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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ (NCT LIFE in Chuncheon & Hongcheon / NCT U - Coming Home / 127, DREAM, WayV Fanmeeting in Seoul / NEOCITY and DREAM SHOW in Japan)

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taeyong said his manager went to dream concert since mark and he couldn't bc of their superm schedule. he said he saw jeno's video during the concert and said "our jeno has finally become a man"



“why did i change my hair? it’s secret~~” https://twitter.com/ROROSIE71/status/1196646194782457858?s=20

comment: your no manners performance killed me taeyong: *laughs* it was fun



ty: i did a tattoo for the first time. it has lot of meanings actually. in left arm is ‘UNDeR’ and in right arm is ‘STAND’. it means from below, (i’m standing) while looking up, “let’s be an understanding person” and i did it in the back of my arm because i want to be understood



taeyong ended his vlive with five kisses again and a high five this time



fan: baby drink water taeyong: *takes his bottle, tries to open with his mouth but fails*



a fans asked taeyong to show his abs, taeyong said he have one but after looking at jeno and jaemin abs then looking at his own... he can’t do it



taeyong’s noona once left a comment on taeyong’s vlive. she wrote ‘삼툥’ (삼촌 툥: uncle tyong)



“haechan’s relay cam, ofc i watched it. as expected our members are funny, our members are the best. but i can’t play games these day, i don’t have time but with basics, i can win haechan easily, even with one hand ”



taeyong made his hair to look like wolf ears because everyone kept commenting that he looks like a baby wolf



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191119 YANGYANG Weibo Update



“That’s right, the car is indeed upside down”


Translated by highonmilktea - SM_NCT

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taeyong: (my hair) looks like an ear right? it reminds me of ruby. i often watch a lot of ruby videos, i hope i can share it with you. if you raise a pet dog, you will have a lot of sympathy. a pet dog can bring so much help and energy into someone’s life. If you don’t have pet dog, you can think of me as your pet dog i will give a lot of strength to everyone~


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191119 10:25PM KST

#공공즈_졸업반대 (hashtag regarding refusal of NCT DREAM's graduation system) is trending #1 in Korea



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haechan: i was preparing to go on stage and was having my makeup done when my mum called me and said "don't cry~ you aren't cute when you cry and it doesn't look good too so don't cry~" but i told her "i'm going to cry though?"



JN: because my mic was near him JS: ah so it's because of you! RJ: but JS's mic is here so i was like why am i hearing it? JN: it's probably because of me CL: honestly i was choked up when i heard HC's ment. but because JS was crying like that... (i didn't want to cry anymore)

JM: jeno? please explain yourself as to why you ripped your clothes off CL: you can rip it off now too RJ: jaemin... JM: yeah? why? HC: jeno should feel sorry to people like me. because of him, i almost had to show my abs. of course i have it today too CL: show us RJ: grab him!!



Jeno: Also, everyone, did you watch Jaemin’s video well? Jaemin really sat in front of the computer diligently every night. While pulling his hair out like this, he worked very hard making it.



jeno: also this is not our last concert we will continue to go abroad and meet fans from overseas, i hope our overseas fans will look forward to it. we will do it soon... also the next concert is in thailand, see you in thailand!~



jeno said during we young he and jaemin was supposed to throw renjun in the air but then hyuck said "renjun was there but only people who love him could see him, thats why you could feel him right?.......should i stop?"



dreamies were calling renjun angel and asking about his wings again so renjun tried to ‘fly’ but failed and said it’s bc he ate too much food



renjun said he already went to the hospital and said his eyebrows injuries is okay~



hc: fans who were in standing prob could hear jisung's cry so clearly js: really?? ahh what to do hc: we could even hear it in our in ear jn: thats because i put my mic close to jisung when he cried js: AHHH ITS BECAUSE OF HYUNG!!



haechan said “angel renjun, go!” but suddenly he stumbled then jisung said “you ate too much yoghurt”



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Johrista & Jaerista becoming barista | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.14




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