the bullet! BWHAHAHA. Count on Frame to find a sexy silver lining in the most unlikely situations. Like they say, good food is the best stress-reliever... and I bet Book had a pretty satisfying "lunch." B)



5. When Fuse's hopeful smile turned into a cringe.

Pffft. What's my definition of entertainment these days? Seeing Fuse out of his element as he tries (rather helplessly, LOL) to melt Tee's heart! :tongue: Nope, you can't smile your way out of this mess, Honey. *evil laugh*


6. The way Tee sighed as Fuse tried an old trick.

You can almost see the gears turning in Fuse's head, scrambling to break the ice. And when the song fell on deaf ears? Disappointment registered all over his face! *pats Fuse on the back* Try to be more creative next time--because Tee's gotten good at perfecting his poker face.



7. Tee's curt and Cis-flavored replies.

OMG. I can watch Fuse and his futile attempts to spark a conversation all day... coz he has a relatively charming way of rolling with the punches. :wink: And can we talk about how he oh-so-casually lamented Tee's jam-packed schedule? Awww. If you play your cards right, you'll be back on Tee's timetable!


8. When Tee told Fuse not to wait--he's gonna be late.

Not gonna lie: I love that line more than I should. *cough* Talk about rubbing salt into his wounded ego. *cough* No wonder Fuse finally cut the small talk and called Tee out for his unusual behavior. Then Tee almost smirked in disbelief, LOL! :ph34r: You friendzoned the guy, Fuse... What did you expect?


9. Then Fuse pulled his best card: Tee's worried phone call.

SQUEE. Now it's Tee's turn to be caught off guard. :wub: Just face it, you two! You still care for each other... and the harder you try to fight it, the more it shows. Can't we drop the act and skip to the part where you're living happily ever after?


10. How Tee was saved by the call (much to Fuse's dismay, haha).

The kicker? Tee's cheeky smile as the phone rang! :tongue: I can almost hear Fuse's train of thought: "Oh crap. He didn't even look at me in this entire conversation. Now someone calls and suddenly, he's all smiles?" LOL. Can't blame Fuse for stealing a glance at his phone... The struggle is real.


11. Fuse's lingering stare as Tee walked away.

Oooof. That sad OST gets me... every single time. :( Why am I not surprised that it's Fuse's go-to song as he simmers in jealousy and regret by the sidewalk? Hee hee. Quit this pity party and run after your man!





I'll drop by tomorrow for Part 2! (I hope, LOL. sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f)

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@kimchiflavored_plot Haha That was great. TeeFuse Feels list was spot on. I can only speak for TF cos you know me. :wink: LOL Tee was definitely saved by Cis's phone call. He almost gave in to Fuse's sad puppy look. That was tough, huh Tee? hehe I'll be waiting for the Part 2. I know you have looooooooooots of FEELS to write for TF. Bahahahaha :D  

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On 6/5/2017 at 9:34 PM, Thunder Mage said:

Nice to see your comment again @kimchiflavored_plot

Going to watch the Graystag subs. I'm just going to edit this post after I watched the episode.


Thanks... It's always good to be back in Soompi! ^_^ Where's everybody, BTW? Hope you're still enjoying the show. *wink wink*


On 6/6/2017 at 3:42 AM, JuzM3 said:

@kimchiflavored_plot Haha That was great. TeeFuse Feels list was spot on. I can only speak for TF cos you know me. :wink: LOL Tee was definitely saved by Cis's phone call. He almost gave in to Fuse's sad puppy look. That was tough, huh Tee? hehe I'll be waiting for the Part 2. I know you have looooooooooots of FEELS to write for TF. Bahahahaha :D  


Awwwwwww. Thank you! And yessss, I almost surrendered to his puppy look too, LOL. As for my TF feels? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f Part 3... check out Part 3 in a day or two. Hee hee. Because they deserve their very own post, hahahaha!

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I'm back... with more feels! w00t.gif.89bfc5f07f7dab28102e6b9c1ad200c

Here's Part 2 of all the random things that I loved about Episode 5:


12. When Nine went back for the teddy bear.

Admittedly, Rodtang 2.0 isn't hitting me in the feels... But when Nine stopped in his tracks (and closed his eyes) before saving what he threw away? I had flashbacks of their Superhero arc that I once loved. :wub: Giving up on him is just not part of his DNA!


PS: And for the first time ever, I saw New Nine as he is--without imagining Old Nine's head in the scene. :o Am I finally warming up to this version of Mr. Grumpy Pants?

13. Tee's captivating smile as he offered to help.

What the heck was that slowmo for? :blink: Please tell me it's not meant to be a romantic meet-cute. Coz as much as I want Tee to have a throng of admirers (to make Fuse more jealous, LOL),  something about this Mystery Guy rubs me up the wrong way...



