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[Web Drama 2020] How Are You Bread 하와유브레드


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When I heard LSY is in this drama, I jumped in and watched it.  I do like the main couple.  It seems they had a past and she forgot him or something.  All the while I was watching, the main guy reminded me of a member from SJ.

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seems like the other pastry chef knows her too.. :rolleyes: and the shanghai chef couple.. i rolled my eyes on those two :blink: but i guess since its a web drama collaboration between korea and china those 2 “jokers” had to be there hahaha

suho is from exo.. i remembered him in 3 colors of fantasy (white)

11 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

cheese on the top of the bread  :tounge_wink:

 Or bread on the top of a egg  :sweat_smile:

hahaha eggs benedict?? he always has something waiting for mirae.. i hope there is no interruption to the drama.. saw it was actually since 2017

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i came back to revive this thread cos i just remembered last nite that i stopped somewhere at ep3.. and guess what, there is only 5 episodes :dizzy: and it ended.

well.. the story is a bit thin though.. but i like the determination of the couple to want to keep being together (until destiny gives up on them) right at the end of the story :smirk:

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