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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / WayV 'Awaken The World' First Full Album OUT NOW!

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OP told Ten that she really liked the 진구즈 VLive and asked if it's possible to see them to do a VLive together again and Ten was like "진구즈? Ah ah ah, Johnny, Doyoung? If there's a chance, I will do it (together with them)" 


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jisung showing his braces to chenle



jisung imitating olaf



jisung talking about frozen 2 saying, "I really like Anna" 



Chenle imitating jisung’s singing in candle light and up to you jisung isnt even mad and said you have to do more (make his voice deeper) and cover chenle’s mouth since it looks weird



jisung singing his part from up to you (ft. chenle's adlibs)



comment: "are you going to show your abs?"
chenle replied "should i show it?" and jisung was just laughing. jajsis then chenle, "but the two us have it right?" 



chenle: my abs are actually quite obvious, have you seen them
jisung: yes, everyday
chenle: everyday?! what are you talking about??
jisung: when we're changing!
chenle: ah yes... i thought wrongly...



jisung adjusting chenle’s hair for him



chenle and jisung’s live reaction to haechan’s smstation teaser 



chenle asked jisung which was his favourite stage from the dream show and jisung said his favourite is the dance performance eventho it’s a pity...their favourite part was the popping part and then jisung said that part reminded him of kai’s part in jopping!



chenle talked about jenshow's last live broadcast saying the members of jeno's co-MC's (yeeun) team came (CLC's) to send their congratulations while none of their members were able to come to tell jeno, "you've worked hard"



cl: but jeno hyung really disappointed
js: he told me “ya you didn’t came”
js: that’s when i know heol
cl: the funniest is the person that did mc with him 
cl: all of her team comeㅋㅋ
js: ah really? heol—
cl: all of them came but none of us went



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[STATION X] NCT U 엔시티 유 'Coming Home' Teaser Clip #HAECHAN




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yuta: haven’t i been telling you i want dak-galbi for a few days?
doyoung: i haven’t heard that
yuta: oh maybe i didn’t tell you
johnny: i haven’t heard it either
haechan: who did you talk to? mark hyung? maybe you talked to taeyong hyung~
yuta: i must have told one of you



YT: (Dak-galbi) is my favourite Korean food
HC: Really?
YT: Yes
TI: It's my first time hearing this
DY: Me too. Hyung, don't you like bulgogi (most)?
JN: I've never eaten dak-galbi with Yuta before
YT: I changed it yesterday
DY: Each day, we discover new aspects of ourselves



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OP went to bookstore today & looking at book diligently, she heard familiar voice & accent from behind, when she look around it was tenㅋㅋㅋ
he wore glasses and mask. his nose bridge is debak
OP think he came with manager
He was at humanity/economy corner


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