14. The way he stared at a dangerously close Tee.

Focus, Mister! <_< I know Tee's mesmerizing and all--but you're looking for the key, remember? And just like that, another guy has fallen under Tee's spell... Even Cis sensed an off vibe and immediately gave that look, LOL. 



15. When he grabbed Tee's hand to ask for his number!

Now that's a tad too creepy for my taste. Thank goodness Tee wasn't as dense as I feared. -_- Oh, and the delusional second-lead shipper in me squealed... when Tee clocked Cis's reaction before turning the other guy down: "Awwww, look! He cares about what Cis thinks!" Hee hee.


16. How Tee described his ideal type with a dreamy smile.

A good person who's easy to talk to, loves to tease, and comfortable to be around? SQUEEE. Just spell his name if you're *that* obvious! :wub: I remember feeling nervous when I saw the trailer... and I've never been more happier to be proven wrong: His smile was still meant for you, Fuse.


BTW: Accck. Why did they delete that smexy part with Cis and the chopstick? I really wanted to see how Tee reacted!

17. The way Cis kept ticking off items on Tee's list.

"That's me! That's also me!" Pffft. You're unofficially the most endearing Third Wheel ever. :lol: Aside from being adorably clueless of the fact that Tee's practically swooning about somebody else, Cis charmed me with his fighting spirit: "Someone comfortable? That doesn't sound so hard!"


18. When Tee almost got busted for being too smile-y.

This, my friends, is a classic example of someone who's helplessly smitten. Just look at how he can't even wipe that foolish grin off his face! The funny thing is... he's the very same guy who pulled off an I'm-cold-as-ice facade in front of Fuse. :tongue: You deserve an Oscar, Tee.



19. Then Cis declared his good intentions.

Isn't it refreshing to have someone who doesn't beat aound the bush? ^_^ Thank you, Cis... for knowing what you want and having the guts to give it a try (even if the whole world knows you're screwed, LOL.) It's gonna be a long shot, but hang in there.


PS: Oh, and Tee... I know you just don't wanna crush his heart. But please don't lead him on too much, m'kay?

20. How to Ruin Kimchi's Day 101: Two Annoying BFFs.

Can't we just forget that this scene even happened? I rolled my eyes so hard. :rolleyes: Dear Shady Girlfriend and Her Sidekick, stop downplaying the writing on the wall: "NOT. HIS. TYPE." And You. Yes, You! When are you quitting this noble idiocy? Coz I miss your lively face already. :(


21. Mo's earnest apology for his gifts-gone-wrong.

Practical presents to make Mom-in-Law happy? How cuuuute! :lol: Don't worry, Mo. You certainly earned brownie points for trying... and I'm sure Yok appreciates the thoughtful gesture (regardless of the result, haha).  



22. The way Mo looked at Yok when he said:

"I don't mind if the person is a he or a she, just being sincere is enough." Awww. :heart: While watching the raw videos, I could already tell how much Yok meant to him (blame it all on Mo's eyes). When the subtitles came out? I rooted for their whirlwind romance even more!


23. When Book and Frame started doing what they do best:

Hugging and cupping each other's face. :wub: Seriously, this OTP should consider putting these "areas of expertise" on their resume... Coz they make me wanna hug the next person who enters the room!


24. Their heart-to-heart talk on the sofa.

Can't blame Book for having a thousand what-ifs inside his head... And *slow clap* Frame's rather mature take on love and relationships continues to impress! I wish he's still oozing with awesome sauce when the s*it hits the fan. sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f 


 25. How Frame asked for a kiss... and then some.

You should've seen it coming, Book. B) Did you really think that two cheeky appetizers would suffice? Hee hee. Dating someone with a "huge appetite" means always having room for a full course meal!


26. When Book and Frame held hands in public...

and their friends didn't mind! :wub: Awww. I nominate these guys for the Most Supportive Bro Award... Here's to hoping that the group remains solid when Book's dirty laundry is out. Coz he's definitely gonna need a BL-Friendly Cheering Squad.


27. That entire Tee-Mom-BF sequence.

Obviously, I'm not the biggest fan of his mom's awkward "surprise." :mellow: Stop giving Tee more reasons to suffer, BL Gods! Can't you spare him from Pob and his questionable motives? Tee's wounded heart can only take so much beating.


28. Then Tee started crying... and my heart broke.

Tears in the condo. Tears in the rain. *grabs tissue* Why, Show? Whyyyyyyyyy? :( The poor kid doesn't deserve any of these emotional scars... Please give him a much-needed break from all the punches.





That's it for now! But gaaaah, MAJOR FEELS are just around the corner... I can't wait to share the last installment of my ramblings for EP5 with you all. :wink: I'm just not sure if I'll make it before EP6 airs. *nervous laughter*

Oh, and in case you missed it: Here's Part 1.   

