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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Concert Tour 'NEO CITY : THE LINK' / NCT DREAM TOUR ‘THE DREAM SHOW 2 / NCT 127 '질주 (2 Baddies)' The 4th Album / NCT DREAM 'Candy' Winter Special Album / WayV 'Phantom' The 4th Mini Album


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Lee Heesang (one of the writers for sbs) said that he once received a call from ennana's writer who asked him to look for Jaehyun's airpods at the radio because jaehyun left his so the next day when the writer was preparing for the live broadcast, jaehyun was knocking on the door with a bright smile on his face and said "hyung.. thank you" the writer said it was the most beautiful sentence he has ever heard in his life





221208 SHOTARO IG Update 








221208 SHOTARO TikTok Update



[INFO] 221208 NCT DREAM will be on the cover of MEN'S NON-NO – March 2023 Issue which will be released on February 9, 2023.






Doyoung in ellejapan official



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NCT DREAM's side track 'Walk With You (KR title : Footprints)' is an impressive pop dance song with groovy rhythm and colorful chord. In the lyrics continuing the story of their song 'Walk You Home', they didn't forget their promise of "let's meet again there at 2 o'clock later" and the excitement of the way to meet the other person again was expressed by comparing it to the footprints engraved on the white snow.



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221208 WayV_official Twitter Update 




This is an announcement to inform the release date of WayV’s 4th Mini Album ‘Phantom’.
Hello, this is LABEL V.
The release of WayV’s 4th Mini Album ‘Phantom’ which was tentatively postponed is (now) confirmed to be released on December 28th KST.


Once again, we would like to ask for your kind understanding and especially from the fans who have been waiting for WayV’s 4th Mini Album ‘Phantom’. Please give your full support for the album that will be released on December 28th.  
Thank you.


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〖 경희대학교 평화의 전당 〗
➫2022.12.21(WED) - 8PM(KST)



NCT DREAM to hold a fan event to celebrate the release of the winter album 'Candy' on December 21st!
Everyone, from Gen X, Millennials to Gen Z, becomes one with ‘Candy’!



NCT DREAM will hold 'NCT DREAM WINTER SPECIAL EVENT "CANDY"' at 8PM KST on December 21 at Kyunghee University Peace Hall in Seoul, and have a special time for all generations from Generation X to MZ.


As NCT DREAM's 'Candy' is a remake from H.O.T's 'Candy' released in 1996, It's a bright and cheerful song that can unites all generations, not only fans who enjoyed listening to the original song but also fans who are new to the remake version, and this fan event is also designed to create a time for the whole family to become one with 'Candy'.


On this fan event, NCT DREAM will perform 'Candy', also the side tracks chosen by the members, as well as talk corner, quiz show and games, creating a heartwarming time. For the fans who can't come personally to the event, it will also be broadcasted online through Beyond LIVE


In addition, as it's an event together with family, if there's H.O.T. fans and NCT DREAM fans in one family, 200 people will be specially invited after receiving pre-application, and other information on how to participate can be found on NCT DREAM's official SNS account.



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Soo-Man Lee on NCT plans and SuperM's comeback



NCT DREAM's track 'Graduation' is an R&B pop song that harmonizes the calm vocals and string sounds on top of a simple piano riff, and the dreamy atmosphere that intensifies in the second half is impressive, the greetings they say as they comfort each other delivers a calm sound.



[INFO] 221209 NCT 127 has donated items for The 5th SHINY FOUNDATION Auction happening on December 14th at 10:00AM - 5:00PM KST.



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