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[Thai Drama 2016] Grey Rainbow รุ้งสีเทา


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On 5/30/2016 at 2:14 PM, Aekiokung said:

i really love this movie


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*Theory on the Cause of Nuers Passing*




He had an acute myocardial infarction. Nuer shows the sign of being tired pretty easy and it might also be the reason why he lost to Porsche during the boxing scene (The subtle message of the scene is that Nuer finally surrendered himself and his love to Porsche). But the strong evidence is when his dad told Porsches dad that Nuer's mum is unhealthy. Because of her health's condition, she could only deliver Nuer and no more children.




*Later on in EP4*, during the hospital scene, the doctor told them that they need the blood donation for Jane. That conversation led us to believe that Nuer can't donate the blood because of the blood type, which is AB and that matched Porsche's. So we were reckless enough to overlook the fact that Nuer answered that not because of the blood type, *but because he just can't do the blood donation, like at all.* That's why he said he can't do that. And he would find someone at the camp to do so. Luckily that Porsche was there so Porsche can offer him and doctor a hand.




Thus, we theorise that Nuer might be suffering from an illness unknown to us. (But, we didn't see any sign of Nuer's illness acting up or Nuer going for medical checkup or treatment.)




In addition, we theorise that Porsche knows about Nuer's condition at the start. At least, there are strong proofs to believe that Porsche knows something that we don't. Porsche has a habit of gifting a watch to Nuer. We saw Porsche did that twice; he might have done it more often. In EP1, at the dormitory room, Porsche told Nuer that he chose a watch as the gift so that *"You can be a guy with more time to spend."* This perhaps is an indication of Porsche's reluctance to see that forthcoming day. It's a sign that he finally surrendered. (Another reason could be that Nuer's supposed illness requires him to take note of time constantly for his medical treatment.) Another evidence is also in EP1, after Porsche chased Nuer's motorbike, Nuer told Porsche to live on his own away from the family and Porsche retorted Nuer, "How long do you think you can still live with [family]?"




However, if this theory that Porsche knew about Nuer's condition at the start is true, it adds an even heavier load onto the much love that Porsche has for Nuer throughout the show.








Next, here are some observations that we made.




Again, from the dialogues, you can see that the same lines (or questions) were repeated but the context in which they were used (or replies) changed. And, this change shows a progress in Nuer and Porsche's relationship. One example is the following 3 scenes- the first scene of the series at the railway station, the EP3 scene at the airport on the first day Porsche arrived and the final scene where they held hand after Nuer's passing. In the first and the second ones, Nuer retorted playfully about the distance and asked Porsche, *"Miss Me?"*, but Porsche gave different replies. Porsche didn't answer that question, since he still couldn’t reveal his secret love. However, the second time at the airport during EP3, Porsche answered *"Of course, I do."*, because to him, there's nothing to hide anymore. Same reason for the final scene.




Also, in that same conversation where Nuer picked Porsche up at the airport for the first time, Nuer asked Porsche *"why not just move in with me?"*, Porsche didn't answer that question. Later on, it became too late for Porsche to answer the question, but in order to complete his emptiness and continue walking on, he finally gave his answer to Nuer - who is now only alive in his memory. Porsche promised Nuer to stay there and raise their daughter, Tang-on.




In the final handholding scene, Nuer asked Porsche again if he were to find a richer, nicer and etc. guy, *can he promise him that he will never change his heart and love the another guy.* Porsche didn't give a proper answer the first time round at the flower field, making a joke on how Nuer broke a promise first. But now that he can't do it in front of Nuer anymore, he has to use this opportunity to also give Nuer the answer to this question. Again, it's too late, but at least it can help him complete. So he gave Nuer a confirmative statement to promise him that he will be the only man whom he loves for eternity.




Porsche did not answer Nuer's questions on at least 3 occasions (above) is perhaps because of his habit of thinking a lot to himself. At the finale, Porsche indirectly admitted that by telling Ice that he doesn't have the time to think too much to himself anymore.  And surely at the end, Porsche regretted not saying things to Nuer when he had the chance to.








Next, Ice. Ice = Thought of Porsche. Her answer of the future is the same with Porches’. As for Ice, some people say that she's an imagination or an alter ego... But Ice is more like an inner self- a thought or consciousness. Actually Ice said it herself that she is Porsche's thought.