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I don't know when's the next time I'm gonna have a decent wifi connection, so let me knock off a few Feels while I still can... sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f

Here's Part 3 of the little things that I loved about Episode 5:


29. How fast Fuse went to Tee's side.

Awww. It's been a while since I last saw Fuse's face and thought: "Thank goodness, the world's gonna make sense again." ^_^ He may be Public Enemy # 1 right now, but no one can deny that Fuse delivers when it matters most. He always does.


PS: And pffft. Did anybody catch Fuse taking a quick glance from the corner of his eye (before walking away)? :lol: He probably thought Tee was some homeless man... Then it clicked, LOL.

30. The way Tee looked at Fuse before breaking down again.

More than Fuse's worried questions, what killed me was that flash of recognition and vulnerability on Tee's face (when he realized who's in front of him). :( It was the perfect mix of "You're here..." "What took you so long?" and "I'm so tired." I wanted to hug him right then and there!




31. When Fuse dried Tee's hair with a towel.

This is when my brain stopped cooperating, LOL. There's just something disarming about that simple act... As if he's taking care of a lost puppy that got caught in the rain. :heart: And it certainly didn't help my sanity when Tee just kept saying "hmmm" like a pet basking in the warmth of his touch.


32. Tee's subtle smile before saying:

"I couldn't think of anything. Just thought that I needed to see you." ASDFG. He knew it would sound cheesy, but he said it anyway... At his lowest point, Tee yearned for Fuse--rhyme and reason be damned. :wub: And if that isn't called meant-to-be, I don't know what is.


33. When Tee admitted how pathetic he felt.

then Fuse (with his sad puppy face) told him not to say such things. What ultimately struck a chord? That silent beat as Tee let Fuse's response sink in--before breaking into a smile! *swoon* You can almost pinpoint when his spirits finally lifted. And it's all because of Fuse.



34. Then Tee and Fuse started their long and glorious flirting session.

"Let's eat." "Feed me." "Suuuuuuure~" It's all in the name of health and wellness, I swear. :tongue: Can't get enough of how Fuse oh-so-casually leaned to emphasize his 'willingness' to return the favor... and how can I miss the raised eyebrow!



35. Glorious Flirting Level 2: The innocent butt slap...

Oh, I think there was some flirty back and forth where Fuse asked Tee to sleep on the bed and Tee initially declined. *cough* Are you sure about that, Tee? *cough* It's all blurry--coz my mind was well on it's way to the gutter. Hee hee.


36. Glorious Flirting Level 3: How Fuse struck a pose and said "Come here."

Everyone and their mother knows that his body language screams "I'm tempting you~" from all angles, LOL. But what really tickled my imagination? The way Tee feasted his eyes on the thing of beauty in front of him: As if he's *this* close to undressing Fuse with his looks! B)



37. Glorious Flirting Level 4: When Tee, ever so slowly, climbed on the bed...

with a burning look in his eyes! Whoever said that these two had no clue about the art of seduction? phew.gif.58c0ee10fc78766186e79fd315d9131 Before I knew it, Tee was inches away from Fuse's face--and Fuse wore a daring smile that had a playful hint of anticipation. *Pause. Rewind. Play. For a million times.*


PS: Guess what? If you look closely, Tee had actual beads of sweat near his temple. RAWR.

38. Then Tee literally turned his back on Fuse--

and Fuse looked like Santa forgot his gift on Christmas Day. BWHAHAHAHA. Best. Reaction. Ever! I was supposed to say something else after this. Oh, I remember now: It's... BWAHAHAHAHA! (Sorry, can't help it.) You're "just friends," right? :wink: Well played, Tee.





I really wanted to post the rest... but I'm dealing with some crappy mobile internet connection right now. *tears* 

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@kimchiflavored_plot Awwww.... how I love this Feels list. It was well written and so entertaining to read. Thanks, Kimchi! It feels so awesome to talk to you on different places too. hehehe  sick of me yet? :D I just finished watching everything for the nth time and then I saw your Feels list right after. Perfect timing! :wink: YES to every point you have listed here. I think this episode or this particular scene is my most favorite ep/scene of S2 so far. Plus their chemistry was so amazing in that ep. I could feel all those different emotions in their eyes when they deliver those dialogs. Ahh, don't make me fall in love with you more, TeeFuse! 

P.S: Those "beads of sweat near Tee's temple" were actually my soul. I had to come out 'cos it was too damn hot and I needed to watch it from a front row. huehuehuehue :phew:

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Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, @JuzM3:wub: And of course I'm not sick of talking to you everywhere (there's no such thing as too much fangirling, hee hee).

Tee and Fuse sure know how to make us squee in all the right moments, huh? B) Can't wait for EP6... and for #JealousFuse, mostly. LOL.

