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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / TAEYONG 'TAP' The 2nd Mini Album / NCT DREAM 'DREAM( )SCAPE' The 5th Mini Album OUT NOW! / DOYOUNG 'YOUTH' The 1st Album OUT NOW!


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NCT Music and Concert Line Up 


December - NCT 127 Single
1st Qtr of 2024:
- NCT Dream, Taeyong, & Ten Mini Album
- NCT New Team Single (& JP) 

Rest of 2023:
- NCT New Team Japan Tour 
- NCT 127 Korea concerts
1st Qtr of 2024: 
- NCT 127 Asia Tour (11 Shows)
1st Qtr of 2024: 
- SMTOWN in Japan (2 shows) 



If you want something to play with come and join #OnMyYouth (With #SUNGCHAN)




Blame it on my charms 




Blame it on my youth 〰️ 




Blame it on my youth 〰️ 




231107 [CHARTS] ‘Fact Check’ by NCT 127 has surpassed 20 million streams on Spotify! 





231108 SION Weverse Update 





"Nagoya~~~~ See you tomorrow"


Translated by eternallight94 - SM_NCT



231108 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter Update 


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[쇼챔직캠 4K] WayV - On My Youth (English Ver.) (웨이션브이 - 온마이유스) 




Solo Fancams 


KUN https://youtu.be/4fVsjLxVZWA
TEN https://youtu.be/0-Q5cvGoFcU
WINWIN https://youtu.be/dg6jjbBZKgw
XIAOJUN https://youtu.be/uliqL5pZL9s
HENDERY https://youtu.be/XPXCzI6JTvw
YANGYANG https://youtu.be/QH5pvq2drZg

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231108 NCT TikTok Update with DOYOUNG



231108 NCT TikTok Update with JUNGWOO 



231108 NCT TikTok Update with JAEHYUN



231108 NCT TikTok Update with MARK



231108 NCT TikTok Update with HAECHAN 




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231109 WayV_official Twitter Update 


"Thank you for your support! I believe that we will meet on a bigger stage in the future~ The weather is turning cold, so please take care of yourself! (from WINWIN)"


"2023 WayV SHOWCASE TOUR [On My Youth] in BEIJING"



【ENG SUB】231106 WayV TME CHART 腾讯音乐榜 Interview Full Clip




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231108 RYO Weverse Update 



[INFO] 231108 The CTU Music Festival, scheduled to happen on November 18th - 19th, has been postponed due to uncontrolled circumstances. WayV, RENJUN & CHENLE were supposed ti attend the said festival.





NCT NATION : To The World in Cinemas



231109 DAEYOUNG Weverse Update 



231109 RYO Weverse Moment Update 




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231109 WayV_official Twitter Update





Way too much SAXY in #OnMyYouth (With #SHOTARO #SEUNGHAN)




Dancing #OnMyYouth with beautiful Cinderella #Fei 




Red light, green light 




Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 〰️ 




Doyoung's Dear X OST 'Unable to Love' was played on TVING's latest dating variety show (Blossom With Love)





[INFO] 231109 WayV's second full album "On My Youth" that was released on November 8th rose to the top of the daily Hanteo album chart. It also placed first in the QQ Music's weekly digital album chart.





231109 InterFM897 Twitter Update with YUTA 




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127's winter album spoiler



Doyoung: There are times when you slay the parts you want to slay, and you feel good
Johnny: You did well for that today
Doyoung: No, it's not like that, just everyone with their own parts!
Johnny: TIME OUT! Just receive the compliment
Doyoung: Thank you



Doyoung: Oh..?? Is this for real? We said not to spoil this for real!!! Suh Youngho spoiled on Bubble that NCT 127's Skyscraper (will be performed), ah...
Johnny: It's prohibited to leak Bubble, isn't it!!!



KENZIE wrote the winter album title track

Johnny: I like the bside too, cough cough
Doyoung: What's that
Johnny: One of the bsides, it's a hit right from the song title
Doyoung: Why?
Johnny: It matches the concept so well & is written by KENZIE noona
Doyoung: What..? That's the title track! Not the bside!
Johnny: Sorry
Doyoung: KENZIE noona wrote it. I'm always amazed by the lyrics written by KENZIE noona, should I say that she writes things that I don't think of much? She is next level in terms of her ability to express things



Doyoung talking about the winter album title track!

Doyoung: It doesn't sound ordinary to me, it doesn't have an obvious genre but it's warm
Johnny: I think it's the easiest song out of our NCT songs but still difficult... is it to the extent of neo...?
Doyoung: I don't think neo is the right word if it includes the meaning of "being weird", it's just that it's not the vibe you get when you think of winter songs... no wait, you could think of that too, winter vibes! Am I thinking about this in too much detail? Should I say that it's kinda like the vibe of g.o.d. sunbaenim?



Doyoung: I really hope that no one spoils the first song (for the concert)! No one!!
Johnny: Because you're like this, I want to (spoil it)
Doyoung: I want to make them surprised with the first song
Johnny: But there's no way they won't be surprised



Doyoung: To be honest, 127 is a team that is good at live performances, isn't it?
Johnny: Why did you hesitate 
Doyoung: I'm a little embarrassed, but we're a team that has (pride) in our live performances, so we asked them to pay a lot of attention to the sound quality this time. Since the concert is at the gymnastics stadium, wouldn't that be possible? We mentioned that a lot



Doyoung: They're telling us to stop performing Kick It 

Doyoung: You're too much! It's our pride



Doyoung: So everyone wants to see Gold Dust (being performed) a lot too, ah... Gold Dust left a strong impression during THE LINK+... maybe.. we may add it in hurriedly too... it's not that we aren't performing it, but it's not confirmed yet!!!!



Doyoung: We practiced our live for Skyscraper earlier and Mark really, his intro rap was crazy, wasn't it? So I'm looking forward to it! Wow but he was so good I was surprised
Johnny: Honestly it was better than the recorded version
Doyoung: I want to quickly hear it during the concert too, to hear Mark's rap



Johnny: We're here after concert practice
Doyoung: That's right
Johnny: Is your throat okay?
Doyoung: Yes!
Johnny: For real... we practiced our live earlier and you know that feeling right? If there was glass, the glass would have shook
Doyoung: /laughs



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