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NCT (Neo Culture Technology) - NCT 127 1st World Tour: The Origin in North America

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190606 HAECHAN appeared on NCT DREAM VLIVE



chenle gifted haechan apple watch



nct dream’s (drunken) birthday song for haechan 



haechan said him and yangyang is the same age but he feels like yangyang is like a hyung 



WinWin sent his birthday wishes for Haechan too! He also mentioned WayV, where he sees Ten, Lucas and Kun when WayV is in their practice room at times. He says while he and Yangyang are the same age, YY seems to be like a hyung

WinWin’s birthday wish is for him to be always be happy, and live life happily, and said he loves him. Haechan said he loves him a lot and misses him T_T



jaemin and jisung went to the park and saw chenle and called him over who was with his mum and aunt, chenle also said wayv was there and he said that kun, yangyang, winwin and xiaojun were also there



HC: Jeno said he’s gonna buy me a meal so we’re going to eat together later. I’ll head back after having a good meal with the Dream kids~ We’ll also take a photo together later~



renjun saying ‘gimme gimmie that’ to jeno so he could see the comments on the phone



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Congratulations to 'SUPERHUMAN' 1st win. 

Btw, Doyoung's new hair really shock me.

(Quả tóc xanh lè của bạn Doyoung thật là ấn tượng quá đi à)

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