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[Drama 2016] Let's Fight Ghost 싸우자 귀신아

Go Seung Ji

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tvN Presents

Let's Fight Ghost 싸우자 귀신아



Drama: Let's Fight Ghost (working & literal title)
Revised romanization: 
Ssawooja Gwishina
Hangul: 싸우자 귀신아
DirectorPark Joon Hwa [ Let's Eat , Let's Eat 2 , Rude Miss Young-Ae seasons 1 to 11]
WriterIm In-Seu (original comic), Kim Ji-Sun [ Second writer on The Producers and I Live in Cheongdam-dong] 
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16 
Broadcast Period: 11th,July, 2016 -- 30th,August,2016
Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Hyun-Ji studied for her 19 years before she died in an accident. She is now a ghost and has wandered around the world for several years. Hyun-Ji then meets exorcist Park Bong-Pal. Hyun-Ji and Bong-Pal listens to various stories from ghosts and sends them to the otherworld.



"Let's Fight Ghost" takes over the tvN Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Another Miss Oh.”

The drama is based on webcomic "Ssawooja Gwishina” by Im In-Seu (published from June 4, 2007 to November, 2015 via (comic.naver.com/webtoon/)


Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyun Ji


Ok Taecyeon as Park Bong Pal


Kwon Yool as Joo Hye Sung


Kim Sang Ho as Monk Myung Chul


Kang Ki Young as Chun Sang

David Lee as In Rang

Asianwiki Dramawiki | KoreanDrama



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Guest adikkeluangman

Next dramas to feature younger stars: Park Shin-hye, Suzy, Park Bo-geom, Kim Yoo-jeong and more

Young actors are coming to back with dramas later this year. Dramas are coming back with a lighter mood along with the hot summer weather.

First, Park Shin-hye is coming back for the first time in a year with the SBS "Doctors". She's out of her teen image and is coming back as a mature doctor. From July onwards, it's a series of 'young blood'. Miss A Suzy, 2PM Taecyeon, Lee Jong-suk and Kim So-hyeon-I are some examples of 'young blood'. Suzy is coming back with "Uncontrollably Fond". This is her first drama in 3 years since "Gu Family Book". Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I are starring in the tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost". And Lee Jong-suk is coming back with MBC "W".


Park Bo-geom from the tvN drama "Answer Me 1988", is starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" based on a web-toon. His partner is seventeen year-old Kim Yoo-jeong. They are the youngest couple yet.

Idol members are taking over the MBC drama "Gaia" which is being produced by SM C&C. A famous male idol and a normal woman are stranded on an island after their plane crashes. Members of EXO were the initial targets of casting, but it turns out Chanyeol and Kwon Yoo-ri from Girls' Generation are the lead acts.

The rush of young actors is thanks to the Chinese popularity of the drama "Descendants of the Sun". China is crazy about KPOP idols and their performances in dramas. It's also summer vacation season so the 'young bloods' can appeal more to the younger viewers.

According to sources, China welcomes dramas with young acts and idols.


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I just hope the casting directors will reconsider Taecyon as a male lead. I don't mind the age gap, but Taecyon nothing looks like a high school  student, i mean his body is musclet's great when i see him on Assembly, but this male lead character is racy and a bit loser, while he looks like model student err, or even rich young CEO.

Please cast another actor that similiar with KSH ages. I recommend a boy that act as younger Moohyul on six flying dragons, he work together with Sohyun on MV if i am not mistaken, and they looks adorable.

or maybe nam da Reum, since he supposed to be younger than KSH character, but the drama will turn out to be the fluffy one, since in the webtoon there are several kiss scenes, and scenes where both imagine racy things.:w00t:

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I'm sorry but I don't think the directors should drink soju while deciding the male leads... :lol:

Jokes aside, the only actor I can see playing this character the way it should be played is Kwak Dong Yeon...

He's the perfect fit for this role, I just don't know how the directors didn't thought about him.

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Hello everyone! Having spent my weekend browsing the webtoon and its reviews, I'm very excited about this drama even before the production begins!

If anyone is interested, here are my thoughts on Park Bong-pal,  one of the two main characters. 

First, Like @Sweet Pea said the webtoon can be a bit racy in some parts (although the story itself is a mixture of comedy, fantasy, and melancholy ) ... so I don't know if I can watch 28 year old Taecyeon romancing Kim So-hyun. I mean, originally, in the webtoon Kim Hyun-ji (the ghost) is older by 4 years than Park Bong-pal.

