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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Concert Tour 'NEO CITY : THE LINK' / NCT DREAM TOUR ‘THE DREAM SHOW 2 / NCT 127 '질주 (2 Baddies)' The 4th Album / NCT DREAM 'Candy' Winter Special Album / WayV 'Phantom' The 4th Mini Album


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230126 NCTsmtown Twitter Update 


230126 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update 



"What’s up~ Columbiaaaaaa~~!!
As much as it’s our first time, I’m ready to enjoy the concert with Colombian Czennies!
Let’s play safely and have fun~! -JUNGWOO"


Translated by SM_NCT



230126 YUTA IG Story with TAEIL




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230126 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update 





"Colombia !!!! What a great show you guys made for us thank you sooo much for the support. Make sure to drink some water cause your screams were craaazyy tonightt!!! 
Once again, we definitely won’t forget the love you guys showed us…for real! Can’t wait to come here again-MARK"




230126 NCT 127 Kwangya Club Update 




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NCT DREAM for Teddy Island 




NCT 127 on M Countdown Next Week 






‘Comeback D-4’ NCT 127 share points to look forward to in their new song ‘Ay-Yo’!





About the title track, Mark said "It's a strong and controlled hip-hop that you can only feel in 'Ay-Yo' and I really want to show it on stage quickly", Yuta said "It's a music that's strongly addictive and cool so as soon as you heard it, many people are gonna shout 'Ay-Yo'"


Taeil said "The cool concept goes really well with the song so please look forward to it". Moreover Taeyong said "There are many keypoint in this album and I hope you feel the enjoyment while seeing the overall flow of 'Ay-Yo's stage. " 


Taeyong continued, "My transformation in the MV is one of the point too so look forward to it." Johnny said, "It has our own sophisticated hip-hop style and I think you will like it as you think, 'as expected from NCT 127'."


About the choreography, Doyoung said "The chorus in choreo that can express Ay and Yo of the title itself is really impressive", Jaehyun said "'Ay-Yo' is the song that is more charming when you look at the song and the choreo together." 

Jaehyun added, "We'll show you cool performance that you can't take your eyes off from beginning to the end." Jungwoo said, "The members' own charm will stood out even more as it is a performance that you can feel the cool and dope vibe surely."

Haechan said, "We're working with Rie Hata after a long time and it's coolly finished so you can look forward to it." He delivered, brings out curiosity of what 'the final boss of performance' NCT 127's new stage will be like.




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230126 K-Pop Generation Ep 1 - Doyoung CUT 


Doyoung: Yes, hello, I am NCT's Doyoung. I promote with NCT 127 and sometimes as NCT U too. I think that for us too, as time goes by like this, we come to place a lot of focus on our fans. The reason for that is because I think the fans are doing something huge just like the artistes who are doing K-Pop directly.

Truthfully, if it wasn't for the love that they sent (our way), I think that K-Pop wouldn't have become this huge and be so loved.


Doyoung: There are times when I feel refreshed on the inside too. Like when I have something I want to ask the fans and something I'm crurious about, where should I go (to ask them)? I think that this may happen, and now, if I have something I'm curious about, I ask (the fans) on Bubble. And because I can do it right away, I think how it has become more comfortable is something good for me



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230126 JISUNG Instagram Live 




Yuta explained the tattoo on his arm


it was dedicated for 127. an apprecation for his team and the reason why he could be where he is right now. he doesnt want to have any regret being with them as a team & be proud for who he is as a part of nct127


230126 InterFM897 Twitter Update with YUTA 




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NCT 127 ‘Ay-Yo’ - The 4th Album Repackage
Album Details (Digipack ver.)



NCT 127 ‘Ay-Yo’ - The 4th Album Repackage Album Details (SMini ver.)


Doyoung commented on Haechan's Instagram post + Haechan pinned Doyoung's comment


Haechan: Ay-yo
Doyoung: There is no end to our story  (lyrics from Black Clouds)



Doyoung commented on Johnny's Instagram post 


Johnny: look the whole world is colorful
Doyoung: (The picture) is full of affection
Johnny: @.do0_nct <-- foto by one of the greats ❤️





230127 JOHNNY IG Update


"look the whole world is colorful" 

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230127 NCT 127 Instagram Live 




Haechan: I saw how you guys couldn't go up (the stage) for Love On The Floor
Taeyong: That day was legendary, for real
Mark: I wonder if Haechan would have gone up if he did it too
Yuta: He wouldn't have gone up too
Taeil: He definitely wouldn't be able to go up



Haechan : Ahh but at least you guys are coming here soon...~~
Yuta : *jokingly* Why do you say it as if you're not that keen of us coming back?
127 Hyungs : *mimicking Haechan's tone* you're coming... you're coming...



