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[Drama 2016] Let's Fight Ghost 싸우자 귀신아

Go Seung Ji

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It's funny because this drama uses so much overused cliche troupes, but i'm still getting so giggly and excited over them.

For instance:

  • Accidental kiss between leads
  • Waking up from a coma with a memory loss
  • Grumpy male lead disliking everything, but slowly thawing due to the female lead
  • Noble idiocy by one of the leads for the better of the other (although in this case, i wouldn't really call it noble idiocy. HJ left hiim then for a very practical reason. If she indeed stayed a ghost, there is no way for them to be together.)
  • Roles reversed between male and female lead after a huge incident
  • Last but not least - the evil growl they play each time the evil prof changes his stare. 
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So, there is this one thing bothering me..


Ghosts have one appearance rt... however they look.. we haven't seen them change from glowy stuff to normal people or vice versa..

and wandering souls do not have the glow..


However, this doctor ghost in ep 12 - how does he appear normal and then suddenly changes his form?..and the cuts etc not viisble before are visible now?


I am guessing its not production error..blooper



or, every ghost shown till date had some contribution to the story .. even that non relevant internet ghost was important because she got our main set of characters to meet the police inspector.


This doctor ghost is the first truly evil ghost that they are meeting - like black mist serial killer true evil (not pathetic people with anger problems).. do you think this ghost holds some clue to how evil prof can be defeated....or maybe he is there just to give HJ's memories a kick

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2 hours ago, virsvirs said:


Yes its cute & hilariousss! I loveee the scene where Hyun Ji asked Bong Pal who he is, and he said, “Your Boyfriend”. I mean, I would be thrilled if I woke up from a coma and Taecyeon said that he's my boyfriend hahaha :lol:

Don't forget that in drama context that means.. you waking up to a person who is NOT YOUR TYPE and telling you that he is your boyfriend, your first kiss, and that you lived with him.. Imagine waking up and monk standing and telling you.. 



a guy who is totally your type (who probably is your mom's type too) .. roaming around giving you extra special cute looks with a cute puppy in hand.. swooom.. attention from someone you would go gaga over.. vs monk




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clips for ep 13










*my translation isn't 100% right*

Bongpal: Ghost? You want to fight ghost

Chungsan: Shall we start practice?


Hyesung: How did you meet with Bongpal?

Hyunji: We are brought together by fate?

Bongpal: I missed you

Bongpal: Hyunji wasn't able to do that before (?) (about her ability to see a ghost?) Please help her

Myungchul's friend: Then it won't be Bongpal's turn, will it?

Hyunji: I think my memories are coming back

Hyunji: Where do we go?

Hyesung: We'll go to a faraway place

Bongpal: Rather than me, please help Hyunji first

Bongpal: You don't have to be afraid, I'll always by your side



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Hm since nobody is doing live recaps here,  here is a brief summary of what happened during today's episode:

(Note: Spoiler ahead!)


BP saved HJ from the doctor ghost, but was injured in the process. (I missed the first 5 minutes, so i'm not too sure what happened then. But HJ seemed to have fainted from the shock or was probably too tired and rested for awhile because when i started watching, she just woke up to see her mother by her bed.) HJ was touched by BP's help. So despite her mother advising her not to get too close to BP, she defended him. She then started texting BP when he asked her if she was alright via text. Both of them were giggling and all while texting (so adorable i cannot). HJ told BP that she was going to be discharged the next morning and asked if BP would be there. BP promised to and both of them fell asleep while texting. 

BP left in the morning to get HJ a necklace as a gift (spoiler from the preview: it seems like our writer wrote this necklace into the story so that HJ can leave behind some kind of evidence when she gets tackled by the evil prof). However, he was stopped by HJ's mom before he could see her. Seeing how HJ almost got injured around him, her mom told him sternly that her daughter has just woken up from a 5 year coma and will wish that he would stop coming around to see her. BP left the hospital feeling dejected. To rub salt on the wound, monk MC told him that perhaps he should let HJ get on with her new life. Trying to get her remember her time while she was a spirit may not help. I don't think monk MC is wrong. It is really the most adult advice anyone can give at this moment. But my heart just aches seeing how BP struggles with himself and consciously make the decisions to avoid HJ (avoiding her texts, being cold to her when she bumps into him etc). 

Our cute duo, on the other hand, is going all out to try and catch HJ's hit-and-run culprit. They went to the police station (how many coincidences can a show have really lol. They are really stuffing this evil prof's case into that police's face) and printed banners asking for witnesses. I love how IR got all shy when they bumped into HJ. My heart just hurts whenever i see everyone who knows HJ bumps into her now, but has to act like they don't know her. 

Anyway, BP showed HJ to the evil prof's class (cos i guess evil prof invited HJ to sit in for one of his lessons), but let SY sunbae sit next to him instead, ignoring her as much as he can. He even took off first. Aw my heart. HJ turned down evil prof's lunch invite to chase after BP. And she remembered the time when he removed the petal from her hair. I cannot. Just when our BP looks hopeful, HJ said she had to leave to meet her friends and got excited about all the things that she missed and can finally catch up with. Our poor BP recalled what monk MC said about letting her get on with her life and looks so dejected, i just wanna give him a million koala hugs. 

