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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ (NEO CITY THE AWARDS in North America / NCT DREAM The 4th Mini Album: 'RELOAD' OUT NOW! / NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round on May 19

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190919 @NCTsmtown Twitter Update


“See you soon @.@



Translated by Sherlockette - SM_NCT

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DY: superm consists of our members, exo hyungs and taemin hyung. we are really looking forward to it too. i watched the teasers and thought they were really cool. please cheer on them~ the members and i would talk about it whenever something is released



are you preparing a cover song
doyoung: I'm actually resting now. I've prepared and uploaded a lot and now i have a short break. thank you for saying, 'please do it when you're comfortable.'



doyoung mentioned that he is very into interior design nowadays so he’s been seriously decorating (his room at the new dorm) 



doyoung: in my opinion, i too, and seasonies too, if we don't go beyond the beauty within this boundary and maintain the line that contains this beauty, we can gain strength from seeing each other and rely on each other. i think it is not an easy feat for such a beautiful relationship to exist in this world.

me talking to the seasonies like this, or even  at performances and concerts, i think my thoughts are quite similar to that of seasonies. some people might be very tired now, and i get tired at times too, but i still wish to create the opportunity and environment for (us) to gain strength (from each other) often. actually, the world nowadays is very fierce, and so with this relationship of ours that can fight off all obstacles, i wish to do things that can reinforce our relationship often.

i am being loved, and seasonies are loved as well. i want to create this sort of opportunities often, be it live broadcasts, filming content — i want to reinforce this relationship, that’s how i feel. finally, what i want to say is smth which i say often — true hearts will be interconnected. recently, the world is one that we have to be very careful of, and in order to not be so tired, to become each other’s pillar of strength, everyone has to work hard, & i’ll work hard too!



"It feels like you're doing a video call with me, right? It's as if we're video-calling. Hello~ *in the sweetest voice* what are you doing~?"



"Honestly these days I feel like we're doing so many things with our mouth close (silent), and we do everything so carefully in this world so it's important to rely on each other. Hang in there, everyone. I'm doing it too."



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190919 NCTsmtown Twitter Update




“Although I’m still not great yet... I’m practicing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Lele



Translated by tensyang - SM_NCT

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190819 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update


“Everyone, it’s been a long time since I upload a moving Jisung kk
What are you doing now? Ah and in Senior Taeyeon’s 'Why’, I like this part : "The world isn’t all about trying to catch up”! (Hashtags : even if I made double eyelids, when I close my eyes it came back)“


Translated by captainuwu

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Jungwoo will not be participating in NCT 127's upcoming ‘Welcome To Our Playground’ Fan Meeting in Japan on 9/23



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Jaehyun and Mark were spotted at banpo hangang! They were filming themselves with a selfie stick. Op said that they were so handsome that she almost dropped down seeing them in real life and that “they are not sm for no reason”


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OP coincidentally met Jaemin, Jeno, Chenle and Jisung while she was having a meal! While they were settling the bill, the restaurant staff’s phone rang and the ringtone was Boom! The boys were startled and couldn’t stop laughing after that


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190920 WayV on Yizhibo



Lucas: I want to tell everyone that although we have activities with SuperM, we also still do activities with WayV. Don’t worry about this



ten said him and yangyang are preparing a song cover that they are in the process of filming



the difference between them imitating winwin’s and lucas’ sneeze



kun said they’ve been preparing for their comeback for a couple of months now hence the hair color changes



they asked who is the friday barista?
and xiaojun was like:
ah ten hyung! ten ge!



HD: All the comments I see are “Ten is cute!” “Ten’s Chinese is good!”
XJ: Good, don’t be fooled by Ten, his Chinese is really good. If you watch the variety show - 
YY: I am a victim
Kun: So am I, fooled by him…
XJ: The rules that I didn’t even understand, he understood it 



xiaojun burped & this was everyones reaction



xiaojun and yangyang were explaing that recently kun has been having “dramatic reactions” late at night because of the songs he arranged !

YANGYANG: we would say “KUN can you be a bit quieter” then he’d just go “WOO! YEAH!” 



lucas: so… for me, recently i went to london and came back. for burberry.
hendery: i saw the pictures!
lucas: it was super fun, like… wow, the place was really beautiful.
yangyang: you must have jet lag right now
lucas: yeah



yangyang read a comment that said “huang guanheng is so cute!” and hendery was like



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