And yesss! More beads of sweat, please? :tongue:

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Ummmm, better late than never? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f

Here's the last part of my feels for Episode 5:


39. The way Fuse tapped Tee's back.

Almost is never enough--something that Fuse learned the hard way, LOL. Who else squealed after noticing that Tee had a hint of a smile the entire time? :wink: Somebody's secretly enjoying Fuse's sudden craving for skinship! Hee hee.



40. How Fuse's patience wore thin...

And he finally yanked Tee to face him! Look who's a little too hungry for some face-to-face interaction. phew.gif.58c0ee10fc78766186e79fd315d9131 BTW, you might want to wipe that smirk off your face, Tee (before Fuse finds out that you're having too much fun seeing him beg for more, haha!)


41. Glorious Flirting Level 5: When Tee asked if Fuse wasn't scared of getting sick.

It's all about the virus... and not about making him regret the boundaries of this so-called friendship? Yeah right. :tongue: Then Fuse replied without a trace of hesitation: "I'm not afraid, even if it's worse than a cold." *swoon* Sleep is overrated--just flirt all night, LOL.



Oh, and I gotta give it to Fuse: How could you not combust after Tee gave you such an I-wanna-hold-you-so-bad look? I mean, it's already driving me crazy... and I'm not even the person he's looking at! :lol:

42. Then Tee stopped beating around the bush: "You know what, this is the happiest I've been since that day."

Awww. I missed you, #HonestTee! Just curious: Was he really referring to the day Fuse went back to Jean? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f Part of me wants to make-believe that he's talking about their magical morning-after sequence in S1EP7 instead (or any other happier memory for that matter).


*cough* Coz the last thing I need is another reminder that he's still with her, LOL. *cough*

43. The surprisingly accurate sound that Fuse made after being told to sleep.

I don't know why, but that friggin "ummmh~" hit me hard. It sounded so genuine... I almost thought he ad-libbed. :wub: To top it all off, Tee and Fuse took turns and stole loving glances at each other--effectively turning me into a puddle of melted feels.



44. How Fuse kept closing in... until their noses almost touched.

You're killing me, Fuse! *insert flashbacks of their Eskimo Kiss here* His eyes spoke volumes of a rather obvious truth: He'd come a little closer and gaze a little longer--coz there's no other place he'd rather be tonight.


45. When they ended up on the wrong side of the bed.

Is it really a continuity error... or a glaring evidence of their bedroom acrobatics from the previous night? You be the judge. Hee hee. B)  Kidding aside, the way the morning sunlight fell on their bed had perfection written all over it!


46. How grateful Tee seemed, upon finding Fuse wrapped around him.

Then he gingerly placed his hand over Fuse's: Half afraid to wake him up, and half uncertain if he's crossing the line... But all traces of doubt probably disappeared, as he found comfort in Fuse's familiar embrace.


Also, can we talk about how comfortable Fuse slept while cuddling him? I've never wanted to trade places with a fictional character *this* much. :lol:

47. When they greeted the new day with a disarming exchange of smiles.

"You're up." "Hmmm." "Did you sleep well last night?" "Never better." I swear, I've heard this morning conversation a hundred times before... But everything sounded sweeter because they looked so darn happy!


48. Then the camera zoomed out...

To reveal Fuse resting his chin on Tee's shoulder! Their spot-on blocking underscores a certain level of comfort that's hard to fake. And don't even get me started on Fuse's endearing pout (as soon as his wife-y instincts kicked in). :heart:



49. How Tee retraced all the spots that Fuse touched.

Awwwww. Tee's thoughtful smile made one thing clear: If getting sick means having another sure-fire reason to feel his touch, then it's the most wonderful time to feel under the weather. :tongue:


50. Fuse's giddy grin while prepping the sponge bath.

I went from "I wonder what's making him smile like th--" to  "Oh, THAT's why!" in a matter of seconds. All I needed to figure it out? One quick look at the specular *ehem* view from Fuse's perspective. Hello there, abs... I mean, Tee.


51. Glorious Flirting Level 1,254: How Fuse's hand hovered over you-know-what.

DAAAAAMN. B) This will-he-or-won't-he thing has got to be the longest 13 seconds of my fangirling life... I even held my breath without noticing. And the most titillating part? Not the fact that Fuse was oh-so-ready to stake his claim--but the way their eyes said everything I needed to know! 


PS: This episode's Sneaky Move Award goes to Fuse. *slow clap* I mean, he could've chosen the more convenient spot for that bowl of water. But where's the fun in that, right? :ph34r:

52. Every single time Tee exhaled audibly.

Hang in there, Tee (Fuse won't eat you alive... yet). And just in case we missed the sexual tension in the air, that porn-sounding track started playing. Really, Show? LOLOL. I remember shouting "Make that music stop... I can't take it anymore!" in front of my screen. sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f




53. That hilarious flash of disappointment on Fuse's face--

when Tee stopped his hand from crossing R-18 territories! Bwhahahaha. Nice try, Fuse... :tongue: But as long as Tee hasn't run out of last-minute excuses to keep those raging hormones at bay, you're gonna need to find some other way to reach the promised land.


