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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Japan Mini Album "LOVEHOLIC" / NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. 1 OUT NOW!

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Hello guys (: I've been a long-time lurker in the NCT thread but I've never dared to sign up in OH cause I don't know if I'm all too good at contributing to your discussions but I MISSED rea

MAMAs was amazing there's so much that happened it's hard to wrap it up in one post but I'll try my best I squealed when I saw all the airport photos but then I started crying because Jaemin wasn

from 4 replies fo 15 replies in a few minutes  OH ha impact

191027 HENDERY Weibo Update




ALL: /Singing/ Under the sea~ 
WINWIN: We are mermaids, 
no no, we are merman.
KUN: Merman hahaha
HENDERY: We are scallops
WINWIN: Pearl princes
HENDERY: Pearl prince


Trans by kewsjty - SM_NCT

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191028 idol radio vlive


johnny: we’re here to give somewhat a spoiler. first, we’re going to introduce today’s guests
doyoung: today, fitting the title, the real-bunny-like people are gathering
johnny: ah~~ bunny prince~~ (hitting doyoung’s shoulder)
doyoung: what are you like this? (hitting back)



talking about something they’ve prepared for Idol Radio 
johnny: doyoung-ssi? ah again? alright 2x..
doyoung: i didn’t prepare something big, so it’s okay not to expect things from me
johnny: that makes (people) to expect more~ everyone, doyoung prepares a lot
doyoung: stop it~



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they were talking about mark’s 24h relay video when johnny said “he kept going uhm… uhm…” mark lee!

JN: he starts warming up the moment he takes out the guitar
DY: fingering?
JN: the way he does it is quite cool
DY: from what i see, the video really focused on mark being cool. i used to be roommates with mark, he plays the guitar really hard and i really liked it.



DY: if i’m lying down on my bed, he would play it continuously so i always tell him “please stop practicing and play the whole thing” because when he practices, you keep hearing the same part all over but if he plays it for real, you can hear different pieces

doyoung, were haechan’s friends funny?
JN: perhaps.. renjun?
DY: ah renjun
JN: you said that he’s scary
DY: rather than scary… he’s like haechan
JN: that has the same meaning!
DY: feels like haechan, he’s haechan.  "haechan" can be used as a verb



JN: i recently watched the yuta & winwin birthday video again and it was so funny
DY: my favorite part is the “y u t a, winwin” dance and taeyong rapping with swag afterwards. i was like “what’s that?!” and laughed a lot 
JN: he did it very seriously

vlive with nct’s awkward pairings
DY: i suggested to do vlive with renjun because it wasn’t easy for us to come together. turns out that fans really liked the awk combi. honestly, this is only possible within nct because we have a lot of members
JN: we promote separately too

DY: so i thought that maybe we could split into seasons and do it
JN: then who shall i do it with? i’m not awkward with anyone
DY: there has to be. chenle?
JN: no? i adore chenle a lot though
DY: everyone, this is the guy who is not awkward with anyone in nct. king of insiders!



J: Winwin ah, happy birthday!
DY: Winwin ah, happy birthday~ Win God! As for present.. what should I give him?
J: We planned to have a meal together next week
DY: Me too!
J: Though I’m not sure if it’ll actually happen



Doyoung said he will always pick Johnny as someone he wants to date out of all the members because he listens to his talks so well



D : I couldn’t sleep last night so… there’s a “NCT funny moments compilation” video. There are many NCT videos such as “NCT Try Not To Laugh Challenge” on the site.
J: Who’s the main in such videos?
D : Generally, mostly are hyung(Johnny), JW and Lucas. Haechan appeared often too.



D : The Indonesian song cover Haechan and I did was uploaded yesterday.
J: Right. The moment HC saw me he asked “Have you heard it?”. “Wh-wh-what…?” “You haven’t watched it?” I have actually watched it.
D : But you pretended that you haven’t?
J: No, he asked if I’ve heard it so I was wondering what I was supposed to know. Of course, I’ve seen it. The one you were at a recording place and holding a mic. I’ve seen it~! M
D : The moment he got home he came into my room and asked if I’ve watched it. I told him I did and we talked abt various things.



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Haechan & Doyoung’s cover of ‘Cinta Luar Biasa’ just reached 2 million views! 



Indonesian news outlets have reported on Doyoung & Haechan's cover of 'Cinta Luar Biasa', with some of them mentioning how fluent they sound



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