Now think about how tough it was for Porsche during the university era while he had a one-sided love to Nuer and he had to summon his own thought up. And how could he live with that for 4 years without bursting out? Ice was the only one who was supposedly by his side. Now think about how Nuer is important to Porsche. During the last scene, Porsche kicked Ice out of his mind and replaced her with Nuer instead. In order to demean your thought for someone, you need a lot of strength and love to do so. Thats how much Nuer meant to Porsche even in the day that he no longer exists in flesh. He said that he doesn't need ice anymore because he now has Nuer to talk to. (Right after the kissing scene, Ice didnt appear again.)




As the final quote of the series says *"0.00 - Our love...will live on forever."* And if you take a look closely at the last scene -  the swing, where Nuer and Porsche have a cute conversation together, Nuer, in the form of Porsche's thought, said that *"Everything changes, Porsche. Except my love to you that will always remain the same."* Yes, because *Nuer is no more alive.* So, *to Porsche, the last and the final thing he could get to live with in his memory is the love of Nuer.*, which will never ever change again at all, no matter what, since Nuer is no longer there already.








*Let's move to Jane*, her fate is very clear at the last scene. When Nuer's Mum and Dad have a conversation together while they are welcoming the guests.




Talking about that, Jane and Watt relationship is the reference to Madame Butterfly, the play both of them did together during the university. While some people are too furious with the fact that Nuer and Porsche can't live together "in person" for the rest of their lives, they overlook the fact that Nuer and Porsche, which represents the Homosexual Couple, has a successful family, a complete one as Porsche always wants from the very first episode, one that consists of love, marriage license (though a fake one), a baby and perhaps an acceptance of the society. But Jane and Watt, which represents the Heterosexual Couple, doesn't end up that way. They ended up as a, if we may say, failed couple. So instead of judging that the series is walking in the same old direction, which ended up with the death of gay couple, this one is certainly not. No one can live forever. But the most beautiful thing ever is how love can live on forever. And Nuer and Porsche has that forever love.








From the multiple quote scenes, we believe that the story is told by Porsche in a diary form. The time in the quote is the duration of time that Nuer and Porsche spent during that scene. So, the scene where Porsche stop the time is an imagination by Porsche on what he would have done if he could re-write this scene in his diary of memories.


When it comes to the last quote, it's 0.00, which is an infinite number, which means *'Our love...will live on forever.'*








Anyway, in EP1, when Porches is speaking on the podium, is that in the future? After a guy suddenly comes up with question, "Are you gay?", the frame changes. The timeline is either going back or forward. Kind of confuse about timeline here.




*Answers from Paper Plane Subs:*


Subbers Alex and Jee: We think that its part of his assignment and its happened in the past. Porsche gave promise to Nuer that he would stay with him at the Elephant Camp. Anyway, the university is also in Chiang Mai so theres a still a huge chance that he has taken lecturer as a part time job for a specific topic.


Editor: I think that Porsche is in the future after Nuer died, when he gave that lecture as a guest lecturer invited by his professor (who is also there) perhaps.








*Two questions for the first frame: *


1. Is it really Nuer who sent Tang-on to school?


2. What video Porsche was showing?




*Answer from Ben: *


Maybe Nuer didnt die on that wedding day. He died sometimes after the wedding. Dont know when. And he still has time to stay with Porsche and tang-on. So that's why they showed us those scenes with grown up tang on and Nuer.




*Another explanation of this scene by Adam:*




Maybe it's to mean that it is Nuer's duty to send Tang on to school because Porsche is too nervous to ride bike.


But finally he has to do it because Nuer is no longer around.




*Answer from Alex: *

Its an abstract scene showing that it would supposed to be Nuer who sent Tang-on to school if only he was still alive. Anyway, the motorbike is pretty much a symbolic here. Porsche used to deny to be the one who rides the motorbike but Nuer kept on pushing him to practice the ride. But in the final scene, we see Porsche rides the motorbike on this own to take Tang-on to school. This means that he has finally overcome his fear and is pretty capable of doing things that he used to rely on Nuer better on his own.





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