Haechan: “Czennieeeeee! It’s been a while since you’ve heard my voice right? I’m sorry for making you worry. I’m resting well and I’ll be back promoting on the 30th. Please love Ay-yo a lot!”



Doyoung: Because Haechanie isn't here, there's something different too. Like there isn't someone who would look for kimchi stew like crazy so that's a pity too
Johnny: If Haechanie came, I would have gone to eat grilled pork belly at least once



Mark saying change their solo performances and he wants to do Johnny's solo



Because Haechan said he saw how 127 couldn't go up the stage for LOTF?

Yuta, when saying goodbye to Haechan on the phone: Don't watch weird things



127 : *applauding Haechan*
Jungwoo : Woohoo~!!!
Haechan : Sorry that I couldn't tour with you guys...
Yuta : It's fine~
Jaehyun : Take care of yourself well~
Taeyong : Would've been nice if you're here❤
Yuta : Your health comes first~



Jungwoo : (When JW, Yuta, Mark, Jaehyun went out) I was the leader. At first we directly went to the restaurant and it was a michelin star restaurant! There was ceviche, it's delicious! Also steak, and variety of food, and as soon as all the food came out the tequila follows right after! 
Yuta : The funny thing is Jungwoo drank the tequila first! 
Doyoung : Jungwoo likes that kind of stuff! He's full of passion/spirit
Yuta : The plan was to drink beer first but Jungwoo suggested to drink the tequila first
Jungwoo : I mean aside from content, we rarely have days where we spend it amongst ourselves so that's why I suggested we should drink that first~



Taeyong: How many times have we celebrated 127 Day? Is this the 7th time?
Johnny: No, it became a thing halfway through
Taeyong: Has it been 3 or 4 times?
Mark: I honestly can't remember
Doyoung: But don't we always celebrate it each time?
Johnny: It wasn't from the start
Jaehyun: For me, I think I have always been with Czennies since I was born
Mark: Heol...
Doyoung: *looking away* 



Mark said that while watching the dj track video it felt like he hadn’t seen Haechan’s face in so long



Yuta: you know sometimes some artists drink before performing
Johnny: we definitely can't do that
Mark: (throwing up noises)
Jaehyun: we might forget our positions



Taeyong talked about how it looked fun when they were pushing each other in the track video 
Taeyong: it's my favorite part

Johnny: doyoung, honestly, it was great
Doyoung: wasn't it just you pushed me?
Taeyong: it wasn't a script?
Johnny: i said, "doyoung, to the left, to the left"



They talk about how cute johnny’s outfit in DJ track video 

Yt: “its really suits you well…your charm/charming point is endless”
127: /laughs
Jn: *dancing*
Yt: “yesterday you were like…*yt talked about johnny’s solo stage* and today you are cute”

Not Doyoung having to clarify that the previews for the digipacks & SMini albums are from when they filmed the Ay-Yo MV and that they show the actual concept




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"Haechan will resume all activities starting with the comeback of NCT 127's 4th regular repackage 'Ay-Yo' on January 30, his health has improved a lot as he focused with treatment and recovery during his break and he also expressed a strong will to meet the fans by promoting together with the members so he decided to return to the activity after discussing with the company and medical staff. Thank you to all the fans who sent warm support and encouragement to Haechan, And we will also do our best so that Haechan can promote healthily."



230127 HAECHAN IG Update 



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230127 MARK IG Update 









Doyoung is attending the Circle Chart Music Awards on Feb 18!





NCT 127 successfully wrap up their first concert in Colombia! NCT 127 were the first K-pop act to hold a large-scale concert with 10,000 fans in Colombia, proving NCT 127's global status in South America!





230127 JAEHYUN IG Update 





"natural buddy"




230127 WINWIN Studio Weibo Update 









230127 YUTA IG Story 






NCT 127 to hold a live broadcast on February 1st in celebration of the repackage album ‘Ay-Yo’ release!




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