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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ (NEO CITY THE AWARDS in North America / NCT DREAM The 4th Mini Album: 'RELOAD' OUT NOW! / NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round OUT NOW!

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최고의 브루스 리를 찾아라 下 : WELCOME TO NEO ZONE



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[INFO] 200401 NCT 127 placed 1st in Hanteo Chart's Monthly Physical Chart of March with album sales of 416, 204 copies with the album 'NCT #127 Neo Zone' 


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The photographer for NEO ZONE’s MV sketch (T Ver.) posted photos of the album with a message written by Doyoung on their IG story! 

“To. Chief!
Looking at the album, the photos are so pretty~
For running around over a long period
You’ve worked hard!!
Thank you, hwaiting!” 



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200401 YANGYANG Weibo Update


Happy April Fools’! (Finding an excuse to buy myself a cake to eat)


Translated by highonmilktea - SM_NCT

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yangyang : i feel that ... during april fools everyone should do something brave , do you know what that thing is ? it is if you have someone you like you can confess on april fools day , because on the day if you got rejected , it’s okay , you can tell them you were joking



yangyang : i’ll tell you all what the funniest thing is , it is that at that time when kun was editing , we were at the side watching , it was especially awkward , he kept on “ shoo shoo shoo shoo “ there , then i asked him is it not awkward for you to keep shoo shoo shoo




yangyang: i have to be careful with xiaojun on april 1st... because I don't know whether he lies or tells the truth



someone ask Who took the video  ten and yangyang and xiaojun playing in the park
yangyang:I won't tell you. You can guess~But I think you recognize his voice,His laughter is very charming



w: what are you doing recently?
yangyang: recently we all play games at home



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Taeil : For real though, yesterday we filmed something new, right.
Yuta : Yes. We filmed something that you guys will be surprised about. It's still a secret... but... um, hint? No, no, there's no hint!



yuta pushing his food on the table and jaehyun slamming his... jaehyun was trying so hard not to laugh lmao



when yuta did the lion taeil and jungwoo rawr-ed back so yuta rawr-ed back at them too and they all became a lion 



Yuta: guys oppa go to restroom for a whie
Taeil: okieee opppaaaaaa 
Jaehyun: that’s pretty smooth 



Yuta has only started using Bubble yesterday, because his phone was set in Japan account so he couldn’t download the app & the issue was solved only yesterday by manager and he asked us to look forward his messages via Bubble in future



Q: 5 year old lee donghyuck or 5 lee donghyucks?”
Yuta: 5 year old lee donghyuck! 5 lee donghyucks? no no no... we can’t do that 



Jaehyun said that he rode the board from jeju to all the way here



Jaehyun started playing Animal Crossing two days ago since people said it’s fun and he said that it’s a game he will play if he’s really bored or wants some healing



taeil & jungwoo fighting over cider or cola



Taeil, calmy : You know, yesterday I met Angelina Jolie Nuna
(Everyone laughs)
Yuta : Angelina Jolie?
Jungwoo : Ah, Jolie Nuna~
Jaehyun : Is she doing well?



Yuta: we’ve been together since we were 5 years old
Jungwoo: yeah i had hard time changing yuta’s diapers that time



jungwoo said his hobby is watching tv or just go to mark’s room to decide what to eat. 



yuta yelling “ah spit!! ah!..PLEASE!” when jungwoo accidentally spit on him



jungwoo did the ottoke song again but he forgot the lyrics



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Ten talking about watching The Promised Neverland anime



TEN: should I do skin routine vlog? it’s gonna be funny and you guys gonna say “oh he didn’t use anything”



TEN: I like to eat coconut but i don’t know if it is a fruit or vegetable but i think it’s a vegetable



ten teasing us about his new hair color



ten doing the cutest things when he’s bored



ten’s words of encouragement to us he cares so much



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taeil: naruto vs sasuke 1,2,3!
yuta and jungwoo: sasuke!
taeil: naruto!
jaehyun: shuseke!...chidori
yuta: who's shuseke? are they your friend?

taeil: soju or beer? 1,2,3
taeil & jaehyun: soju!
yuta & jungwoo: beer!
jungwoo: maeksu (soju & beer mix)
yuta: somaek x3 (soju & beer mix)


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[Stage Mix in Mubeat] 엔시티 127 - 영웅(英雄) | NCT 127 - Kick It 교차편집




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200401 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update 



Relay V LIVE !!
4/1 ~ 4/7 3PM (KST)

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