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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Concert Tour 'NEO CITY : THE LINK' / NCT DREAM TOUR ‘THE DREAM SHOW 2 / NCT DREAM 'Candy' Winter Special Album / WayV 'Phantom' The 4th Mini Album / NCT 127 ‘Ay-Yo’ The 4th Album Repackage OUT NOW!


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NCT127 Welcome To My City Exhibition Interview Taeyong 


I’ve became a singer & I’ve chosen a job where I’m on stage. I’m very thankful for having the support from many fans. If I were to put myself in their shoes, I always think of what the fans want, what they want to do, what they want to see, which singer that they like. I also want to be a person who encourages, support and to be an example to many people. I think that I was able to work hard and go though the hardships because of everyone. So, I want to thank you all.



221126 DOYOUNG 
© do0_nct_ot









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221128 MODEL PRESS Interview with Doyoung


Q: Did you receive support/contact from the members?

DOYOUNG: When I told them, "I'm going to Japan for an event," they were so happy as though it was about they themselves. Jungwoo especially cheered for me, saying, "all the best"



When asked what gifts he had received from the members recently, he replied saying, "it feels like regardless of the date/anniversary, we'd ask each other, 'Do you want this? I'll buy it for you!' so there's nothing in particular that I remember! (laughs)", revealing an interesting story that gives us a glimpse into their close friendship.



Q: Doyoung-ssi who came to Japan alone this time for an individual schedule, please tell us how you feel how

DOYOUNG: As I usually come with the members, I feel a little uneasy. I'm going to try to eat lots of delicious food and do what I can by myself, but at present, I think it would be nice to have the members together with me.



Q: What is your impression of Park Eun Bin, who will attend the event with you? (Interview was done before the event)

DOYOUNG: As I have yet to meet her in person, so I have a huge impression of her from the drama. As she's a very nice person, she gives off a lovely impression. I have always thought of her as a great actress, so it's great that I'm able to meet her this time.



Q: Plans for activities in Japan in the future 

DOYOUNG: Thankfully, NCT 127 was able to hold a Dome Tour, so I hope we can continue to do concert tours and release new albums in Japan. Personally, I will like to study Japanese harder!



Q: Is there a reason why you're studying Japanese diligently?

DOYOUNG: I think the reasons for studying foreign languages are (all) almost the same, and amongst them, the reason why I want to study Japanese in particular is because the way it's spoken and the way it sounds is very cute, so you can feel a warm image. I still can't speak a lot of Japanese yet, so I feel frustrated whenever I come to Japan (and can't speak it well), so I hope that I can speak it more comfortably.



Q: You've sung Japanese songs like La La La Love Song & Pretender before. Your voice & fluent Japanese have received great response from fans; is there another candidate song?

DOYOUNG: I don't have a particular candidate song yet, but there was a request for me to definitely sing aiko's 'Kiss Hug'!



Q: There are many MODEL PRESS readers who are chasing their dreams now. For those readers, please tell us Doyoung's 'secret to making your dreams come true'

DOYOUNG: I've yet to reach the level where I can tell you the secret to achieving your dreams, but when I have something that I want to do, I try my best to think more about the happy things than the difficult things. I think that if you think positively instead of negatively, the positive things will accumulate and lead to good results.



DOYOUNG who greeted brightly when the interview started, saying, "please take care of me!" He who worried and asked "Perfect?" after showing off fluent Japanese during the filming of the video.





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WayV The 4th Mini Album〖Phantom〗 
➫ 2022.12.09 (CST/KST) 


DREAM SKETCH : Page #2 - Stage Practice, Rehearsal | THE DREAM SHOW2 BEHIND




NCT 127's '2 Baddies' re-enters this week's Billboard 200.


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221128 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update 


“Czennies who supported us until the end of 3 days shows in Yokohama.. Thank you so much! We will always thinking of Czennies and work hard as 7Dream ㅠㅠ!!! Because it's really just the beginning!! Let's meet often in the future It was definitely so much fuuuun"


Translated by lychzee on Twitter - SM_NCT



221128 NCT DREAM IG Story 










221128 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP  Twitter Update 











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221129 MARK IG Story





NCT 127 will participate in pre-recording for '2023 SMTOWN LIVE : SMCU PALACE @ KWANGYA' from 10AM to 2.30PM KST (4.5 hours) on 13 December 

300 fans with NCTzen 127-ACE membership can take part in the pre-recording.



WayV on K-909 EP. 11 Lineup December 10th


NCT DREAM is part of the pre-recording for the '2023 SMTOWN LIVE : SMCU PALACE @ KWANGYA' on December 12th at 10:30AM - 1:00PM KST.






[INFO] 221129 NCT 127 & NCT DREAM are part of the line-up for the ‘2022 KBS Gayo Daechukje’ on December 16th at 8:30PM KST.






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NCT 127・YUTA、ルイ・ヴィトン豪華イベントに来場 圧倒的オーラでクールにポージング 『LOUIS VUITTON×YAYOI KUSAMA』スペシャルインスタレーション オープニングイベント




221129 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter Update 








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96 liners Doyoung & Shohei who are both ISFJs



Seems like Doyoung & Shohei got a lot closer through NCT Universe 

Doyoung: I bet he always tries to read the room and check how everyone is feeling?

Doyoung: It's because I want to get closer to you~
Shohei: Me too~



Doyoung guessed Shotaro, Eunseok & Seunghan's MBTIs correctly 



Sungchan: Do you have 10 billion won?
Doyoung: No, I don't. But if I get a trillion won, I think I'd just buy SM right away 
Jungwoo: Then Doyoung, send Lee Sooman teacher a video message
Doyoung: ...I can't buy it, a trillion won can't buy it



Get 10 million won for sure VS 20% chance of getting 1 trillion won

Doyoung: Of course I'd choose B!
Jungwoo: Really?
Doyoung: Yes, I already have 10 million won now
Jungwoo: Doyoungie hyung will get the bill today!



Doyoung turned into a human ball 



Battle of NCT's Kim Brothers



Tired but adorable Doyoung after his battle with Jungwoo



Sungchan: Doyoungie hyung, do you play any sports usually?
Doyoung: No, not at all. I don't have the confidence to do well, but I'll just have fun






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