54. Then Fuse tried a more daring route.

OH. MY. BL GODS. Who knew that Fuse was on the Naughty List all along? Hee hee. B)While I liked that my not-so-innocent OTP is getting bolder every second, I realized that they're *this* close to being friends with friggin benefits--and I was torn between wanting more and wanting less.


55. Fuse's #ProudMoment after seeing Tee in complete and utter bliss.

Mission Tee-mpossible? More like Mission Accomplished! :wink: Congrats, Fuse... Thanks to your surprising mastery of How to Pamper Tee Until He's Carried Away 101, sponge baths will never be the same again.


56. Their kitchen misadventures.

Achievement unlocked: If you don't wanna starve for the rest of your life... find a Hubby who cooks. Hee hee. Wouldn't it be nice if they had more of these couple-y activities from day 1 of living under one roof? 


PS: And aaack. Why did they delete that part where Fuse offered Tee a taste of his *ehem* sausage

57. How a single name snapped them back to reality.

ARGH. Can't we just fool ourselves into thinking that the last 2 minutes of this episode didn't happen? This is exactly the reason why I felt so torn a while ago... As long as The Girlfriend Complication exists, every stolen moment is bound to end in heartbreak! :(



58. When Tee turned his head away to compose himself.

5, 4, 3, 2... Aaaand he's back to putting on a brave face and sprouting half-hearted declarations! How long are you gonna put up with this mess, Tee? -_- Stop pretending that everything's okay--coz your eyes keep telling me that it's not.


59. Then Tee said something that broke a part of me:

"For me, this is as good as I can get." NOOOOO. Just... no. :( And the worst part? He settled for breadcrumbs with such a sad smile on his lips. You deserve better than that, Tee. And I hope one day, you'll finally realize how much you're worth.


60. Oh, and Fuse said one more thing that's hard to stomach:

"You know what? If this was a dream, it would be a really good dream." *face palm* Was this supposed to be a romantic line, Show? Coz I missed the memo. :mellow: And you know what's better than a good dream? An actual reality where Tee is no longer waiting from the sidelines!





I hope EP7 is a loooot happier than the previous episode... Coz I still haven't gotten over Book's tears. :(

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Episode 7 was finished airing and boy. The aftermath of the sex video is just going to be more bigger.

Also there's Jean the looming problem for Fuse.


Raw 7th epsiode.



Also I didn't like the angst between Yok and Mo maybe because I'm not yet invested in them as a couple (too rushed for me). Also I find the Wit and Yok's Mom moments weird. Also some of the characters in this season are fillers like Fluke and also Tee's mom's boyfriend as well.

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Yeah it's kinda quiet.

Some comments for the latest episode.


Not interested for the Fuse/Gyne stoyline. When I saw Fuse I just hit the fast forward button.

For YokMo I felt like it went fast. Instant attraction, angst and resolution. That's how I perceived their "relationship" in the show.

As for Nine and Rodtang. They really turned Rodtang into a "dark" character. Nice to see Nine's POV. I think he has attraction to Rodtang even way back to Season 1.

For FrameBook the writers are really doing a poor job in this storyline. The beginning is good but the climax is kinda WTF, I'm betting the resolution is also WTF. But I'm a fan of this pairing so I'm going to stick even though it written very WTFery. 



Looks like they're just done shooting the last episode. Kinda betting it's a good ending for every pair. 

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Hello again! :D

Just visiting the virtual MIR confession room to pour out my feels for Episode 8:


1. When Pob came unannounced... again.

Honestly? I'm still not buying his crap. sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f But maybe this is just my bitterness talking--because of the tears Tee shed thanks to Mr. Shady! Oh well. As long as this brouhaha makes Tee a stronger person in the end, then I'm all good.


2. Then he dropped a line about loving two people at the same time.

...and my second-lead shipping heart skipped a beat: "OMG. Does this mean Cis actually has a shot?" LOL. What do you mean Pob was talking about Tee's Mom? :tongue: I can't hear youu~ *delusion ends here* Kidding aside, I'm just relieved that Tee can finally put this chapter behind him.


3. When Rodtang's friends finally called him out.

Ugh... I kept rolling my eyes. :rolleyes: Then I guess Beam is doing an impeccable job at being so full of himself? Hee hee. But seriously, I miss the Old Rodtang too: Confident, but not cocky. Self-assured, but not overbearing. :(


4. Then Rodtang became a Class A Jerk.

I watched this raw and thought: "Awww, look! He brought them gifts to make up for being an richard simmons earlier." And then he threw his bag--and it hit me. He's asking them to carry his stuff instead! :angry: Is it time for Rodtang's capeless hero to intervene?


