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NCT (Neo Culture Technology) - NCT 127 1st World Tour: The Origin in North America

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[3round] 'Asst Manager’ - Time Spent Walking Through Memories , '김대리’ - 기억을 걷는 시간 복면가왕 20190707



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Hi there! I am reaching out to you guys to share regarding NCT Dream's attendance in our Boryeong Mud Festival K-POP event.
Our Festival is Korea's no.1 summer mud Festival where people from all over the world are joining from 19th to 28th July (10days). On 27th July, there will be a K-POP super concert hosted by MBC's show! Music Core. NCT Dream will be joining the festival on this day and we hope to reach out to all the fans regarding this. We would be posting more news and events about on our facebook page so keep updated here https://www.facebook.com/boryeongmudfestnew/
the post below is the lineup for the K-POP concert that NCT Dream will be involved in:

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190709 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update


“Bye London! 

#NCT127 #NCT”

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jisung called jeno twice and hung up hence jeno was annoyed jisung said he’s eating and will call back again



jeno: today’s fact, dream is coming back! 6 dream is coming back. you don’t know the exact date yet but that’s not important. you guys are happy just by the news of comeback right? we are happy too

jeno: 7dream comeback? we can’t turn back time, that’s not possible. mark hyung can’t become young again. those who think it’s possible, raise your hands. i’ll take it as i didn’t see those hands



jeno: more than half of dream are adults, legally we are still part of dream but… i’m sorry for asking you to wait more. we have to do a lot because this might be my last promotion with dream, i want to do it without regrets and make good memories

jeno: around a month and a half ago, jaemin and i started exercising. my posture becomes a mess when i’m at the dorm hence rather than becoming very muscular, i started to gym because i want to find balance



jeno: i saw when doyoung said he was more shocked at me seeing his sexy dance than me spoiling his identity.. my first thought when i saw “why is this hyung like this? he must have greed to be funny” i think the confidence came from wearing the mask bc he is not someone like that

jeno clarified: 
2 big rings: haechan
twisted fingers: jisung
fingers spreaded wide: jeno
on the right of the twisted fingers: jaemin
fairest: chenle

who did i miss out? ah renjun!! i can’t remember it well too… i think it’ll be faster when 6dream do a vapp and let you know



jeno: i hope there will be good news for all of you next week. let’s live by expecting the next day. wait… i’m saying something strange again. i will come back again with the news of comeback date. bye!

jeno: we started preparing (for idol room shoot) very early today and because i was thinking, i didn’t get much sleep.. i was afraid that i’d be nojam… but… it’s a little dangerous anyways, we went on variety after a long time



someone commented 7Dream

Jeno: Mark-hyung is busy but I’m not saying Haechan is not busy but Haechan is “young.” Mark hyung doesn’t have the young energy anymore- not that i’m saying he’s old. It’s just that Haechan still has the Dream “young” energy in him 



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