SY was busy then too. Busy confessing to evil prof. Seriously, girl. And as if killing people (and animals) whenever he feels like it isn't cruel enough, he has to turn SY down with almost zero expression on his face. It was the most cruel rejection i've ever seen. I even feel sorry for SY, because everyone would be busy giving BP hugs at this moment. There would be none for her, it seems. She should've picked a better moment to get her heart crushed. 

The two sad souls, BP and SY, then met at the bus stop. And, oh, i guess they're going drinking now. SY just keeps downing mugs and mugs of beer. BP, in his nice guy attempt to try and stop her from drinking more, got beer over himself. He had to then clean up at the washroom. Just at this time, HJ called BP, only to be shocked from SY picking up the phone. I was so mad then. Seriously hate it when kdramas waste time with misunderstandings. There's still a big evil prof out there, hello. No time for any misunderstandings seriously. 

We then see HJ barge into the restaurant (or cafe?) where BP and SY are at and told SY to get a cab herself when BP offered to take her home. You go, girl! Our dear HJ then dragged BP out and shouted at him for being fickle haha, telling him that if he says he likes a girl, he should just persevere and continue liking that girl. Omg that smile on BP's face. And OTP kiss time! BP grabbed HJ and kissed her. It would have been a really sweet moment, except that HJ got a shock and kicked him in the shin hahaha, calling him a pervert. Although she seemed to have stormed off, we were shown that she sat down and help nurse the wound he got while saving her from the doctor ghost. She didn't forget to give that wound a couple of hard slaps though, for his kissing her without warning. Our puppy BP then gave her the necklace he got for her and sweetly put it on for her. As BP sent her back, he asked her if they are dating now. Omg i can't understand HJ's response. My korean is failing me. But both are smiling so brightly, i think i'll take that as a yes. And omg that goodbye at HJ's doorstep was so adorable. HJ even came out again to say bye to BP again. 

HJ's mom had to leave for a couple of days and asked if HJ would be okay alone at home. She, of course, said yes. But we see that that might not be the case, as the ghost who locked eye with HJ earlier in the day seemed to have followed her back. As HJ went back up to her room, she felt something and turned. Omg it's the ghost. She screamed and ran out of the house, calling BP on her phone. We then see the evil prof looking at her from afar. Seriously that evil prof is scarier than all the ghosts combined. 

BP ran over and comforted her on the park bench. She told him with tears in her eyes that she thinks she can now see ghosts. And both of them looked towards the same direction where a ghost is. Sigh, i can imagine how terrifying that must be. It meant that HJ's life will never be the same again. And BP only knows that feeling all too well. The only thing he can do for her is to hug her and tell her that whatever happens, he will protect her. 

Aaaaand the camera pans to the evil prof watching them from afar. Seriously, does the prof have nothing else to do? How about the many sick dogs and cats that needs his consultation? No surgeries? No papers to grade??

Preview: I wasn't able to catch much, but it seems like HJ will be given a training on fighting ghosts. And our cute duo is helping haha. Although it seems like their roles are more like punching bags than trainers. Our evil prof is finally (not that i'm very pleased though) doing some active hunting on HJ on top of his usual eye actions. We also see that the monk is asked to identify a dead body. Seeing how BP is in a suit (like what they would wear for funerals) in some of the shots, it seems like it might be BP's dad? ): Monk seemed to be in danger. There was a shot of the evil prof strangling him. Why do i have such a bad feeling about this ): I think our monk may sacrifice his life to save BP. Perhaps not in the next episode, but possibly by the ending. There was also a shot of HJ's broken necklace on the floor. And there were a couple of shots where BP was running everywhere. I hope that they are not making BP choose who to rescue. That would be too mean.. 


I cannot wait for the next episode omg

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thank you so much @Miss_Unicorn ... you really are a life saver.... I have been actively refreshing this page for reviews.

I hope that the writer would not go the Harry Potter line of killing off Dumbledore(Monk) to let the hero Harry(Bong Pal) face the evil Voldermort (evil Prof)  alone... It would be too devastating...

I cant wait to watch the part where HJ is jealous of SY with BP.

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3 hours ago, Miss_Unicorn said:

Hm since nobody is doing live recaps here,  here is a brief summary of what happened during today's episode:

(Note: Spoiler ahead!)


I cannot wait for the next episode omg


Thnk you so much @Miss_Unicorn love your comments along with the recap...too much fun :)

Thanks again.

PS: Already suffering from withdrawal symptom. 2 of my fav dramas, Age of Youth and Lets Fight Ghost,ending this week and next week :( Sad that I will have to let go of BP and cuteness personified HyunJi next week...not yet ready.

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Thanks for the review @Miss_Unicorn, this drama I love so much, is now coming to an end, but very worth it to watch it, HJ and BP so cute together, loved the jealous scene HJ, I hope not too much delay to find out who really is the vet, I confess I do not understand yet the purpose of the character of SY think she just appeared in the drama for the crush of BP moreover did not see anything important in her drama. I want more scenes lovey dovey BP and HJ

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