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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Japan Mini Album "LOVEHOLIC" / NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. 1 OUT NOW!

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Hello guys (: I've been a long-time lurker in the NCT thread but I've never dared to sign up in OH cause I don't know if I'm all too good at contributing to your discussions but I MISSED rea

MAMAs was amazing there's so much that happened it's hard to wrap it up in one post but I'll try my best I squealed when I saw all the airport photos but then I started crying because Jaemin wasn

from 4 replies fo 15 replies in a few minutes  OH ha impact

IMLAY's 3rd EP album 'DYSTOPIA' will be released on FEB. 19!
Meet IMLAY's upgraded music world via this album, raising anticipatoin with WayV YANG YANG's featuring!


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it's still one of the best moments that happened in wayv fanmeetings... vocal line was singing face to face and kun closed his eyes in his part. at that time, fans opened their banner and the fan project for kun's birthday appeared... he tried to hold his tears


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NCT 127 picks on their 11 mv tracks and how many views/likes they hope it gets

JH Love Song 770k
TL Not Alone 990k
DY Day Dream 1.15M
YT White Night 450k
HC Boom 127,127, Elevator 666,6666
JW Pandora's Box 700k
JN Love Me Now 222,222
MK Sit Down 721,127
TY DCT 1M, Mad Dog 500k



Doyoung: the http://nct127.com page is open
Mark: wow, you know the address well
Doyoung: I'm an AI that's doing what it's told 


Mark : You're good at this
Doyoung : Yes I'm just an AI that does what I'm told to do, there's a place so you can put coin right here!



lmao johnny and hyuck said horn (mad dog) is a sad and emotional ballad they’re scared that seasonies woumd cry and taeyong laughed (because it definitely isnt a sad ballad lol)



DY: Jungwoo what kind of present is this?
JW: what?
DY: What kind of amazing present is this?
JW: ah, first, we have prepared an amazing/huge present, the amazing present... (YT: were you sleeping? HC: what did you do?)
JW: ... is amazing.



DY: for every track that is revealed, we will count all the likes/rts/views across YT/twt/ig. if it reaches the goals we set, we’ll release pics from that mv’s filming!
M: ??? that’s what it was??? I just wrote anyhow.... taeil hyung.. pen..
M: (quickly fixing his goal)
TI: my track will be.. (in kr) not alone~
TI: it’s ‘not alone’!! I wrote a large number, 990,000.
JN: I really like this song!
TI: ok since you like it, please get 990,000 likes/rts/views for me!
JN: ok I will!



Yuta: Mark, Mark, Mark!! 
Mark, Johnny: /laughs 



Yuta: For me, the song (that I picked) is '백야' (White Night).. mmm if it reached 450,000 views and you guys give a lot of hearts (likes), I will..
Haechan: be happy?
Yuta: I will be happy



DY: When we filmed the music video for Daydream, we thought wow fans would definitely like this
TY: For real, it’s my favorite song
MK: Really???
TY: *nods*
TY: Wait, I got it wrong with White Night

Yuta:    (staring at Mark) 
Mark:    (making a straight face - > What's Up)



DY: We’ve prepared real kimchi jjigae (really exciting stuff) for you guys so....
HC: (looks straight at Mark) Kimchi jjigae~
MK: What?! 



taeyong really loves patting mark’s head and touching his hair



doyoung asked us to look forward to 12am tonight then passed it on to leader taeyong to wrap up 
ty: everyone! please look forward to 12am tonight!!! ‘



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200217 SuperM_JP Twitter Update



From #LUCAS 
Everybody in Japan!
SuperM’s performance at the
Tokyo Dome has been confirmed!
We will have a cool stage that will surprise everyone!  Please wait!

#LUCAS #SuperM 


Translated by SuperMTrans

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question to jisung : is there any time when you look at yourself and feel like you’re really cute?
jm : wow, that’s jisung in the dorms like “uaaa i’m soooo cute~”
rj : that’s right!!



hitting each other for no reason



renjun : there was this one time i was going to sleep and the moment i lie down i felt pricks and so i turn to look and found out jaemin put the cactus i was growing under my bed



renjun was telling a story from before in chinese and jaemin and jisung couldn't understand
renjun: "it's so ambiguous. if i speak in chinese, no one understands. if i speak in korean, the fans wouldn't understand."



30 seconds of renjun teaching jaemin how to take his selcas



renjun: you really need to take class with me
jaemin: selfie class?



Jaemin said jisung isn’t a roommate because he is family so renjun said  “then with me is it not ‘family’? ” (because he isn’t roommates w/ them) but jaemin said that he is



jaemin leaning his head on jisung's shoulder



jisung goes "bang bang bang" and renjun dodges all those bullets one by one



jisung saying his life is like a drama so he doesn’t watch dramas



RJ read a comment that says the translator jiejie’s voice can’t be heard so she shouted “can’t hear translator jiejie’s voice??” in the mic and jisung got a shock



ID:Renjun blow me a kiss~~



the question was if he has cooked for his family and jaemin said his mom likes cheonggukjang the most so he once made that and spicy stir-fried pork for his mom but he said it isn't as good as his mom's



jaemin is messing with the translator jiejie again..he wants her to say the exact amount that he said



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