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[Official] The NEXT DOOR COUPLE: Park Do-Kyung ❤️ Oh Hae Young / Eric Mun Jeong Hyuk❤️ Seo Hyun Jin


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Guest dramacf

I really hope that the director's cut would have the BTS of their kisses. I think TvN is being stingy with the BTS cos of the director's cut.

SHJ's so awesome attending Park Hee Bon's wedding and taking time out to the hectic live shooting schedule. Loks like her ex-group mates are important to her cos it's no joke how crazy hectic and tiring the liveshoot is. I remember from an article I read before that they're shooting 7 days a week now, so basically no rest day but she managed to make time for an ex-groupmate shows she values friendship/loyalty which Eric does too. So you know where I'm heading right? They're such a good match. if they happen to date for reals and be a couple in real life, they're be that unique couple who started both young in kpop (same agency) and became actors and eventually met again after a long long time. I would love to know what they talk about during their shooting breaks, like probably reminiscing the old times when they did the SMTown MV. Sorry, must have had too much caffeine in my system today. 

Anyways, I love how the universe seems to be pointing at them to be a real couple (well, at least in my delulu imagination) 

- from their old SM days

- SHJ did a short drama with Dongwan (Shinhwa)

- she sings, he raps (OMG, I suddenly want a collab from them even just for this drama some kind of a gift to all the fans for supporting the drama and the high ratings)

- she basically have a pic with her (future) sis-in-law, niece and nephew ( I legit call it my head cannon of SHJ being already one of the family) . Seriously, Eric could've have just taken a pic with her sis, niece and nephew or them plus the 2 OHY's but only SHJ is there) How I love that she's beside Eric's sis in that photo. :wub:

- then that little boy wearing that same color of shirt that Eric and SHJ wore back in that 2002 SMTown MV. (Btw, you can easily spot them in the group cos they were the only ones wearing the same colors)

- OHY was rejected by 2 actresses until it came to SHJ (3rd time's a charm, I believe that and indeed it is!)

- them having photos with kids...like seriously do they want to kill us?!!

- from their BTS, I feel like they're so comfortable with each other despite their 6-year age gap knowing how Koreans are such a stickler with seniority/age.

Enough spazzing, back to work for me... ^_^

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I love these two together. I've said it before and I'll say it again SHJ is really Eric's best female co-star. I was wondering when he'd ever pair up with someone he's compatible with. The last person he had sizzling chemistry with was Yoo Ji Hye from Que Sera, Sera 2007. For some reason Eric's female leads are so...prudent around him. They shy away when he kisses them and they just look awkward....

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Waaw chingu yaa, I think it's a bit crazy outside and also in OHYA forum bcause of the BTS photo of our OTP hugging each other while waiting driver after their 2nd kiss

I try to recall the scene again and noo.. this pose was different with the actual scene in episode 10. Soo I guess it is just Eric oppa and Hyun Jin oenni who were trying to warm up each other between the takes.

It is soo good to see Eric oppa took a good care of Hyun Jin oenni. And if it is not because they comfort around each other, I think it is impossible to see they're hugging like this.

Soo, chingu yaa, it is really a good start :wub:

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