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Do you exercise regularly ?

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I didn't have much interest in sports and my health the most of my life, only when I became an adult I changed my opinion Now I try to make exercises every day and have an active life in general but

Hi Soompiers ! Do you exercise regularly ? If yes, what is your fitness routine ? Or do you do sports regularly ? Well, I do nothing seriously...  

Yes, I am going to for the morning walk every day..

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I exercise around 4 times per week sometimes more depending on my schedule. I've been using a personal trainer in London since February and training at a private studio for personal training only. The company is called Right Path Fitness i highly recommend them. Sessions are fun and I'm seeing great results.

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I always exercised in the gym for 3-4 times a week before the pandemic situation. But, unfortunately, in quarantine period I stopped all the training because I had to change my regime. I have 2 children and because of the fact that all the kindergarten are closed, but my on-line job is actual I have no possibility to make such graphic of love I could make in time all planned affairs. I wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning to work while the whole family is sleeping (it is impossible to work when the kids are running around the house and distracting you every 5 minutes) So the only solution for me is to get up even earlier to be able to do a workout. I find a not complicated program for home training on modernfit.com so, I try to do it to keep fit. But honestly, I very tired and not getting enough sleep.

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