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[Drama 2016] Let's Fight Ghost 싸우자 귀신아

Go Seung Ji

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Well written finale episode! I love everything about it. I cried for Prof., smiled and grinned for our OTP. Overall, one of the best finales I've ever seen. Everything and everyone was accounted for and the finale tied up everything nicely from the beginning of the story. Even the monk was given a love-line? Haha! I would say no loose end, at least not that I've noticed. Love this show!

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i just watch last episode of LFG.. omg... im glad our cute couple got permission from hyunji's mom and monk still alive..

i definitely will miss this drama.. and how handsome taecyeon oppa in my eyes..hahahahha..

thank you for all news, update, recapping.. see you in other thread :wub:

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Yes... really not ready for this final

Hiks..hikss :(:(

Sooo... reaallly enjoying their chemistry... the OTP... the Soondae Soup CEO .. the ghost hunting and fighting

Gosh... gonna really miss them

Btw, why this drama only have 30 pages :mellow::mellow:





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So sad this drama came to an end... but I really enjoyed this drama!

The chemistry between Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun was so cute!! I really love them both! Even though their age difference is very big, I can't help shipping them XD

The ending was very satisfying! I love it! (So sad that there wasn't an ending kiss lol)

Kim So Hyun's acting matured a lot during this drama! Taecyeon's acting is on point too (and he's so good looking omg :wub:)!

I'm gonna miss the two goofballs so much.... I will miss you Sundae Soup Club!!

I hope the casts and the staff have fun on their trip to Jeju! They deserve the vacation after a successful drama and their hard work!

Gonna miss this drama! :(

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Taecyeon's twitter update 

[Trans]  This summer was really hot. I am sincerely thankful that I could meet actors and staff members so considerate of each other even in this heat wave. Bongpal is leaving now, but I don't think I'll ever be able to forget this summer. Everyone, good job~ (trans credit: 2pmalways)








Kim So Hyun gives her thoughts on wrapping up 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight'

Actress Kim So Hyun took to her Twitter on August 30 to share with fans her thoughts on wrapping up her most recent project, tvN's 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight'!

She wrote, "Hey Ghost! Let's Fight!! It's over now.. Thank you to all of the viewers and fans who gave us so much love~ I hoped that the fun environment on set would be delivered even just a little through the screen, and a lot of people did seem to share in the happiness, which made me proud and gave me energy! Thank you director Park Jun Hwa, writer Lee Dae Il, Taecyeon oppa, David oppa, Ki Young oppa, Yool oppa, and Sang Ho sunbaenim! Plus all of the other actors and sunbaenims, thank you so much and I love you. To me, 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight' is very very special. The bracelet couple has gone now.. I'm sad, but I think I'll be able to go to sleep happily~ Everyone sweet dreams~ I'll go to bed believing that Hyun Ji and Bong Pal will get along well and make memories as happy as the ones they made while Hyun Ji was a ghost. Everyone, good night."

kim sohhyun's tweets





source : allkpop

NG cuts compilation





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On 31/08/2016 at 7:40 AM, lclarakl said:

In regards to Hyun Ji going on the blind date, although she is dating Bong Pal was very disappointing. She wasn't dating because her parents were forcing her, she did it because she wanted to go with her friends. Why the writer threw that in at the end wasn't very funny to me, it was extremely disappointing. She wasn't having a sad time on the date, she was really enjoying herself and lying to Bon Pal about her whereabouts.  I didn't like that at all and it put a damper on the end of this drama 


ya ditto this. couldn't comprehend what writer-nim was trying to portray here, but that was the only part that irked me. 

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Annyeong chinguss. So I just finished watching LFG. Aaaaah sooo sad that it's finally over :dissapointed_relieved:

Good ending to a good drama. LFG  has a great plot, well paced, and never a boring scene. Applause to all the casts and crews for their hard work!!

Huaaaaa it's sooo sad to think that we would no longer have Bong Pal & Hyun Ji to wait for every week. Gonna miss Taecyeon & Kim So Hyun. Fingers crossed they work together again soon :heart:

ps: now that LFG's over, I'm back to hating Mondays lol



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