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NCT (Neo Culture Technology) - NCT Dream Comeback "We Boom"

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NCT 127 on the rise of K-Pop, a ‘sexy-cute’ comeback and their hopes for the future



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190719 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update


“NCT 127 〖 #HighwayToHeaven (ENG ver.) 〗


Melon ➫ https://bit.ly/2Sy1JO9
Genie ➫ https://bit.ly/2xWRARu
FLO ➫ https://bit.ly/2LsTQIP
Bugs ➫ https://bit.ly/32ybRLa
Naver ➫ https://bit.ly/2M1DPJB


7.22.8AM(PDT) / 7.23.0AM(KST)


#NCT #NCT127

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taeyong: i think someone is rapping over there. can u hear it?
doyoung&taeil: ?
taeyong: …..look here, i got bitten badly by a mosquito, it’s so itchy
doyoung: (rubs tyong’s hand)


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NCT 127 'Highway to Heaven' (English Version) MV Teaser | umusic NZ



Spotify UK Twitter Update with NCT 127



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jisung: a fan said that chenle is too cute hence it’s a concern 
chenle: thank you~
jisung: i think it solves the problem if you are less cute?
chenle: that’s a concern for me too
jisung: ….. you see the door over there? you can make your exit

chenle: was it during we go up? or go? anyways sometime in 2018, jaemin hyung went to gongcha and ordered americano with pearls. i laughed for a good 10 mins because of this 



chenle said the best memories were in 2018 during we go up era… we go up promotions were really fun and he was really happy. he sometimes think of the last day of dream show together with 7dream but he’s not someone who would cry

JS: i’ve never seen lele cry before
CL: that was the first time you saw mark cry right? 
JS: no
CL: you’ve seen him cry before?
JS: yeah, wait is this supposed to be a secret?
CL: it was sad that time but it’s sadder when i think about those days recently 
JS: we can’t go back



JS: last year, CL and i shared a room. it was a double decker bed. he was playing some video & there were laughing sounds from it but CL was not laughing. i called his name 10x but there was no response. so i took a look and he was asleep… he can’t sleep without playing it

CL: ah about HC’s number… i was gaming when i received a call from an unknown number. i thought: “i didn’t order delivery, who could it be?” so i answered and heard HC’s voice
JS: haechan always changes his phone number
CL: yeah i had his old number but didn’t save his new one



chenle: it’d be great if we could do a vlive with the big head team one day. teasing mark lee is really…

CL: if i have questions regarding korean, do you know who i’ll ask? 
JS: jeno?
CL: yeah. i don’t know maybe it’s because he’s an mc? feels like his korean will be more accurate
JS: he does give off that kind of image



chenle singing a bit of fireflies



chenle to jisung: I like that your eyes are small, they’re really charming. The hyungs tease you that your eyes are small. They shouldn’t do that. Do you know why they do that? It’s because they’re jealous~they’re cute and charming, they’re jealous and because of it, they don’t have anything to say so they tease you



chenle said that back in the days when they were living together, renjun and him would communicate in chinese, jisung would understand most of it!

chenle: i heard from others that i’ve learnt korean wrongly from you 
chenle: everyone, jisung is the worst in korean in nct dream, not chenle. study hard 
jisung: ok



chenle: renjun hyung and i always speak in chinese with each other we never speak in korean. we speak in korean 0.1% of the time and that’s when we’re broadcasting and there’s no choice



“when you think positively, everything gets better. i have this kind of mindset, that’s why i always live happily”



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MV Release ➫ 2019 07 26 0AM (KST)
Music Release ➫ 2019 07 26 6PM (KST)
Album Release ➫ 2019 07 29



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jaemin’s reaction after he accidentally called jisung “chenle” HAHAHA he also said it’s okay bc he also confuses his own name sometimes and mentioned how he introduced himself as jeno once in smtown


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hendery said for simple he will call member’s name like




hendery’s sister listening to long flight



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