5. Their telling (and refreshingly honest) anti-stress tips.

I wonder who will Tee follow: Mo, Wit or Est? Hee. B) This is one of those rare moments where they feel like real-life teenagers... Oh and *cough* are you listening, Fuse? Est said "Find the problem and fix it!" *cough*


6. Then they did what any other careless teen would've done:

Decide to sing and be merry instead! :lol: On a more sentimental note, it's nice to see them huddle and figure out life's mysteries during recess... Coz that's exactly what many of us did in high school: Roll with the punches over a catchy song and a few (non-alcoholic, LOL) drinks.


7. Tern's poolside conversation with his mystery boyfriend.

Le sigh. For the sake of unpredictability, I really hoped you'd be more than just the one-dimensional f**kboy. But it turned out that Book's initial description of you was pretty accurate after all. :mellow: Oh, and who else compared the BF's voice with the teacher? Hee hee.


8. The obligatory angsty shower scene.

Ooof. Somebody give the poor guy a warm hug! Book looked so vulnerable... I actually started thinking of ways to let Frame into the house (so he could dry Book with a towel a la Episode 1): Where's the spare key when you need it?!? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f


9. How Book looked back and forth...

as he found unexpected company in the staircase. Classic case of a deer caught in the headlights: *looks at Fuse* Gasp, human. *looks at Yok* Another human! Should I make a run for it and hide back in my cave? :lol: Baby steps, Book! 


10. That silent beat as they sat in a row.

OMG this is too cute for my fangirl heart: Three Ukes in one frame! ^_^ And the best part (Well... for us, at least. LOL)? They're all somewhere in between Well-this-is-awkward and Please-please-please-break-the-ice-already.


11. That timely elevator analogy.

It goes up: Yok and his road to recovery. It goes down: Book and his broken state. And sometimes it's stuck: Helloooo, Fuse, LOL. :tongue: But it's still an elevator. Awwww. Your hiccups don't define you, Boys... It's what you do after that counts!


12. And Book agreed!

Hooray for character growth and maturity. *confetti* And thank you, Yok... for breaking out of your slump and leading the first-ever Uke Board Meeting! Don't you wanna make this a regular gig? :D Inspiring BL drama leads, one elevator at a time. Hee hee.


13. How Frame arrived on Book's doorstep with a smile.

Sometimes I wonder: "Where do you get all your happy pills, Frame?" ^_^ I'm just sooo proud of him for keeping it together. And then! His smile suddenly faded. So I'm like: *gasp* "Oh nooooo, don't give up on him yet!"


14. Then Book slipped a thank you note... with a smiley!

Hallelujah, BL Gods. But my happiness is nowhere near Frame's--who looked nothing short of getting the a golden ticket to Charlie's Chocolate Factory! :D This is exactly what he needed. What they both needed... A glimmer of hope. Your hard work is finally paying off, Frame. *hugs*


15. When the two-faced squad met over lunch:

The deceiving GF, the annoying BFF, and the infuriating playboy. *facepalm* Well, I'm just gonna sit here and watch them self-destruct: With (1) Jean getting caught in her own web of lies and (2) the other two backstabbers sharing some naughty secrets of their own.


16. That wordless beat as the camera panned left...

to reveal #JealousFuse and his Death Glare in the end! BWHAHAHA. At this rate, you'll end up staring holes into Cis' head. And when Tee almost buried his face into the pillow? I squealed. Coz I could see his thought bubble from a mile away: "What have I gotten myself into?" Hee.


17. Then the BL Gods blessed us with juicy servings of The Tee Sandwich.

And I certainly enjoyed every bite: Their petty staring contest, Cis' spot-on smirk, Fuse's boiling jealousy, and even how Tee's eyes darted back and forth. *grabs popcorn* Oh, Show... You should've milked on the comedic potential of this endearing threesome from the get-go! ^_^


18. And just when I thought things couldn't get funnier than this?

Mo started singing his heart out! (Completely oblivious that it's raining jelly beans behind him, LOL.) :lol: His voice cracked, his beat was off, and his tone was all over the place... but Mo slayed that mini concert as far as I'm concerned.


19. When the boys stood in solidarity.

But Tee and Cis didn't get the memo! LOLOLOL. Their clueless faces said it all: "We signed up for the karaoke (and the awkward seating arrangement :tongue:)... Why are y'all suddenly rising like the Avengers?" *crickets* Best. Tee-Cis moment. Ever.


