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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / SuperM "Super One" Project / NCT 127 2nd Japan Mini Album "LOVEHOLIC" / #NCT2020

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200606 RENJUN Weibo Update with HAECHAN



“Wishing our Haechan a happy birthday! We are always by your side~ Jia You!!!”


Translated by highonmilktea - SM_NCT




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200606 CHENLE Weibo Update with HAECHAN


our haechannie happy happy birthday 


Translated by squishyychenle

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Haechan: Today, Doyoungie hyung told me that I should eat something delicious since it’s my birthday and made stir-fried pork for me. The stir-fried pork that Doyoung made for me was delicious~



johnny peeking into haechan’s birthday vlive 



haechan: i switched back to the iphone! iphone se2. why did i switch? mark hyung bought it for me as a birthday present!



haechan: doyoung hyung gave me a wallet (as a birthday present). johnny hyung hasn’t given me a present yet!~



haechan’s birthday gifts
taeil - *skip 
johnny - balenciaga speed runner
yuta - *skip
taeyong - ipad (with taeyong’s wallpaper on it lol)  
doyoung - wallet 
jaehyun - sandals 
jungwoo - bucket hat
mark - iphone se 2
nct dream - haechan and dreamies decided to eat together



haechan: taeyong hyung gave me an ipad for a birthday present! so i... let me show you. the wallpaper background...is taeyong hyung! it’s the best, right? 
haechan: now i have to decide what to get taeyong hyung for his birthday present... i’m worried about what to get him



Doyoung entered Haechan’s room for a bit!

DY: Oh, so you’re doing it like this~~
HC: Do you want to say hi?
DY: No no, it’s okay. How many viewers are there rn? Did you talk all about it (the gifts)? Since it was delicious~
(t/n: DY cooked stir-fried pork for HC) 
HC: I can’t say it’s not delicious after eating it when you made it for me~
DY: Heol
HC: But it was honestly really delicious~ It’s so hot
DY: *hands over Nature Republic products*



Haechan really complaining about the wifi to manager-hyung sbhsjsjsk



haechan said that the times he spends with fans he's always really happy and that this is job is something that he does because he really enjoys it, but there's something that stresses him, 127, and dream out.
he says that the fans who wait outside of their dorms make them all feel very uncomfortable because the dorm is somewhere they want to be able to rest comfortably after working. he says that this happens very often and is just overall very stressful to see when they come home.



he was going to say that "we understand it's because you like us" but backtracked and said that "no, this makes even less sense if you are doing this because you like us."
haechan says that if you meet them by chance on the street, it's okay that they're approached in those situations in a CALM manner for a picture and to let them know that you're their fan, but having "fans" sit in front of their homes waiting is not the same.
haechan says that no matter what he or the other members say, they know that the sasaeng fans won't stop, but the reason he's saying this right now is because he doesn't want them to be proud of their actions and hopes that they think about what they're doing.



HC: we are very grateful in whichever ways you use to love us but there are... people outside the dorm. the 9 of us, and this includes dream's dorm too, are receiving many stress and to be honest, we are having a hard time
despite me saying this, i know that they are still going to come because we have personally told them not to come many times and requested nicely but it didn't work at all. it would be weird to say "we don't mind being uncomfortable" because it's our resting place and we want to
rest or just have a meal (peacefully) but it's impossible. we are unavoidably having a hard time bc of how uncomfortable we are. i'm well aware that you like us- no, what you are doing is even more unexplainable if you like us. we even received many complaints from the residents



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<"THE DREAM SHOW"-in JAPAN>Memories#13



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[VIDEO] 200606 Owhat’s Weibo update with XIAOJUN

“WayV is coming back with their first regular album “Awaken the World”! Xiaojun’s clue is the number “10”, do WayZenNis get it?”


[VIDEO] 200606 Owhat’s Weibo update with YANGYANG

“Do you know the secret about the album? Yangyang is bringing you the last clue, “D-3”. See you during the comeback!”


