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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ (SuperM 'We are the future' Tour/ DREAM SHOW Tour / NEOCITY in Tokyo / NCT 127 The 2nd Album 'NCT #127 Neo Zone' (Kick It M/V: 03/05, Album Release: 03/06)

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190920 WayV Official Fanclub/Fandom name: WayZenNi





WayZenni is the abbreviation of 威神V珍惜你 (WeishenV Zhenxi Ni) means WayV cherish you which also means that WayV will always protect and cherish the love from their fans. It's personally picked by the members.



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190920 RENJUN is becoming regular DJ on TBS eFM ‘乐动首尔’ (Yuedong Seoul) Radio Show



seventeen jun, chenle and renjun oftenly playing game together! they just run into each other, then since then they’ve been playing games together!~

the story is about they have a habit of procrastinating and what should they do, renjun said don’t think too much about it, because when you start thinking it will become “it’s hard, so let’s just do it next time”, when you start thinking just stop thinking about it and just just go and do it, you can do that



renjun said that in the future he will work harder to make a good radio, so… eum~ i will try a lot!

renjun impression: i was so happy and excited to be an official dj, from now on i will try harder to give listeners a good radio, i will just try a lot, by becoming an official dj i hope that i can bring you more happiness, with this news i hope y’all have a great weekend!!~



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190921 NCT 127 at Incheon International Airport on the way to  Taiwan for the 2019 K-FLOW2 Concert 




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JH: usually, what is Doyoung like as a maknae?
JY: doyoungie is really innocent, he seems innocent but he is quick-witted
JN: that's right! x2
JH: you got (his personality) exactly
JY: he treats hyungs and noonas well. he sometimes jokes around but he doesn't cross the line


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190921 WayV on Yizhibo!



“What is YANGYANG afraid of?”
YY: I cant think of any right now…
HD: You’re scared of a life without us



“like pizza with pineapple? this is completely not compatible. this is so weird. i just feel… yeah, everyone’s taste differs.”



lucas and winwin help ten with reading in mandarin since ten used to study with pinyin. they’re like angles on his right and left and give support him



*discussing being bald*

LC: Let’s discuss this next time
YY: No, I’m afraid they (fans) will screenshot and edit all our hair off
LC: Let’s let them screenshot and help us edit
YY&WW: Bald
YY: Better if we have no eyebrows too
K: We’re anticipating your work

HD: What if LUCAS can’t wait and shaves it off himself soon. He’ll do it himself in the dorm *SHAVES HEAD*
YY&WW: *shaving action*



kun: (the name) was carefully chosen by the 7 of us together
wayv: burst into a coughing fit



kun: *reading ten’s name as qinyong li instead if li yongqin* guys give a react
kun: why no one gives a reaction
ten: we need a new leader



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190921 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update


“Czennie, we’ve finished our Taiwan stage - Tael”

“What are you all doing?hehe I miss you~~~~-Tael”


Translated by huangsichengs - SM_NCT

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190921 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update


"You're not fooled by me, right? Honestly if you told me to stop wearing glasses I'm eum... worried heh
But if I wear them too many times, then you can say "stop wearing them!"
It's fun teasing Czennies~ (hashtag : Jisung is Jwisong (sorry)*wordplay*)"


Translated by captainuwu

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190922 SuperM Luggage Tag with Photocard



190922 SuperM liked & left a comment under NCT CHENLE MARK video on Instagram



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