20. Fuse's deflated sigh as he put two and two together.

If this isn't a neon sign for you to finally break up with her, I don't know what is. *cough* But frankly, part of me hoped that Fuse's eureka moment would be based on the realization that he loves Tee more than anyone... and not because Jean's a certified cheater after all. *cough*


21. How Tee's worried eyes sought no one else but Fuse.

While Fuse seemed determined to drown his broken heart with alcohol. Who else had S1 flashbacks? -_- Some things never change... And the fact that Tee's still silently looking out for him (after nearly 20 episodes!) just tugs my heartstrings on so many levels.


22. But Tee wasn't a big fan of the suggestion to take Fuse home...

And Fuse's first instinct was to lock his target! Hee. Good luck with those feels, Tee. phew.gif.58c0ee10fc78766186e79fd315d9131 Oh BTW Fuse, when I asked you to bring out your inner gibbon... I didn't mean for you to hang onto him like you just found the cuddliest tree in the jungle! But I guess it's a start? LOL.


23. Then Cis, without needing to be asked, started getting off his seat.

Awwwwww. He knew that sending Tee home was already out of the question! -_- But before Cis could walk away, Tee asked if he'd be okay--hoping to soften the blow. And like every second lead in dramaland, Cis flashed a smile--not wanting to make things harder for the one he is pining for.


PS: Did anyone notice how Fuse--in a stroke of brilliant timing--casually asjusted his grip as Tee asked if it was okay for Cis to go home without him? Pffft. Don't worry, Fuse... no one's taking your man away. :wink:

24. And just in case we missed how much Cis was willing to sacrifice to be with Tee?

The guy started tracing his journey home: A two-kilometer walk, a taxi ride, with a motorcycle to boot! Cis even said everything without a hint of bitterness... Why do all the good guys finish last? -_- If you need company during your long commute, I volunteer as tribute LOL.


25. How Fuse accomplished Mission Make-Tee-Send-Me-Home.

I don't think Fuse was faking any of this. (But if he was? I nominate Fuse for an Oscar. :tongue:) More than anything, this drunken sequence just proves... that alcohol isn't called a "social lubricant" for nothing. *wink wink*


26. When Fuse borrowed Tee's shoulder for a while.

Awwwww. :wub: There are more obvious reasons to love this scene: (1) The way Fuse rested his head on Tee's shoulder. (2) Tee's helpless smile as he softly called Fuse's name. (3) Or how Tee ruffled Fuse's hair before musing on his childlike sleeping patterns...


27. But what really made me swoon?

That sense of contentment on Tee's face as they sat in comfortable silence. And how the back of Fuse's hand instinctively touched Tee's leg towards the end--as if his DNA was programmed to seek his lover's warmth! :heart: These subtle moments never fail to hit all the right notes.


28. How Tee stroked Fuse's back.

Seeing somebody take care of a wasted friend is nothing new. So I honestly thought that this particular sequence would have very little effect on me. But boy, I was sooo wrong... w00t.gif.89bfc5f07f7dab28102e6b9c1ad200c Blame the next few items for my incoherent squealing!


29. The way Tee laughed upon finding Fuse on the floor.

He's helplessly charmed--and there's no point denying it. Before I could fully recover from swooning, Tee asked Fuse to raise his arms. And the moment Fuse did? I hit the pause button. Coz he suddenly looked like a five-year-old kid--and they were too adorabe for words! ^_^


30. When Tee started taking Fuse's pants off.

Welcome to Sponge Bath # 3. *evil laugh* Like a sponge bathing guru, Tee patiently wiped his way through... But when Fuse insisted on getting drunk again, Tee affectionately whacked his tummy! :lol: Is this a sneak-peek of the rest of their lives? I luff it.


31. The runaway winner of this whole episode?

Tee! :lol: He had soooooo much fun hearing how embarrassed Fuse was (when he tried wiping Fuse's *ehem*). B) The way Tee pretended not to hear--while wearing the naughtiest grin--had me giggling like a 13-year-old!

PS: Not even ashamed to admit that I replayed this part more than I could count. Fuse's half-ashamed, half-annoyed face was gold! And don't even get me started on Tee's sneaky smile before reaching Fuse's boxers. phew.gif.58c0ee10fc78766186e79fd315d9131 Hee hee.

32. How Fuse went back to Sleeping Beauty Mode in a matter of seconds.

And when Tee asked if he'd rather sleep on the bathroom floor instead of the bed? "Carry me..." Pffft. You are such a princess! :lol: It's a good thing that even in this drunken state, Prince Charming is still under your spell. *swoon*

33. Then the phone vibrated...

just as Tee was getting off his feet (to princess-carry him, LOL)! I awwwed when Fuse kept banging his head on Tee's forearm--perhaps hoping to counter his throbbing headache. :wub: Oh, and on a scale of 1 to absolutely clingy... how endearing was Fuse's pout when Tee told him to wait?