I guess the casting team probably thought of Taecyeon's looks when they offered him the Bong-pal part. They have the same kind eyes and smile. 



Also, here is another pic of when Taecyeon sported the same haircut as Bong-pal's. This pic makes me think Author Im-ins probably modeled this Bong-pal drawing from that very pic of Taecyeon's.... who knows. :phew:


But man, those photos of Taecyeon's were from years ago (2010--2013? Sorry I don't stay on track with his photos, not being a true fan :tears:). 

Of course since this story is based on a webtoon, each reader will have different interpretations as to how Bong-pal would look like in real life.

Second,  imho there is a reason that we might need an experienced young actor as Bong-pal. Click the spoiler box if you're interested--no major spoiler regarding the plot, but maybe it's best to stay cautious...


Since the webtoon was split into two seasons (the third one was canceled, I think?), we must also consider whether the drama producers would want to compress the entire storyline into the drama's episodes, or only the first season's. Going by the choice of the PD and the scriptwriter, I assume they will stick with the first season of the webtoon's .

However, should they choose to incorporate some elements of the webtoon's second season into the drama, casting some experienced young actor as Bong-pal would be the best option.

As the story progresses, Bong-pal would undergo some major pressures (and as a result, a major mental growth). These propelled him to become a much better person than he initially was. It would take a seasoned actor --or an exceptionally talented newbie-- to take on such a challenging role.



I have an absolute faith that Kim So-hyun would be able to immerse herself in her character, so the question remains with Bong-pal's actor. 

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@selenette Hi, if you don't mind my asking...were you able to read the entire webtoon? I was trying to read the eng-trans version of the webtoon but I could only find up to chapter 62. Just when it was getting more exciting (more Hyun Ji/Bong Pal scenes), there were no more translated chapters T-T 

And yay finally! A 'brighter/cheerful' role for So Hyun. Well, her character is gonna be a ghost who died young and wasn't able to experience many things...but still, it seems like a role that's gonna be a bit lighter/less tragic than most of her previous roles. I think she was asked recently if she wanted to go back and do more villain roles and she said more than that, she'd prefer to do bright/happy character so I'm happy that she was offered this role.

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Hello! I saw article on allkpop about Taec accepting role of Bong Pal. Dont wan't to sound like hater but I'm little disappointed. Never imagined Bong Pal as Taec plus he seem way mature for this role ( assembly role was perfect for him, i can see him in role as  successful man not highschool student). I always had Kwak Dong Yeon on mind as Bong when i heared that Let's Fight Ghost will be made into drama...

(I guess i'll hope this article is false till someone else also confirms) lol

KSH on other side is perfect :)


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Really? It is confirmed? At least Kim Yoo Jung and Kim sae Ron paired with seasoned actor this time even with the age gap. I love Taecyon, but as far as i watch his drama he couldn't handle a layered character though. No joke, i always watch the drama he is in. and my favorite was in Assembly, but still even in that drama he is the weakest link. the plot of drama save him.

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@dj92 I read the English translation and browsed the Korean (very poorly) in naver webtoon website. To back up my understanding (because many of the chapters aren't free),  I also read reviews on naver blogs, and spoilers at namu.wiki. 

Also, concerning Kim So-hyun's character:


Initially the character will be bright and happy. But as usual with coming-of-age fantasy like this one, there's bound to be some serious angst along the way. Not only in the romance department but also in many other trials related to spirit and human world...

So I suspect the production team got Kim So-hyun on board because of her experience in embodying both gutsy and angsty characters. 

But you're right her character, Kim Hyun-ji, really kicks a$$ in the webtoon. I hope she stays that way in the drama.

Btw did you notice this?  The author's drawings really improved a lot! (samples here from 2008, 2013, 2015)..



And here





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1 hour ago, Sweet Pea said:

Really? It is confirmed? At least Kim Yoo Jung and Kim sae Ron paired with seasoned actor this time even with the age gap. I love Taecyon, but as far as i watch his drama he couldn't handle a layered character though. No joke, i always watch the drama he is in. and my favorite was in Assembly, but still even in that drama he is the weakest link. the plot of drama save him.

Oh my @Vannyah M and @Sweet Pea ... I really don't know what to say. I mean based on the author's drawings alone, Taecyeon probably fits the Bong-pal part (but not as his current self, more likely as his younger self :tears:). But the character's exponential growth will be too difficult for him.

Let's hope for the best. I like the story already! 

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