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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / WayV 'Awaken The World' First Full Album OUT NOW!

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191012 SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter Update



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191012 卡姿兰官方微博’s Weibo Update with LUCAS 



191012 卡姿兰官方微博’s Weibo Update with YANGYANG  



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191012 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update


Czennies, you’ve worked hard today, but honestly we wanted to talk to you more… ah… today is regretful in so many ways.. today many of you came, so it was more regretful (because they wanted to talk more). Go home safely! Hashtag : freshwater eel are so scary-looking when I see the dolls it looked cute though… Czennies are pretty - Jisung


Translated by captainuwu

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NCT Night Night opening ment (NEW)
Johnny: aren’t you sleepy?
Doyoung: go to sleep
Jaehyun: if you’re sleepy it’s ok to not listen to this, go to sleep
Doyoung: do you want to give up? give up~



JN: i received a message from mark at 4am just now saying “you awake?” because he couldn’t sleep. but i only saw the message in the morning
DY: cute… texting someone because he couldn’t sleep 

DY: (talking about how he realised umpah umpah was about swimming after he went swimming)
JH: (explaining that the sound is made when beginners learn swimming; head in “um”, head out “pah”)
JN: AH! really?!
DY: yes!



johnny sang a little bit of jopping!



JN: my tmi is.. yesterday.. I saw ten after a long time. and mark.. and jaehyun.. and taeil hyung.. and yuta.. I saw them.
JH: what did we do?
JN: we ate!



Jaehyun said he changed his piercing and he said he’ll acknowledge us if we actually noticed it, he said he’ll clap for the present Doyoung said “their pride will be hurt, how can I not know about it?!” And Johnny replied “I think they know”



JH: i want to do realistic ments if there’s another opportunity
DY: let’s do it. want to sleep? just sleep. want to give up? just give up
JN: no that’s not it! don’t give up~
DY: want to stop what you are doing? just stop. want to eat? just eat
JH: do whatever you want

JN: let me show you how to do it. you are having a hard time? everyone else is~
JH: thinking whether you should quit your job? just quit but don’t regret it
DY: do whatever you want
JH: but only to the extent of which you will not regret. enjoy life!



johnny, jaehyun, and doyoung saying “jaejyayo” once again (2019)



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whenever doyoung is out of words or doesnt know what to say he plays his lips 


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191012 JISUNG






191012 JENO






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191013 WINWIN Weibo Update


“It’s getting colder lately”


Translated by lumarkbot - SM_NCT

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