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but the only thing we can do is to apologise. if we met a fan on the streets by chance, especially in this situation where we don't have much opportunities to meet you guys, we would be really happy to know you like us because it's not like we are doing something amazing
we want to do something for you because you like us so if you ask us for signature, we would sign for you and be happy to meet you but those people (outside) are not of that standard
i know that they will continue to come after hearing what i said but i hope that you won't be proud of what you are doing. i hope you are aware that what you are doing is embarrassing and in the future, we will still do our best to prevent you from coming



there are about 20 people outside and because of them, we are afraid of getting the wrong idea of people who like us and i really hate that. we want to be happy about people liking us no matter who they are but i hope you know that all the members are really having a hard time and are stressed about it so i hope that you won't be proud about what you are doing. i just wanted to say this since all the other members have the same thoughts and gave me their consent to address this


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YANGYANG - WayV_‘Awaken The World - The 1st Album






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200606 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update



Today's v-app was a shame... I'll really do it again soon! Next time I think I gotta do it at the companyㅠ
But still, I'm really grateful that so many people wished me a happy birthday!
Always spend (the day)healthily, joyfully and happily. Thank you, I love you!


Translated by captainuwu 

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200607 RENJUN Weibo Update


‘I learned the painting on the Internet before, everyone can try it!
You come to the whole picture, too
Come and draw a Painting ! 



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[안방1열 직캠4K] NCT 127 'Punch' 풀캠 (NCT 127 Full Cam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2020.6.7




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TY: me and mark's hair changed halfway through punch promotions right? why do you think we changed our hair
TY: thank you for enjoying the candy challenge that mark and i did. ive alr learned the choreo but learned it again from BH, and it turned out that i picked it up in the opp direction! so i had to learn again in correct direction, taught mark & we did it together



*heads out to collect his food*
tyong: ˢᵒʳʳʸ ˢᵒʳʳʸ
*started dancing and almost spilled his drink*



Q: Who did you fight with?
Taeyong: There’s that guy, that guy... That kid whose (name) starts with “Kim”
*Context: fans were asking who he fought with because of the fake wound on his face



Taeyong is adressing about the issue too ;^; he said "I'm really sorry for this... your love is so overflowing for us but that's uncomfortable, especially in situation like this. I'm more worried about it... in the future let's be more mannerful in supporting us!" 
Taeyong said he's thankful for the "love" but he doesn't think it's necessary... they talked to the company as well and every member is so uncomfortable about it 



Taeyong: Recently Doyoungie also asked me “when does hyung feel the most handsome?” Me? I don’t know, it’s hard



taeyong’s sister contacted him and said ‘good job during this promotion too lil brother’ 



Taeyong said yesterday he told Jungwoo and Haechan to "flex" because they've worked hard... so it's seems like it's Taeyong who bought them things yesterday



the sound of kisses taeyong made before turning the vlive off Loudly crying face



punch cute version by taeyong



Taeyong was talking about how there are things like Taeyong/Haechan/Doyoung hour so why don’t we assign days for each member
Taeyong Day - Monday
Doyoung Day - Tuesday (화요일) bc he has a lot of anger (화 = fire) 
Johnny Day - Wednesday (수요일) bc he’s like water (수 = water) 



Taeyong used to game secretly at night when he was younger and it was night time his mom would come in half-awake like 'ahh, what's wrong with you?' so TY would be like 'Okay sorry i'll go to sleep' then wake up and game again so his mom would give up by the second time so
he would just game openly but one time his sister even cut off the internet cable and his reaction at the end while thinking about it



taeyong jamming to candy while watching candy fancam 



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Jisung: i had a weird dream. i dreamt of myself balding. it's ok if i'm balding but it was in a weird shape.... a round bald spot at the top of my head, the circle was so big like saturn. i looked at myself in the mirror and it put me in such a bad mood



Jeno: there was once where jaemin was on photoshop editing mark's photo and he was using the tool to smoothen the skin but the size of the area was too big that it made mark's eyes disappear when he was editing near his eyes

Jaemin: the day before filming mmtg, renjun forgot the name of the program and asked me about it. so i jokingly said "secret inspector" because he would definitely buy it. he then searched the name on youtube, "there's nothing though? you sure it's correct?"
Jisung: you really said whatever comes to mind 
Jeno: and then he asked what's the meaning of "secret inspector" and so i diligently explained it to him and told him that a channel exists and asked him to search for it but he couldn't find anything



renjun biking with jaemjen:
- went at 13~14kph 
- disappeared after passing 2km
- said walking is better
- only wanted to bike for the "feeling" while jaemjen went biking to actually exercise



they mentioned hrvy  jisung saw that hrvy posted of their 1st dnyl anniversary also hrvy saying that he misses them! jisung said he learned a lot from hrvy hyung, jeno said it’d be nice to meet hrvy hyung :( and jisung also cutely said “miss you”~!


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