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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / WayV 'Awaken The World' First Full Album OUT NOW!

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191028 WINWIN Weibo Update




Translated by highonmilktea, meltIips & lumarkbot - SM_NCT

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191028 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update


I’m the first non-Dream member to make such an excuse to upload this photo on Dream’s account.
Dreamies, do well for the concert @.@
I’ll be going to see the Dreamies~~ ^.^”



Translated by nctdaoying

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191029 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update


“Seasonie fighting for Tuesday too”


Translated by jaeminpic - SM_NCT

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QQMusic Chart - Popular Music Charts

#1 Moonwalk (NEW)



WayV ‘Take Over the Moon - The 2nd Mini Album’



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jeno: doyoung and renjun’s vlive? i didn’t watch it but i know they did it. i heard that it became a huge topic within the fans, awkward combination. come to think of it, doyoung and renjun don’t really cross paths and they don’t meet up too

jeno: members that i’m awkward with? but because i’ve been seeing the 127 hyungs since trainee days… i don’t really know (who i’m awkward with)



who are you closest with?
jeno: the closest members would be doyoung, mark… i think that’s all. jaehyun too!

DY: did you do well? you went on the show today right?
JN: yeah. you didn’t watch it right
DY: i was busy~ i’ve seen your selcas
JN: but you can see those so easily
DY: it was cute
JN: no…
DY: ok i’ll find jeno cuts to watch
JN: no, don’t. i made a lot of mistakes
DY: it’s ok~



JN: what were you doing?
DY: johnny and i are preparing idol radio 
JN: ah ok~
DY: are you doing anything after vlive?
JN: yeah, i’m going to practice
DY: do well~
JN: greet before you go
DY: to whom?
JN: handphone.. ah i mean vlive
DY: ok do well, bye
JN: ???
DY: ???

JN: yes i’ve seen the cover by haechan and doyoung. lee haechan came out cutely because his bangs were short. he looked round, it was cute



jeno and haechan please do a vlive together
jeno: that’s not an awkward pairing though? i’m not awkward with him. i’m confident of it being a very noisy vlive

jeno: i’ve once tried the electric fly swatter on my finger, i didn’t bleed but it was painful
fan: why did you do that
jeno: because i was curious! if it works on humans too



i hope nct will get closer
jeno: so how will the combination be like? will it be in pairs or will it be like a group blind date? 

jeno: i’ve watched mark’s 24h relay cam and he… filmed it in a very natural state. he woke up, turned the camera on immediately with his puffy face, ate, played the guitar and turned off the cam. i really liked how real it is though i was flustered when i first saw it



jeno says that he has watched wayv’s moonwalk mv! he said he doesn’t understand the lyrics since it’s in chinese but he really likes the entire universe concept of the mv



mustache marks
jeno: ah seriously mark lee… he didn’t even shave before filming
that is considered puffy? (in mark’s standard)
jeno: yes it is. he doesn’t have much fats because he lost a lot of weight even though it doesn’t look like it. it’s slightly puffy

i want to see jeno working out
jeno: why?



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