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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / DOYOUNG 'YOUTH' The 1st Album OUT NOW! / WayV 'Give Me That' The 5th Mini Album OUT NOW! / NCT 127 'WALK' The 6th Album OUT NOW!


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[ENG/JPN] NCT WISH... 아니, 우리 '위쪽이'들의 우당탕탕 성수동 투어 I EP.2 I NCT WISH I 엔시티 위시 I 위시리스트




NCT 마크와 부쉐론의 코스모폴리탄 2024 6월호 주얼리 필름




pompom♡。∙♥ ʙᴇᴀᴛ



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240527 NCT 127 Johnny and Red Velvet Irene at Doyoung's Dear Youth concert 






Hwang Minhyun at Doyoung's concert 



NCT WISH Sion, Ryo, and Jaehee at Doyoung's concert 





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240428 The flower bouquet with bunnies that the SM training team staff prepared for DOYOUNG 





240528 ojaerocks IG Story with DOYOUNG 




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NCT WISH Sion Weverse Reply


Fan: What did you do today? Did you have a good rest? 🥰
Sion: Doyoungie hyung's concert is the best, the best for real



Kyuhyun's review of DOYOUNG's concert:


I really felt a lot of things at Doyoungie's concert. First, Doyoungie sings rea~lly well, he sings reaaally well. I felt, "Is this what idols these days are like? Is this what a youth is like?" Those thoughts came to mind, he's just sooo pretty, so cute, and he did so well. Whatever he does, the people behind me were like, "this is crazy, why is he so cute?" But I really thought the same way too. Isn't this crazy? Why is he so cute? That's how I felt. I got the feeling that that's why people like idols these days. It felt si different from my own concert. He was so cute! Whatever he did, I also kept smiling/laughing. So I learnt a lot. When I go to a concert, I learn a lot of new things. 



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