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[Drama 2016] Let's Fight Ghost 싸우자 귀신아

Go Seung Ji

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Guest adikkeluangman

Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun, and more gather for 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight' script reading

Pictures from the script reading of tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama, 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight,' have been dropped today!  The drama is set to premiere on July 11, but before that, you can see the actors like Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun, and Kwon Yool get into character in the pictures below.

Other actors include Kim Sang Ho, Kang Ki Young, Lee Da Wit, and more.  The drama centers on exorcist Park Bong Pal who captures ghosts for money with the help of a female high school student ghost named Kim Hyun Ji, who remains on the world because of her grievance that she didn't get to take her college entrance exams. 


It will air after 'Oh Hae Young Again'!


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Guest adikkeluangman

Ok Taecyeon at script reading for his new drama <싸우자 귀신아>





Oh, Taecyeon. After drama Wonderful Days, his solo projects will be with his cast from that drama. In 3 Meals A Day with Lee Seo Jin and Kim Kwang Gyu. In this drama, with Kim Sang Ho. Reading comments after these pictures posted, still people protests about the OTP age differences. Somehow they all got memory loss in regards in KSH older drama, she pair with actors that older than Taecyeon. 

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Let's Fight Ghost script reading video




‘Let's Fight Ghost’ Ok Taecyeon X Kim Sohyun special chemistry… First script reading release
Source: Sports Dongha via NAVER

tvN's new Monday - Tuesday drama 'Let's Fight Ghost' that will first air on July 11th at 11PM drew attention to Ok Taecyeon, Kim Sohyun, Kwon Yul, and more actors for their perfect possession of their characters at the script reading setting.

[+1575 -108] Ok Taeyeon............... 

^ I never knew Bongpal was this handsome

^ Then it won't be fighting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The ghost would all be dead

^ I think he would just beat up all the ghostsㅋㅋㅋ

^ Ok Taecyeon X Taeyeon = Ok Taeyeon???

[+838 -87] Ok Taecyeon is a real celebrity concept. He didn't have to enlist, but he gave up his citizenship to go. He could had just gone; however, he had to get chiropractic adjustments and was deemed unfit. Realistically speaking, he's a cool person. I support Ok Taecyeon.

[+682 -46] This report is either a Taeyeon fan or Ok Taecyeon's anti.. What's with the nameㅋ

[+180 -21] Who knew Bongpal's would be this fitㄷㄷ He'll probably beat up the ghosts

[+165 -30] If he keeps his idiot character alive, it'll be awesome. OkBingu, Taecyeon, good luck.

[+144 -23] In the script, Bongpal is a college student, so I think it will suit him well considering his idiot image from Three Meals ~!!!

[+129 -20]ㅋㅋㅋㅋI think it will be funnier if person big as Ok Taecyeon ran away from ghosts ㅋㅋㅋ If he just pulls it off wellㅇㅇ 

[+136 -25] Since they changed Bongpal's age to a college student, I think it will suit OkBingu very well ㅋㅋ

[+136 -30] If I look at them as a whole-- Kim Sohyun, Ok Taecyeon, Kwon Yul-- I like all of them. I hope they make it entertaining!!

source : 2PMedia


twitter update (more photos)







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Guest adikkeluangman

Taecyeon complete filmography since debut as actor. Latest to be the drama on tvN.

Can't wait.

"Bring It On, Ghost" starts making

The new tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost" has been set for release on the 11th of July and the cast of the drama got together for a reading session.

"Bring It On, Ghost" is the story of a shaman named Park Bong-pal who makes money off ghosts and Kim Hyeon-ji, a ghost who did nothing but study before she suddenly died and it has become a grudge.


"Bring It On, Ghost" is a web-toon original with 700 million views.

"Bring It On, Ghost" had its first script reading on the 18th of May. Taecyeon takes on the role of Bong-pal, Kim So-hyeon-I as Kim Hyeon-ji the ghost, Kwon Yul as Hye-seong, Kim Sang-ho as Monk Myeong-cheol, Kang Ki-yeong as Cheon-sang and Lee David as In-rang.

Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I are trying out for something new this time and they are expected to synergize.

Director Park Joon-hwa said, ""Bring It On, Ghost" is a mixture of horror, comedy, action and mellow. I expect this to be a fun drama as the characters are alive".


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Guest adikkeluangman

Rookie actress Baek Seo-e to play Taecyeon's crush on 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight'

Rookie actress Baek Seo-e will be joining upcoming tvN drama 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight'!

On June 7, JellyFish Entertainment announced, "Baek Seo-e has been confirmed for a role in 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight'." She will be playing the crush of the main male character named Park Bong Pal, played by 2PM's Taecyeon. 


Viewers will be able to see Baek Seo-e along with Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun, and more on the new drama starting July 11! 


[Official] 160518 tvN ‘Let's Fight Ghost’ Script Reading (Taecyeon)


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Guest adikkeluangman

Taecyeon tweet about Kim So Hyun as Dream Concert MC. Click the link to view her pictures.

Trans : Remember 160604. Dream Concert MC Kim Sohyun Legend Shot (출처 : sidusHQ | 네이버 포스트) http://me2.do/xwiPoVzO   

Indeed~ (by 2pmalways)

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Guest adikkeluangman

"Bring It On, Ghost" Taecyeon hands Kim So-hyeon-I a birthday cake

Taecyeon is giving Kim So-hyeon-I her birthday cake.

Pictures of this moment were posted on the official SNS of the tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost".


Taecyeon is seen handing Kim So-hyeon-I a birthday cake. The two star in "Bring It On, Ghost" as a teenage ghost and a university student who can see her.

"Bring It On, Ghost" will be released on the 11th.


Pictures story about the first shooting.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Chansung and the rest of 2PM 'hinted' about 2PM new album and at the same time he showed support for Taecyeon new drama. Chansung also did the same to Junho when he filming his drama previously.

Trans : Mr Bongpal... Filming fighting.. I shall head to the shooting site with the coffee van of love (by 2pmalways)

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Guest adikkeluangman

Taecyeon wishes Kim So-hyeon-I happy birthday on the set of 'Bring It On, Ghost'

tvN's upcoming Monday & Tuesday drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost' production team has posted an adorable photo of Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I through the drama official twitter account.

The caption says, 'Busy Bong-pal and Hyun-ji!" and "June 4th, Bong-pal celebrated Hyun-ji's birthday".


In the revealed photo, Taecyeon is giving Kim So-hyeon-I her birthday cake. Kim So-hyeon-I is responding to the surprise with her bright smile. In the upcoming drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost', the pair play the nineteen year old high school student, Hyun-ji, who is a ghost, and a college student Bong-pal, who can see a ghost.

'Bring It On, Ghost' starts on July 11th.


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