34. Tee's curt responses when he answered the call.

"Hello, Cis. What's up? Yes, I'm here." Oooooof. Couldn't you have at least asked if he arrived home in one piece? *nervous laughter* But I guess the heart wants what it wants--and we all know whom Tee's heart belongs to...


35. Fuse's crestfallen face while Tee emphasized the dreaded friendzone:

"How can I do that? We both have already agreed to be only just friends." Do what? Kiss him? Hug him? Sweep him off his feet? :tongue: Hee hee. Either way, Tee's answer wasn't exactly the wake up call that Fuse was hoping to hear.


36. Then Tee dropped bombshell after bombshell...

How is this phone call a death sentence? Let me count the ways: (1) "Don't wait for me, Cis." (2) "I'm not ready for anyone yet." (3) "Sorry... It's never gonna happen between us." (4) "Forget me. I don't wanna hurt you." No wonder Fuse suddenly looked sober, LOLOL. phew.gif.58c0ee10fc78766186e79fd315d9131


37. The way Tee hung his head after the call.

Turning someone down is never a walk in the park--especially when you know how it feels like to be rejected. -_- So despite crushing every bit of hope that Cis had (there goes another sunken second-lead ship, LOL), Tee's deep sigh reminded me that he wasn't such a heartless guy.


PS: Did anyone notice how Fuse pretended to be asleep as soon as Tee dropped the phone? Then he looked at Tee with such sad eyes afterwards! Now I'm second-guessing everything: Was he really drunk? Hee.

38. That silent beat after Fuse said: "Hey Tee..."

All of a sudden, his voice became deep, somber, and sincere. And anybody can tell that playtime's over: "Are you and Cis not together?" This is it, this is it, this is it! :o Time to lay your cards on the table, boys.


39. Then Tee flashed a meaningful smile--clearly relieved to get it off his chest:

"Yeah. I don't like anybody easily... I'm not that kind of person." Awwwww. It's one thing to hear Tee saying thank you over and over again... But it's a whole new level of OMG-why-can't-he-see-how-amazing-you-are to witness how perceptive Cis is ("Fuse must've had his own reasons.") :(


40. When Fuse asked: "Then, what about me?"

SQUEEE. This is not a drill: They finally stopped beating around the bush! Then Tee replied not only with the answer that Fuse so badly needed to hear, but also with a shy smile that could only mean one thing: "I thought you'd never ask." :wub: Don't even bother fighting that smile, Fuse!


41. How Tee finally addressed the elephant in the room:

"How's everything between with you and Jean?" Dun, dun, duuuun! As much as I'd love for the fluffy mood to carry on, I'd choose the resolution of Jean's issue over stolen OTP moments any day. It's about damn time, Show. :wink:


42. But I think I spoke to soon!

Aaaaaaaack. Why are you cute-pouting your way out of this, Fuse? :mellow: And Tee! Can you please stop saying "It's okay not to talk about it"? *face palm* If you keep giving Fuse a free pass, you're gonna end up being the spare guy forever.


43. Then Tee pulls the friendship card without letting Fuse explain.

Ummmm... As far as I can recall, steamy sponge baths and cheeky bedroom flirts aren't part of the platonic package. sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f Or am I using the wrong dictionary? *imagines them pining from afar instead* I want the compelling separation angst so bad--not the short-lived fanservice.


44. But all my frustrations temporarily disappeared...

the moment Tee closed the door! :heart: It's been such a loooong time since his face got painted with overwhelming happiness... How do you do it, Tee and Fuse? How do you make me forget everything else with just a simple smile?


45. When Mo said: "How long will you be posing like you're in a music video?"

BWAHAHHAHAHA. Count on Mo to deliver one-liners with refreshing honesty. Listen to him, Fuse... Good things come to those who wait--but better things come to those who work for it! :wink:


46. Everything that happened afterwards.

Full disclosure: I didn't really care about Jean and her BFF's fallout. Coz I was too busy replaying Tee's laughter! :tongue:The poor guy has been the go-to punching bag of the season, so I'm gonna milk on this precious moment for as long as I can.




As for Episode 9? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f

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Am i the only one that thinks Book and Frame  scene was too much? (Book taking overdose of Pills)

Ofc i can't judge 100% because i haven't seen next episode..

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Does this series even hire an editor, or do they just shoot scenes and throw darts to decide what order to put them in? So in ep. 9 Tee is kissing Fuse over the phone and begging for good night wishes, then in ep. 10 he is playing hard-to-get while Fuse tries to chase him down. Frame has a magic tattoo that appears and disappears, all in about 10 minutes. Not to mention he punches the guy who devastated his bf, then thanks him 2 minutes later. It is really frustrating how a series that could and should be so good is so often sabotaged by lazy, careless writing, editing, continuity, and direction. Arggghhh!

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